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Garmy's Fursona Avatar
Name:Garmy in Torshavn Offline
State:Faroe Island
Relationship:Single and Looking

Music Furs
Member ID:14936
Last Active:08-24-2019 19:04 PM
Profile Views:15153
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

fuzzpawsthewolf: pokes the Sergal 50.8 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: tries to get ear away,,, is soggy! 95.3 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: pads in and looks.. yep my pawprint is still there... 97.5 days ago
Musica Wolfsbane: hugs you tight I missed you!!! 205.1 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: How's you been Garmy! leaves a big paw print on the wall ( and a few on the floor adn carpet until the ink all wipes off... 249.3 days ago
Wolfsbaneisme: How's everyone's day 316.8 days ago
Guardian: Thanks Garm 344.8 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: love the new ava-pic! 364.5 days ago
Saphira: Hey 573.5 days ago
Kayu: Yus, has gone full Wolfie o.o licks your wall 656.6 days ago
kurito: ive always admired sergals by the the way 658.8 days ago
kurito: nice avatar.sergals are a beautiful species 658.8 days ago
💖Mint💖: I got one question. Do you listen to Five finger death punch??? 661.4 days ago
Roronoa: Well hey there 670.5 days ago
Silas Ghost: hey bud! 878.4 days ago
Etan: hello fellow sergal :) 1084.5 days ago

About Me:
is a metal head,if I could,would listen to it 24/7

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