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Celer's Fursona Avatar
Name:Celer in Houston Offline
Member ID:4582
Last Active:05-24-2022 15:49 PM
Profile Views:11404
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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Future Space for Blogs

Cyn: So naughty 2 days ago
Cyn: Lick back 3 days ago
Cyn: I think you may be enjoying it more than you let on XP 7.1 days ago
Cyn: XD 10.2 days ago
Cyn: wiggle wiggle wiggle 13.1 days ago
Cyn: wiggles butt 14 days ago
Cyn: hugs tighter 16.3 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: runs past, howling a good Moooornniinngggg! as I go 16.5 days ago
Cyn: Bounce 25.1 days ago
Cyn: grope 26.9 days ago
Cyn: XP 40.9 days ago
Cyn: poke 45 days ago
Cyn: and you are not doin. it with me XP 50.9 days ago
Cyn: I am doin' 57 days ago
Somnia Dreamweaver: maybe she slapped both of ours x3 65.1 days ago
Cyn: That is...different. I think I have seen it before though. E621 or somewhere 66.1 days ago
Cyn: I do not know. 67 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: pads bay, stopping to leave a thankyou note for the Unicorn 69.5 days ago
Cyn: poke 72.1 days ago
Somnia Dreamweaver: It's good lol I come and go randomly X3 75.8 days ago
Cyn: what operating system? Linux? 78.4 days ago
Cyn: you should be poking me! 85.1 days ago
Cyn: Poking around the crooked Tail? 89.9 days ago
Cyn: Nibbles 91 days ago
Cyn: pokes your nose 96.9 days ago
Cyn: mibbles right back 99 days ago
Cyn: Have been very busy 101.1 days ago
Cyn: How have you been? 102.3 days ago
Cyn: fondles it 107 days ago
Cyn: gropes that too 111.9 days ago
Cyn: -gropes naughty bits- 115.5 days ago
Cyn: -pokes back- 118.3 days ago
Cyn: -bites back harder- XD 119.9 days ago
Siris: happy very belated new year sorry i didn't see the message till just now 129.9 days ago
Cyn: -bites- 130.1 days ago
Cyn: -snuggles back- 133.1 days ago
Cyn: -pokes- 133.9 days ago
Cyn: yes I am 141.9 days ago
Cyn: Happy new Years to you as well 142 days ago
Cyn: thought you would like that 145 days ago
Cyn: How about sitting on yer face? 146.1 days ago
Joker Wolf: -Returns the print, while wearing a monocle and inspector hat- Where were you, on the afternoon of the last full moon apex, three days & nights ago? 155.2 days ago
Cyn: I am good. You? 155.4 days ago
LZ: Leaves a technological paw print on your door. 162 days ago
Cyn: -pokes- 164.9 days ago
LZ: Hiya sits on a chair 170 days ago
Nyteshado: Hello there 173 days ago
LZ: I did have a good turkey day. Thank you. 178 days ago
Cyn: I did and I hope you did too 179 days ago
Cyn: I am doing well. You? 181.9 days ago
LZ: I'm doing good, hope you are as well! 185.3 days ago
LZ: Hi, how are u? 188.2 days ago
Cyn: poke 188.3 days ago
LZ: Hi, how are u? 192 days ago
Somnia Dreamweaver: yay i love snuggles, and happy to hear from you again 195.8 days ago
Cyn: Was starting to wonder where you disappeared too 196.4 days ago
🐺BBWhiteWolf🐾: Tucker or rex decisions decisions 225.1 days ago
🐺BBWhiteWolf🐾: weekends are for knotting 225.1 days ago
Somnia Dreamweaver: -snuggles back- hello and its alright, I understand that life can get busy x3 227.9 days ago
Cyn: Magically delicious 228 days ago
Cyn: I am always feeling Cyn-full 253.9 days ago
Somnia Dreamweaver: nope x3 not that you can ever have to many snuggles 254.1 days ago
Somnia Dreamweaver: -giggles- thank you, i try to be 257 days ago
Homes10049: Did you get my dm? 261.9 days ago
Cynergi: hi celer 264.4 days ago
Somnia Dreamweaver: -gasps- i dont know how i missed your comment -waves- hello 275.3 days ago
Cynergi: I am doing well. Hope you are too. 282.2 days ago
Cynergi: XP 302 days ago
Cynergi: Pervy 'corn XP 302.3 days ago
Cynergi: You know you like it 306.9 days ago
Cynergi: -Nips- 310 days ago
Cynergi: XP 314.9 days ago
Cynergi: Trying to stay cool and being very busy :-) 323 days ago
Cynergi: How have you been? 330.3 days ago
Cynergi: I am fine. Just been extremely busy :) 374.4 days ago
Cynergi: Same here. Things have been very hectic as of late. 384.2 days ago
Cynergi: it goes well. You? 388 days ago
Cynergi: bites again 396 days ago
Cynergi: -playfully bites- 399 days ago
Cynergi: Had a bad week? 401.3 days ago
Cynergi: -Molests- 412.2 days ago
Cynergi: -Nips- 414.2 days ago
Cynergi: I hope you did too 415.3 days ago
Cynergi: As am I 423 days ago
Cynergi: Doing good. How about yourself? 423.9 days ago
Cynergi: Don't you stick your tongue out at me XD 428.4 days ago
Cynergi: XD 433 days ago
Cynergi: this may be getting inappropriate for the shouts XD 435.4 days ago
Cynergi: -Wiggles ass in your face- 435.4 days ago
Cynergi: -sits on yer face- XD 436.1 days ago
Cynergi: -nips you on the neck more- 439.4 days ago
Cynergi: -Nips you on the neck- 442.1 days ago
Cynergi: -nuzzles back- 445.4 days ago
Cynergi: Kisses 450.5 days ago
Cynergi: Eep! XD 454 days ago
Cynergi: hugs back 457.1 days ago
Cynergi: Snuggled back 461.3 days ago
Cynergi: XP 464.4 days ago
Cynergi: you love it 465 days ago
Cynergi: Maybe XP 467.9 days ago
Cynergi: Pinches XD 470.5 days ago
Cynergi: poke 475.4 days ago
Cynergi: Nope XD 489.3 days ago
Cynergi: Nope XP 491.3 days ago
Cynergi: Show me! 496.2 days ago
Cynergi: XP Bragging? 498 days ago
Paq: Snug fit 499.4 days ago
Paq: It si comfy sex 502.3 days ago
Paq: Nope. Solid Oak XP 510.3 days ago
Cynergi: I would prefer a bed XD 514.5 days ago
Cynergi: and just where do you want to take it? 520.9 days ago
Cynergi: Yes. I do wanna XP 524.3 days ago
Cynergi: you just going to cuddle? grins 525.9 days ago
Cynergi: snuggles back 527.9 days ago
Cynergi: Thank you XD 529.9 days ago
Cynergi: w'rrs softly. Well I am Cyn XP 531.5 days ago
Cynergi: kisses 532.4 days ago
Cynergi: Nips 533.9 days ago
Cynergi: probably 538 days ago
Cynergi: probably run away XP 539 days ago
Cynergi: I hope you had a good Thanksgiving 543.9 days ago
Cynergi: hugs and nuzzles back 545.9 days ago
Cynergi: cuddles right back 2x as hard 549 days ago
Cynergi: XP 553.9 days ago
Cynergi: I cannot tell whether you are being cute....or being sick XP 554.3 days ago
Cynergi: Trying to kiss my pucker? Perv XD 555.9 days ago
Cynergi: XP 556.9 days ago
Cynergi: Like you I have been kept busy as of late 563 days ago
Cynergi: XP I know 568 days ago
Cynergi: XP you love the teasing 568.3 days ago
Cynergi: You will just have to wait and find out XP 569.3 days ago
Cynergi: Good to hear 571.9 days ago
Cynergi: Been doing good. Hope you are well 577 days ago
Cynergi: I can see that XD 583 days ago
Cynergi: That is good 589 days ago
Cynergi: I am well. How are you? 589.3 days ago
Cynergi: yeah. some 4chan person kept popping up and I know it was not the site he was associating themself with 591 days ago
Cynergi: Same person posted on my profile too. I just deleted the comments. There has been several questionable people in recent days. I believe Twinky had to deal with a couple not too long ago. 591.9 days ago
Celer: well now isn't that a lovely comment to make to an ADMIN got yer ass banned quickly 592 days ago
卐BeastGirl420卐: nigger 593 days ago
Cynergi: Pokes back 593.5 days ago
Cynergi: (/) () () () shakes it 595.4 days ago
Cynergi: Play? All you do is tease XP 598.3 days ago
Cynergi: All work and no play make Celer a dull boy XP 601 days ago
Cynergi: I am doing well. How are you? 602.4 days ago
Cynergi: Hello Celer 606 days ago
Cynergi: snuggles back 618.3 days ago
Cynergi: I am doing weel. You? 619.9 days ago
Cynergi: snuggles back 632.2 days ago
Little Tails: It's rockin'! Hope you're having a fantastic weekend. 640.4 days ago
Cynergi: Soon. Hopefully soon XP 645.3 days ago
Cynergi: Hey! Where have you been hiding? 647.3 days ago
Paq: You will just have to find out won't you? 650.1 days ago
Paq: it is both 658.1 days ago
Cynergi: I am gonna get you alone one of these and then you'll be in for it 661.4 days ago
Cynergi: sticks tongue out You say such sweet things 665 days ago
Cynergi: you better 668.1 days ago
Cynergi: Am I? 669.5 days ago
Cynergi: suddenly! Raccanda! bites XD 675.3 days ago
Paq: All you do is tease Smirks 677 days ago
Paq: oh I do not think you could handle playing with me 679.2 days ago
Paq: sticks tongue out at you 680 days ago
Paq: I am not hiding 681.1 days ago
Cynergi: hiding? 682.5 days ago
Eclipse: It's great to see another equine here! 689.9 days ago
Eclipse: It's great to see another equine here! 689.9 days ago
Paq: I know how to tease too 699 days ago
Artik Fenris Silverfang : Yo 700.9 days ago
Paq: pokes right back 702.1 days ago
Paq: If you say so Smiles 706.1 days ago
Paq: If 708.1 days ago
Paq: XD you say that as is it is a bad thing 708.1 days ago
Paq: sticks tongue out at you 709 days ago
Paq: poke 714.1 days ago
David Hopkins: I mean... you seem very nice, the most nicest administrator that I've met here. :) 723 days ago
David Hopkins: Could I actually friend a administrator? 723 days ago
Paq: cuddle back 729 days ago
Paq: howdy 732.3 days ago
Takola Vashen: I'd probably have to say it a purple variant of the rose :3 738.3 days ago
Paq: hugs 738.6 days ago
Paq: tail poke 738.9 days ago
Paq: yeah. I caught that :) 739.5 days ago
Little Tails: Muhahaha, you'll get all the unexpected sweets! 741.9 days ago
Donovan: Hey! You live in Houston. My dad lives down around DallasFort Worth. Texas is nice this time of the year 743.5 days ago
Little Tails: -creates more cookies and sneaks some on your head! Like a sneakyfox!- 743.9 days ago
Takola Vashen: Heh yes, i likes my flowers. :3 744 days ago
Paq: I am certain there was something dirty in that last comment 744 days ago
Garmy: it is realy nice here by the sea,only an hours walk,then your there 744.3 days ago
Issidore L Ducasse: ello, just being nosy 744.6 days ago
Little Tails: -sneaks a cookie on your page!- 744.9 days ago
Paq: I did not leave after all. Just change it up a bit 745 days ago
Donovan: Hello Celer 745 days ago
Cynergi: I am gonna poke you in a naughty place if you keep it up XD 783.1 days ago
Cynergi: Serious pokes are fun 790.3 days ago
Cynergi: Pokes at 805.1 days ago
Celer: are you trying to get kinky with me ? :P 815.1 days ago
RazeBluemoon: Lashes some claw marks on your wall 3 837.2 days ago
Cynergi: Thank you XD 1011.4 days ago
Celer: kinky not me !!!! LOL 1118.2 days ago
Mike Furry: I am staring into your Fave? Oh how kinky... I think. Maybe? 1148.9 days ago
Celer: they are thinking can i perch on that horn 1173.8 days ago
crimsonsaphire: Sits watching wondering what the birds are thinking 1218.8 days ago
Cynergi: hi hi 1222.9 days ago
Birdy Blu: -decorates his wall in birbs- 1225.4 days ago
Celer: well now you know better 1225.9 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: stares in awe at the Unicorn Dad said they weren't real!! 1225.9 days ago

About Me:

Where to start I'm a straight male with humans and furs although I have more than a few gay friends. they know where my line is. So i will have to tell you here I'm ok with hugs until i know you, cuddles and scratches are ok too :P

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