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Future Space for Blogs

Lady Severin: I dont know what to do without you. My heart is broken and shattered... For everyone that used him in their own personal gain, you won. You finally tore not just him, but me down. Fuzz you were the only prescence that kept me sane. Even outside of ft. I will always keep our messages and the thoughts you had for only me. You were my best friend and my pet. I dont know how Im going to make it without you. My whole chest aches as i cry for you.. i miss you Fuzz. 150 days ago
Deored: Farewell, Fluff, it was fun. 150.3 days ago
Cassie: I saw what kind of happen...message me sometime, my friend 151.3 days ago
Cassie: Puts my butt print onto your wall, as if there was snow there 157.2 days ago
Pill : Dips my paw in paint before pressing it against the wall. .... Payback! 161.9 days ago
Rawrt: Thank you xP 186.1 days ago
Lady Severin: Of course my dear Fuzz ! I hope everything works out. 196.5 days ago
campitor: hey neighbor! welcome. 253.8 days ago

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Done, gone, and out of here... Enjoy the Karma..

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