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Alex's Fursona Avatar
Name:Alex in Online
Species: Chinchilla
Relationship:Rather Not Say

Member ID:9826
Last Active:04-06-2020 17:04 PM
Profile Views:24879
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests

Future Space for Blogs

Kendra: -Puts a sticker in the shape of a cock on your page- 2.8 days ago
Hope51369 Tiara: Aue 75.2 days ago
jackson spring: ... 117.3 days ago
Steamyfox: Hi :) 540.5 days ago
Nicolette: Drags butt all over his wall to lay claim to it 564.2 days ago
aragami: Hi :) 595.1 days ago
Blu the Foxx: hi it me 600.3 days ago
Blu the Foxx: hi it me 600.3 days ago
Blu the Foxx: hi it me 600.3 days ago
Blu the Foxx: hi it me 600.3 days ago
Jack: Me too 671.8 days ago
Jack: Hi 671.8 days ago
Jaxon: Hi everyone. Wans wondering if someone wanted to show me around the website? 706.1 days ago
AlexTheFemboy: love the new pic 772 days ago
Bunnie Bun Bun: hello, i am new and wanted to start knowing others on this site, this is the first time useing a difrent site in a year other than just Fur Affinity, I used other sites but never worked out 781.4 days ago
AlexTheFemboy: oh damn chinchilla 784.4 days ago
Cheru: Derp 791.3 days ago
Frexy: hey Alexa u there? 798.4 days ago
Frexy: hey 798.7 days ago
Captain Livingston Kirk: Love the GOW logo on your top 828.7 days ago
Adam The Chespin: Fluffy 832.2 days ago
Shazi: -Pokes the chilla's wall- Image made by me, for anyone curious. Meanie floofers here didn't specify on his page like I asked 838.7 days ago
kurito : hello. cute avatar 867.6 days ago
Sage: Chu is Chinchilla floof!? o 1042.1 days ago
㆚єρɦyя Łυรтɓσяи: Mine! 1042.5 days ago
mewster the femboi kitty: Its me the special kitten on yur page tehe 1054.7 days ago
Silas Cog: so very true my friend! we are all here with you, willing to help and talk. 1067.4 days ago
ℓιℓιαиє мσияσє: Hey Avey, remember you always have someone to lean on, you're never alone. 1106.1 days ago
Silas Ghost: hey pokes you 1106.9 days ago
㆚єρɦyя Łυรтɓσяи: Eskimo Kisses! 1118.9 days ago
Paymon: Offers cookies. 1128.1 days ago
㆚єρɦyя Łυรтɓσяи: Love you Mistress 1140.3 days ago
Foxy: Hi 1156.6 days ago
Zephyr Lustborn: Love you 1204.8 days ago
Aurora : Hi 1223.4 days ago
🐼Cuddly bear🐼: Cuddled your profile, lol 1321.5 days ago
Taffy: slaps a pink paw print on your wall 1333.8 days ago
Yunishiki_Toranaga: Wow I've never seen a Chinchilla fursona before! Cool 1347.8 days ago
Karu: leaves a three gallon bottle of strawberry syrup in the middle of the room 1369.8 days ago
Amy Hoppings: My chinchilla : 1417.8 days ago
❄️ Frostclaw ❄️: Hi 1421.4 days ago
YappiePanRockinaPa: I compleately forgot I belonged to this site and wanted to say hello. 1445 days ago
Cardusc whitetooth : Hey 1462.8 days ago
Saber WhitePaw: Can't... Stop... Looking...The...Eyes... 1466 days ago
St☆rdust Rose: (pounces your wall and kisses it with the sign of friendship) heyyo!! 1498.3 days ago
♡Osyra♡: pounces you 1521 days ago
Kali HoneyLips : waves a paw and gently swayed his tail hellos 1530.1 days ago
Koda Wolfgang: It's a Chinchilla! XD 1546.1 days ago
Ciao: H a 1551.7 days ago
Cain: Adorable chinchilla 1553.3 days ago
Ether,God of the underworld: What's you gamer tag 1559.9 days ago
Marina LaQuila: plz 1596.3 days ago
Marina LaQuila: hey go into crooked tail plx 1596.3 days ago
Marina LaQuila: Hewwo!!! 1623.3 days ago
Frankie Carbon: hiya X3 1640.9 days ago
Adam The Chespin: fluffy 1675.9 days ago
Driana BlackScale: Or.. the bookshelf. 1678.6 days ago
Driana BlackScale: http:www.furaffinity.netview17573235 1678.6 days ago
AzukoTheNeko : Your wall has been Neko'd 1684.9 days ago
Korxy: O.o whats a chinchilla? 1688.8 days ago
Cheru: Can I interest you in a jar of glitter? 1739.2 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall I rub my scent all over it 1759.2 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Seahorse! 1766.8 days ago
Blue Wolf: so cute 1767.4 days ago
Blue: hey :3 1772.4 days ago
Taylynn: add me 1773.3 days ago
DrMagnet: Your wall has been Coned. prepare for smoother traffic 1787.1 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: (plants an apple tree) I claim this wall as an expansion to my kingdom! 1812.2 days ago
Marina LaQuila: kisses your cheek heya winks 1813.5 days ago
Bishup Sharjakstae: mudda fekkin chinchilla. 1821.3 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 1824.9 days ago
Driana Lé Souris: hehe looks cute! 1835.2 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Wop! I'm here! OwO 1837.5 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: I'm watching you.... 1846.4 days ago
Stripes: 3 1850.3 days ago
Sirius Pyronian : hi 1852.3 days ago

About Me:
Feel free to message, I don't bite unless asked. Kik and telegram have the same name.

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