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Sir Chan's Fursona Avatar
Name:Sir Chan in Conroe Online
Species:Arctic Fox
Relationship:Rather Not Say

Furries Life 4 Ever
Member ID:13106
Last Active:05-25-2022 19:07 PM
Profile Views:17428
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
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Facebook:Hidden from Guests

Future Space for Blogs

TimberWolf: howdy 19.2 days ago
Jinx: leaves a paw print 46.2 days ago
Osyra: Hurro 74.8 days ago
Lou : Thank you for the welcome! 79.1 days ago
Rosanker B.F.D: Thanks For The Welcome Here ;3 608 days ago
articumbreon: -leaves a glowing yellow paw print on your wall- 609.8 days ago
candy cane: ... 619.5 days ago
Candy: prints wall mine 634.1 days ago
Orayo: boops your page back 677.5 days ago
pringle: t-thanks 743.1 days ago
pringle: i don't know what to say to that... 743.7 days ago
pringle: hello s-stranger.... 754.2 days ago
candy cane: hello.... 762.1 days ago
glitchy: i boop him in return 771.1 days ago
Snowball *0w0*: Burps me drunks 811.4 days ago
Snowball *0w0*: Liten...I wont beat around the buh....but you know what I will beat? My nuts I will pain cum for you! 811.4 days ago
snow the wolf: hugs 877.6 days ago
Mint: Hello! How is your day? 894.4 days ago
kittykat : Thank you, You can get the sunglasses at spencers 1037.1 days ago
Anya Underworld: Hope your birthday ends wwll. Sorry I passed out on ya. Sending birthday wishes :) 1128 days ago
Winterfox: Hello 1133 days ago
furrygurl1914: Am six 1158.7 days ago
💙 Lucy 💙: Thankya sweetie! 1181.9 days ago
VixenRedTail: pokes you back hehe ;) 1279.2 days ago
Panda Jenn: Thank you so much for the warm greeting! 1377.9 days ago
furryboi1914: hiya 1392.1 days ago
Nicolette: Thankya hun! 1392.1 days ago
Shine: thx 1492.3 days ago
Sam: Hello :3 1518.1 days ago
temmiiwolf: boops nose and chases you 1522.2 days ago
SexyBatBoi: -licks your wall- mine 1549.3 days ago
Shazi: Thanks, yours too :3 1610.2 days ago
Lucy: Pokes back 1622.9 days ago
Kiwi: curls up into the nock of your page 1767.1 days ago
Paymon: Yeehaw, I'd hug ya 1952 days ago
Aurora : Places my paw print on your wall 2026.2 days ago
💕Frosty 💕 : Hi 2027.4 days ago
🐼Cuddly bear🐼: Cuddled your page, lol 2100.9 days ago
🐼Cuddly bear🐼: Cuddled your page, lol 2100.9 days ago
Scriffer: Hello! 2126.4 days ago
Soapyotter: chirpchirpchirp? hello foxxie fella. 2225.5 days ago
keto_volten : hi 2275.4 days ago
Seline: (poke) 2447.7 days ago
Shadowcat: I have kissed your wall ;) 2452.5 days ago
Sir Devearux SquishyButt: this convo by itself looks like hes talking to himself 2453 days ago
AlyxWolf: lies (giggles softly) 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: (laughs out rubbing my nose) no fairs 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: muhahahas (rolls overs to tickle you more) 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: (attacks your sides) haha!! 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: (reaches up for a counter tickle attack) 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: nyu ticklings! (laughed out, squirming) 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: (eeps softly as im pounced on, laughing) 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: (sticks out my tongue at you) 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: gahs! (laughs out and wriggles away) 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: xO nyah (licks cheek again) 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: silly (licks your cheek gently) 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: awh, goods hehe (hugs you back with a warm smile) 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: Dx eat some soup and wear warm clothing hun 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: oh i see. is it like a cold or something? 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: oh wow hehe your brave 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: did you take any medicine dear? 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: oh dear ;; i hope you feel better soon hun! 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: ive been better but good, just going to college now haha. and yourself dear 2455.1 days ago
AlyxWolf: x) (pokes your wall back) hi yourself 2455.1 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: (boop) 2462 days ago

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