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Name:Fuzzpaws in Spanaway Offline

Washington Furries
Bisexual Furs
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Future Space for Blogs

Deored: Farewell, Fluff, it was fun. 6.1 hours ago
Cassie: I saw what kind of happen...message me sometime, my friend 1.2 days ago
Cassie: Puts my butt print onto your wall, as if there was snow there 7.2 days ago
Pill : Dips my paw in paint before pressing it against the wall. .... Payback! 11.8 days ago
Rawrt: Thank you xP 36.1 days ago
Lady Severin: Of course my dear Fuzz ! I hope everything works out. 46.4 days ago
campitor: hey neighbor! welcome. 103.8 days ago

About Me:
From the obituary page, as written by his Grandfather:

Fuzzpaws ceases to exist...

On 21 Oct 2017 Fuzzpaw's, my young, naive Omega Wolf gave up on life, allowing himself to be drawn back into the energy that he came from. He is survived only by his grandfather, the Wolf Shaman.

At the time of his passing Fuzzpaws was heartbroken over the way things had worked out, over feeling he had been used by people he truly cared about as a pawn to further their own desires. the pain and heartbreak became overwhelming to the young, inexperienced wolf who was being forced to make choices he was not ready or informed enough about to make. He had been struggling to adapt to life outside the pack, and though I was able to watch, I was not able to interfere in his path. He was a healer in heart and spirit put in a situation he could not figure out how to heal...

To those who accepted and cared for my beloved Fuzz, thank you, you gave him what he needed... a type of pack as he tried to become independent, a very difficult and dangerous journey for a life long pack Omega. The time spent close to those who truly cared was special to him, and he tried with all he had to return the love he felt, sometimes in a bit of a strange way, but know he cared for you...

For those who ignored, blocked, or used him to further their own agendas, I hope you can live with the results of your actions. You have contributed to the destruction of a Fursona that was a pure and loving soul, accepting, patient, and kind. In the end it was the feelings of abandonment, of confusion, and the struggle to chose who to believe when he had no information to help make a decision that sealed his fate.

My Fuzzpaws is gone, his light released to the earth, but to those he cared for there will always be a bit of him with you. When you hear a familiar tune, or see a feather in your path... know he cared deeply for you.

Mourn for him, cry for him, howl out for him, but remember who he was and why he is gone, do not let his passing, his death, his end, be in vain...

Naake ni
(Apache for Two Spirits)
Shaman, Teacher, Healer

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