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Captain Livingston Kirk's Fursona Avatar
Name:Captain Livingston Kirk in The Alpha Quadrant Offline
Species:Ceti-Alphan Wolf
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Member ID:1943
Last Active:02-06-2021 21:04 PM
Profile Views:10219
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SecondLife Name:LivingstonZKirkman
XBOX Gamertag:Pikajew16245

Future Space for Blogs

Nikki : h-hello 1228.9 days ago
OLARocket: I knew I saw a Star Trek reference in the name... your description only confirmed that suspicion. Oddly enough, I'm watching Star Trek. 2968.2 days ago
darkbunnygirl89: Hi 3036.8 days ago
Kryslin: Hi I'm kryslin want to be friends 3155.9 days ago
Nao: I will make you drunk! :3 Nyah ah aaah! (ewe)) 3205.6 days ago
The Lone Wanderer: (pokes) 3275.1 days ago
Mason: Then go ahead and kik me :) 3352 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 3357.2 days ago
Espeon : Pokemon origins 3401.1 days ago

About Me:
Name: Livingston Zachary Kirkman.

Place of birth: Ceti-Alpha V

Age: 23.

Sex: male

Sexual oreintation: hetero but turns bi when drunk XD (my fursona that is not me irl

Organization: Starfleet

Rank: Captain.

Position: USS Sovereign NCC-73811

on stardate 11082.013 my ship the Prometheus was destroyed by a clan of renegade humans. (the same clan that killed Kit's parents and ambushed her close to death) we barley managed to defeat them when the warp core malfunctioned and exploded. there were only 16 survivors of the incident out of 786 personnel onboard. 3 are still alive and I am one of them. the ship exploded 67 kilmeter away from a geo synchronous orbit of planet furrtrax so i landed there for assistance but no fur was around to aid in the healing of my wounds. but another ship came and treated me even though I was severly wounded i still cared for the surviors of my crew before the rescue ship arrived. for my act of bravery I was promoted to Captain and I have been given the USS Sovereign. ship. when I get my ship I will need

Likes: the United federation of planets, pokemon, back to the future, Trains, Captain Amelia from treasure planet and hot, busty seductive, loving anthro vixens, wolfs, and most of all Felines XD

However I was a part of a wolf pack called the "Howling fangs'' led by Angel <3 and Korey leopard. unfortunately that pack has broken off in their separate directions but I hope to see us together again.

Note: now that I am a moderator. I wish that everyone on here won't think differently about me because of my current position. I will Never and I mean Never take advantage of my position in any unorthodox way unless it's absolutely necessary.

On a lighter note
I love to RP and yiff and I'm easy going otherwise, I am a Smart tech savvy canine who also likes to tinker with electronics. I have rebuilt my Nintendo system many times with using the proper tools and parts I am also open to sharing my techniques in vg systems. seeking a Anthro (half humanoid) feline companion loves back to the future, Star Trek pokemon and Treasure Planet ( I got into the community because of Captain Amelia :)

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