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snow or Felix 's Fursona Avatar
Name:snow or Felix in City Offline
Species:snow wolf feral or Common black house ca
Relationship:Rather Not Say

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Member ID:17965
Last Active:05-21-2024 21:45 PM
Profile Views:25622
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Kaeo: heya! 56.5 days ago
Kino: OG 80.3 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Love this curves!! 96.6 days ago
Jellybean: Tis' so quiet nowadays 134.3 days ago
Jellybean: How's ya been? :3 216.5 days ago
Jellybean: Ahem I'm jus gonna- Scoots into your room and puts a paw print on your computer moniter Mwahaha- am evil bean- Sneaky bean out- 232.5 days ago
Jellybean: Well hello there :3 237.5 days ago
Air: I misssssss yyooooouuuuu 3 255.3 days ago
Fallenheim: How's it goin? 318.9 days ago
Fallenheim: Hiya there 330.3 days ago
Fluffy: Has a handheld Portal Device and teleports apology cake and a plushie and a letter saying I'm sorry for what I did 348.2 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: peeks out, taking the plushie into my den... with a whispered 'Thank you' 359.4 days ago
Celia: I have done nothing but teleport bread for 3 days 399.5 days ago
Kaeo: Heya, thanks for the add :3 423.4 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: sees ... oh.. 434.7 days ago
Sir Chan: -puts a new collar around his neck- 439 days ago
Wolfie: hello 506.8 days ago
Deored: wiggles nose 507.5 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Slips out of the sghadiws, putting a wrapped box against the wall, inside is historic military gear and accrutrements 510.3 days ago
Zendruss : Very adorable 520.3 days ago
Raser: adorable 3 594.6 days ago
Krissy: Leaves a paw print as I explore 675.2 days ago
Krissy: Leaves a paw print as I explore 675.2 days ago
snow : Oh noes stuffie 676.5 days ago
BonBon: leaves a stuffy for the wolf and waddles away 678.6 days ago
BonBon: Smacks a paw print on the wall and runs 679.2 days ago
Jinx: leaves a print and poofs 680.2 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: pads by and rubs my bits on your wall, then marks it Is MINE now..Bwaahahaha... 717.6 days ago
Deored: oh noes, not the wall! 791.1 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Leaves a matching tree just outside your denn, attaching a leash to it, so it doesn't run away... 812.6 days ago
Melody: returns the favor with neon paw prints 862.3 days ago
Ky: LOVE the new profile pic 872.4 days ago
Silas Blackheart: Hey bud what's up? 877.2 days ago
EverestHusky: Hi I'm Everest The Husky! How's it going? 912 days ago
Koda: Hello thank you for the view hope to one day chat with ya :) 928.2 days ago
Dutch Angle dragon Pro: nice profile picture 929.4 days ago
LZ: I'm back 931.6 days ago
savage lion the SEA: cute picture 933.2 days ago
L.Z: Hello again, u think we can talk later, I'm busy lol :3 938.7 days ago
L.Z: Hi, how are u? 939.1 days ago
L.Z: Hello kinky kitty :3 939.2 days ago
Air: Leaves a glowing paw print in your wall as I wave at you :3 949.4 days ago
Air: 3 miss you :3 977.6 days ago
Air: 3 977.6 days ago
Cane: i leave a box of chocolates on the step of your den 985.1 days ago
Cane: -leaves some flowers at your door of your den- 987.2 days ago
Candyboy: Wow your a big boy 992.7 days ago
Yellow: Hi hi. :3 997.8 days ago
Spots: Hey there 1004.7 days ago
snow or Max: opens the package and wags takes the package 1008.7 days ago
snow or Max: opens the package and wags takes the package 1008.7 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Leaves my paw print on your wall, along with a discretely wrapped package 1009.5 days ago
snow or Max: Of course dens are homes and need to be welcoming 1012.6 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: takes the offered gifts adn places them in my den.. Thank you 1013.1 days ago
Fuzzyfoxfluffs: Bork Bork 1015.7 days ago
Air: Be on more when I'm on :p 1061.3 days ago
Nicholas Stardust: Miss you... 1071 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Miss you too, see you in 10 days 1088.3 days ago
Nicholas Stardust: slaps a paw print on your ass 1089 days ago
Osh: Thank ya 1140.5 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Pads in, leaving Aw prints on the wall... hoping you are ok.. 1175.7 days ago
Nikki : boops snow with red paint on his paw 1180.7 days ago
snow: my my how popular can one wolf be 1184.6 days ago
Yellow: :) 1194.7 days ago
Yellow: boop 1195.7 days ago
Air: Boop 1238.4 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: runs by and smacks you right on your wall... 1248.4 days ago
articumbreon: -leaves a glowing yellow paw print on your wall then shyly walks off into a cave yellow rings on tail and ears glowing as well as eyes glowing also black fur blending into the darkness of the cave- 1320.5 days ago
Riot: Hugs you 1331.7 days ago
Riot: Hugs you 1331.7 days ago
Reese: puts sticker on your tail and runs away 1331.7 days ago
Michael Grimstone: leaves fresh caught salmon at your doorstep 1334.3 days ago
renniks: ;comes up and writes on your wall ren wuz heer 1348.6 days ago
Sam: Hellos 1352.4 days ago
articumbreon: leaves a glowing yellow paw print on your wall and kinda hides in the bushes tail sticking out of the bush 1407.3 days ago
Garmy: oh can see it again giggles 1414.4 days ago
Garmy: hun your avatar isent working,cant see it 1414.4 days ago
Riffy: Thanks for the wall love, 104th is amazing, Still love the fact in legends now that certain clones did become Mandalorian and a special one became mandalore. happy to see other sw fans 1436 days ago
pringle: h-hello..... 1481.3 days ago
glitchy: nuuuu meh wall i just cleaned it 1516.3 days ago
Coffee Kitsune: Heya woofer 1517.5 days ago
glitchy: -leaves a big paw print on your wall- :3 noice 1519.5 days ago
glitchy: -leaves a big paw print on your wall- :3 noice 1519.5 days ago
Keirin: Leaves a paw print on your wall as well 1548 days ago
Keirin: Leaves a paw print on your wall as well 1548 days ago
Keirin: Leaves a paw print on your wall as well 1548 days ago
Takola Vashen: Leaves a pink paw print on your wall In return 1557.7 days ago
jacob: snow i was born in kentucky 1568.7 days ago
jackson spring: actually its pretty hot 1588.1 days ago
jackson spring: i like your profile pic XD 1593.4 days ago
snow the wolf: never knew i was so popular 1608.1 days ago
jackson spring: yello 1616.6 days ago
Sir Chan: boops your nose 1667.6 days ago
Sam: OwO 1774.7 days ago
Jason The Red Fox: hot pic uwu 1842.4 days ago
Solara: Hey pokes you :3 2023.3 days ago
Guardian: Pets him.- Adorable 2024 days ago
Crescent: Howdy!! Messaging around to get to know people 2033.1 days ago
Skittmeme: wow that photo made me blind 2047.6 days ago
Guardian: Such a good pup 2051.7 days ago
Nights: Whoa.. hey lewd pic o.o; and you're young x3 2076.9 days ago
Naughtyfur: I would love to eat you out cutie 2121.3 days ago
Roronoa: Pets him on the head.- 2124.5 days ago
Jace_Dakota: H E C Ce 2127.5 days ago
Sir Chan: pokes your page 2144.1 days ago
snow the wolf: hello 2291.3 days ago
AlexTheFemboy: hi there fellow femboi 2297.7 days ago
Maxton: Aha, thanks. :3 2298.1 days ago
snow the wolf: sexy 2307.3 days ago
snow the wolf: sexy 2307.3 days ago
Roronoa: Pets him on the head.- Don't need to miss me though if you have any other way we can speak, message me. I'm too lazy to get on here much xD 2309.4 days ago
Deored: And hello to you 2320.5 days ago
kurito san: HI WOLF BUDDY! 2368.8 days ago
Zenta: Hey there 2369.2 days ago
Bucky: Ruff! wags 2370.2 days ago
snow the wolf: fighting over me 2412.7 days ago
TAY: My pony. haha.. 2413.2 days ago
Drake Jaëger: My property 2413.3 days ago
Amber: hey sexy wanna pop mine 2467.8 days ago
Spots: Welcome to furrtrax C: 2467.8 days ago
Finnik: Wall cherry popped (: 2468.3 days ago

About Me:
im a white wolf with blue eyes that is very big on ww2 two and history in general im very big on d day and gaming i love to chat so pm if youd like
owner of takola vashen and glitchy as well as Exitius (owned by Cyn and fuzz must ask permission) mated to garmy (sometimes a black furred green eyed feline named Felix or a German shepherd named Max and now a stallion named Zach) Cyn's now best not ask questions pure permission.

Use me as an anti depression tool I've got bi polar PTSD Beem through some fucked up shit if ya need a paw or a shoulder im always open

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