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Name:Fuzzpaws in Tacoma Offline
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Hypno Furs
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Future Space for Blogs

campitor: hey neighbor! welcome. 37.6 days ago

About Me:
Just a Wolf looking for others with similar interests... friends, pack, more? Fairly new to the Furry lifestyle, but it is something that was missing from my life for years!

Open to any questions, etc... just ask!

So, decided to expand my profile, so:

Fuzzpaws is a naive young adult feral wolf, definitely not an Alpha type, more Omega... quite large, but slim and a little lanky, bugt got my name at a very early age due to the large adn extremely fuzzy paws. Can't even see my paws!!! Mostly light grey with darker grey highlights on face, ears shoulders and tail. Oh, my tail, my beautiful tail!!! It's longer than any other wolf I've met, can flip it back and it will reach past my nose without curling my body..

I've recently been pushed out of my birth pack, too many young males, and since I wouldn't fight for a spot... I'm socially inexperienced, introverted (but trying to fit in), and prone to laying back and watching until I am asked (or told) to join in. As an Omega sex was not allowed or discussed, so I'm kind of at a loss when the comments and stuff start... get embarrassed easily due to my inexperience.

Will continue to add as Fuzzpaws fursona develops more.

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