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Cyn's Fursona Avatar
Name:Cyn in Offline
Species:Nanotech Chimera
Relationship:Rather Not Say
Member ID:17404
Last Active:02-14-2024 18:52 PM
Profile Views:21283
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests

Future Space for Blogs

fuzzpawsthewolf: Leave a belated Valentine, a heart shaped box of Raccanda treats, and a single red rose 6.9 days ago
spunkymoo: Thank you for the awesome welcome comment! 23.3 days ago
snow or Max: leaves a print on the wall 54.5 days ago
Raven: fur uwu 116.5 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Quietly pads up and leaves a hug... 122 days ago
Jellybean: Okie dokie then :3 128.5 days ago
Jellybean: Did you want a hug? 130.8 days ago
Jellybean: Yes he did indeedy 130.8 days ago
Rabbit: hi 131.4 days ago
Jellybean: I is being hugged- How dare-................ nevermind I like hugs- 141.8 days ago
Jellybean: Oh noes- you founds me- Must hide- Hides in a pile of plushies and stuffies Activate cloaking device- 148.8 days ago
Jellybean: I spelled that wrong XD 148.8 days ago
Jellybean: Third times the charm- MWAHAHAHAA- Smacks a paw print on your floor Wait- nuuuu- now ye can see what I have done- Must run- Bolts out of existance 148.8 days ago
Qaja Kebauet: I was out cold last night. lol 169 days ago
Qaja Kebauet: I'm in the chat for once! lol 182.5 days ago
Noah: -gives chu a hug- 196 days ago
Noah: Fankyoo, Ms. Cynny. 198.3 days ago
Qaja Kebauet: I didnt know there was one. XD 204.9 days ago
Qaja Kebauet: Oh, Ive been around for a hot minute. Just kinda forgot about it for a long time. lol 205.9 days ago
Qaja Kebauet: Howdy! 208.9 days ago
Unic0rn69: This isn't the Transformers :P LOL 226.4 days ago
Drax: nice pics! 226.5 days ago
Celer: just popping in to say hello snuggles 414.3 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Leaves a paw print in the shape of a heart 437.4 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: missed you, and miss you always... 496 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: trying.. is hard. 505.9 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: a bit... still depressed adnd frustrated about it all. 507.6 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Pads in, curling up against your wall, hidden in the shadows, trying to find some comfort... 507.8 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Wishing my Raccanda the best as she goes out into the world!!! Love you Cyn! 570 days ago
Celer: hello, saw ya online and thought I'd say hi snuggles 576.4 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: was good to see you too... 584.9 days ago
Krissy: Leaves a paw print as I explore 591.5 days ago
Celer: hey sexy how ya doin? 591.5 days ago
Matthewwolf: Howdy 607.4 days ago
Celer: thats my job , your suppose to be the poke'e 608.1 days ago
Celer: heres your chance 615.1 days ago
Celer: ok so I'm always horny ya wanna do something about it ? 616.5 days ago
snow : paw prints the wall 616.6 days ago
Celer: what gave you that clue ... the horn sticking out of my forehead 618.5 days ago
Celer: well maybe not the first 15 minutes right after :P 623.4 days ago
Celer: hornier than a 2 peckared billy goat 626.5 days ago
Celer: XP 632.1 days ago
Celer: oh now your dancing naked... i like :) 633.5 days ago
Celer: I'm Bad to the bone 3 636.6 days ago
Celer: naughty is nice 637.6 days ago
Celer: that lick felt GOOOOD!!!! do it again ... and again ... 646.5 days ago
Celer: licky licky 647.5 days ago
Celer: I'm not tellin XD 649 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Pads by, stopping to admire your wall 650.9 days ago
Celer: oh you love it and you know it 653.1 days ago
Celer: I wanna see ya wiggle it just a little bit ... 655.5 days ago
Celer: shake it baby 657.4 days ago
Celer: slides hands down stopping on your butt giving each a squeeze 659.6 days ago
Celer: pull you in tight for a nice soft long hug 662 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: damn it... 10 minutes.. 663.4 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Whines.. Missed you again.... 666.4 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Love you... 666.9 days ago
Celer: squish 668.4 days ago
Celer: thrust 670.3 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Pads in, leaving a paw print and a nice live flower basket.. 671.4 days ago
snow : places paw print on this wall 678 days ago
Celer: :P 681.5 days ago
Celer: Prod :) 688.5 days ago
Celer: but your not doin it with me 696.4 days ago
Celer: hey sexy how ya doin? 703.5 days ago
Somnia Dreamweaver: Oh noes what ever shall I do 707.7 days ago
Somnia Dreamweaver: squeaksoh noes what did I do? 708.2 days ago
Somnia Dreamweaver: squeaks 708.6 days ago
Celer: i uploaded a pic to you files take a look and let me know what you think... 709.9 days ago
Celer: whut happen to your avatar? 710.5 days ago
Celer: boops nose 711.4 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Wakes, not having seen her... sigh sadly and pads out into the woods. 714.9 days ago
Celer: opens door , sees fuzzpaws sleeping quietly closes door leaving 716.7 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Misses my Raccanda... pads in, laying by your wall hoping to catch you.. 717.8 days ago
Celer: windows, 95,98,xp... linux redhat, open suse, ubuntu .. 718 days ago
Celer: howdy 723.4 days ago
Celer: maybe I was looking for you, but you still haven't answered my question about the operating system? 727.4 days ago
Celer: and yes i was poking around in all the chat rooms 732.4 days ago
Celer: i have a question for you, what is you favorite operating system ? 732.4 days ago
Celer: notices the snug baggy shorts and nibbles back 734 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: puts my paw print on the wall.. Misses my Raccanda. 735.3 days ago
Celer: licks muzzle 740.6 days ago
Celer: Mornin nibbles 743 days ago
Celer: doing good just busy as hell, And you ? 744.7 days ago
Celer: fondles Cyn 753.8 days ago
Celer: grows :D 755.6 days ago
Donovan: What os a TS500? 755.7 days ago
Celer: gropes XD 759 days ago
Celer: pokes 763.1 days ago
Celer: bites back 767.4 days ago
Celer: licks -n- nibbles 775.6 days ago
Celer: -n- snuggles 777 days ago
Celer: gropes 777 days ago
Celer: mmmm tasty 785.4 days ago
Celer: I'm sure your the one enjoying the licks -n- nibbles ... Happy new year 787 days ago
Celer: licks -n- nibbles 789.5 days ago
Celer: I'd be doing better with you sitting on my lap 797 days ago
Celer: hey sexy how ya doin? haven't seen you around 805 days ago
Celer: hey that's my line :P lol 807.4 days ago
Celer: snuggles -n- cuddles 809 days ago
LZ: Hiya sits on a chair 819.4 days ago
Celer: it was a nice lil family get together 821.1 days ago
Celer: good here hope you had a good turkey day :) 824 days ago
Celer: hey girl how ya doin? 827.6 days ago
Celer: been hiding under a really really big rock :) 839.4 days ago
Celer: haven't see ya in ages snuggles 840.6 days ago
LZ: Hi, how are u? 848.4 days ago
Donovan: Get on more, will ya? 848.5 days ago
Celer: more like Heavenly Delicious 872.5 days ago
Donovan: Cynfully delicious 884.8 days ago
Celer: well hello are you feeling a lil Cyn-Full today :) 899.8 days ago
Celer: hey girl how ya been ? :) 900.5 days ago
Celer: cuddles 908.5 days ago
Celer: haven't seen ya in a while, hope your doing good 929.6 days ago
Celer: cuddles 937.6 days ago
Celer: I am not a pervert... I graduated I'm a Provert :D 945.5 days ago
Celer: never said I didn't :P snuggles 947.3 days ago
Celer: yips :) 950.6 days ago
Celer: XP 958.3 days ago
Celer: don't you find that so hard to do since your so damn HOT!!! :D 964 days ago
Celer: been doing good and you? 968.4 days ago
Celer: been a while thought I'd stop in and say hello 974.5 days ago
Celer: hi Cyn staying busy still i know i sure have been :) 1007.4 days ago
Celer: just popping in to see how your doing 1018.4 days ago
Celer: snuggles -n- cuddles 1022.5 days ago
Celer: doing good here just been busy as hell snuggles 1029.1 days ago
Celer: hey sexy hows it going ? 1035.4 days ago
Celer: begins gently tracing hooves up and down your body 1039.4 days ago
Celer: moans softly 1040.5 days ago
Celer: snuggles 1043.3 days ago
Celer: ya but its far to gory to talk about here, and trying to put it behind me. 1043.3 days ago
Celer: hope you week is going better than mine 1049.4 days ago
Celer: fondles 1053.5 days ago
Celer: cuddles 1056.1 days ago
Celer: snuggles 1058.4 days ago
Celer: hope you had a good Easter :) 1059.6 days ago
Celer: well i can say that im still alive 1066.7 days ago
Celer: hey sexy how ya doin? 1067.4 days ago
Celer: and here all this time i though you liked licks 1071.3 days ago
Celer: :P 1072.5 days ago
Celer: I agree 1078.5 days ago
Celer: sticks out tongue and licks 1079.4 days ago
Celer: pulls back gently and slowly lowers a bit to begin sucking on yer nipps. 1081.4 days ago
Celer: surrenders offering you my neck to nibble more 1084.5 days ago
Celer: cuddles close feeling your soft fur pressing against mine 1087.3 days ago
Celer: nuzzles 1091.1 days ago
Celer: licks 1094.7 days ago
Celer: gropes XD 1098.4 days ago
Donovan: The Gecko is back! 1099.8 days ago
Celer: hugs 1101 days ago
Celer: snuggles 1105 days ago
Celer: Oh your such a tease. 1110.1 days ago
Celer: are you trying to turn me on? 1111.4 days ago
Celer: Ouch!!! 1113 days ago
Celer: That tickles 1117.3 days ago
Celer: still think i was bragging ? XP 1134.4 days ago
Celer: did I scare ya away? 1135.4 days ago
Celer: Nope I don't brag 1140.5 days ago
Celer: oh for me I'd bet it would be quite tight 1141.4 days ago
Celer: I'll bet it's a soft fluffy comfy fit 1145.6 days ago
Celer: oh that's dangerous and unsafe sex LOL :) 1147.7 days ago
Celer: do you have a padded headboard 1154.1 days ago
Celer: Merry Christmas... and i dunno the attic :) 1159.4 days ago
Celer: then perhaps we should take this some where private 1165 days ago
Celer: I thought all women liked to cuddle ... oh you wana .... :D 1168.4 days ago
Celer: cuddles -n- scritches 1169.4 days ago
Celer: your welcome snuggles 1171.4 days ago
Celer: yer fur is so soft 1173.4 days ago
Celer: strokes yer fur... that is if your cyn but if you're Pac then I'd gently drag my fingernails gently down your scales.. 1175.4 days ago
Celer: licks 1176.4 days ago
Celer: tickles 1177.4 days ago
Celer: so you would run right into his arms 1182 days ago
Celer: what you you do if you had a naked cowboy standing in front of you? 1183.4 days ago
Celer: happy thanks giving :) 1188.5 days ago
Celer: wraps my arms around you holding you tight nuzzling your neck 1189.4 days ago
Celer: cuddles 1196.1 days ago
Celer: pucker up as in a kiss not the other ting you were thinking ... yuck 1197.4 days ago
Celer: thats is baby pucker up :) 1199.4 days ago
Celer: but it wasn't me keeping you busy .. now wheres the fun in that :D 1203.4 days ago
Celer: are you ok haven't seen ya online in a couple of days 1208.6 days ago
Celer: and yet you keep coming back for more . you must love the teasing 1210.4 days ago
Celer: yes, but i love to tease too. 1211.5 days ago
Celer: so now who is teasing whom 1212.4 days ago
Celer: so what are you gonna do to me if you get me alone?? , you never did say ? 1213.4 days ago
Celer: been doing good :) 1216.1 days ago
Celer: how have you been doing, good i hope :) 1221 days ago
Celer: sorry I've been in a weird mood lately 1226.5 days ago
Celer: trollin 1228.4 days ago
Celer: i thought you might wana go troolin under the floorboards and breed 1228.4 days ago
Celer: i thought you might wana go troolin under the floorboards and breed 1228.4 days ago
Celer: hey, ya wanna meet me under the floor boards :D 1229.4 days ago
Celer: that troll was the same one that posted NNNNNNN allover my page, just a new account. 1230.5 days ago
Celer: if you like that how about a little pony play ? :D 1232.5 days ago
Celer: doin good, had a long day at work but it was a good day :) 1232.5 days ago
Celer: how you been doin sexy 1233.5 days ago
Celer: ya he,she,it posted in several profiles , and helped tw with one of the RUDIES 1234.8 days ago
Celer: hey sexy how ya doin? 1235 days ago
Celer: Giggles 1236.6 days ago
Celer: Poke Poke 1237.1 days ago
Celer: oh baby you know what i like :) 1238.5 days ago
Celer: ( / ) ( ) ( ) shake it baby 1239.5 days ago
Celer: dull boy with a fat wallet :P ... miss playing with ya 1243.5 days ago
Celer: doin good, staying busy as ... too busy 1245.1 days ago
Celer: hey sexy how ya doin? 1247.1 days ago
Celer: Are you having fun? 1249 days ago
Celer: howdy Sexy 1251.4 days ago
Celer: I'm doing good just been busy as can be ... snuggles 1262.7 days ago
Celer: I'm doing good just been busy as can be ... snuggles 1262.7 days ago
Caitlyn Blizzardfoot: Hey! 1262.9 days ago
Celer: stopping by to see how you're doing... 1263.5 days ago
candy cane: how are ya? 1266 days ago
candy cane: heyo! 1266.5 days ago
Donovan: Hello Paq! 1274.8 days ago
Celer: stopping by to give ya some snuggles 1277 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: looks around for you 1283.9 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: leaves a few paw prints on your wal.... 1285.4 days ago
Celer: stopping by to let you know I'm still alive snuggles 1287.5 days ago
Celer: I'm sorry work has been kicking my butt this last week or so, I'm hoping to have some play time soon 1289.1 days ago
Celer: Threaten me with a promise ... or is that promising me wiht a threat ... either way I like :D 1299.5 days ago
Celer: Oh! Is that a threat or a promise 1303.6 days ago
Celer: how can i not your just so SEXY!!! 1305.4 days ago
Celer: nibbles on yer neck and whispers oh you sexy thing you just send shivers down my spine 1311.4 days ago
Celer: yup, hope i can return the favor :D 1311.9 days ago
Reddragoncharlie: Hey! Hope your doing well. 1312.4 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: stops by and just leans against your wall for a minute... 1313 days ago
Celer: oh turn me on :D 1317.5 days ago
Celer: walks over and begins gently stroking your tail.... 1320.5 days ago
Celer: I think you have that the other way around, I don't think you could handle playing with me.. 1322.5 days ago
Celer: now that an offer if i ever seen one :P 1323.5 days ago
Celer: darn and I was hoping that you wanted to make a game of it 1324.4 days ago
Celer: yes hiding ... changing your nick from Paq back to Cynergi 1325.6 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: pokes 1325.9 days ago
Celer: hiding now are we LOL 1327.5 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: well hello! 1329.4 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: has noticed... hope all is good. 1332 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Hi you.. figures I missed you again.. 1333.8 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Leaves a rather large paw print on your wall 1335.4 days ago
Celer: and you seem to enjoy teasing too, so don't stop ... no seriously Don't stop .... 1342.4 days ago
Celer: Oh Paq you do know how to talk to me :) 1345.5 days ago
Celer: Poke Poke :D 1349.5 days ago
Celer: not a bad thing its a fun thing :) 1351.4 days ago
Celer: there you go turning me on again 1352.4 days ago
Celer: careful where you Poke that you might get something started 1355.4 days ago
Celer: peek a boo 1358.4 days ago
Celer: gentle nipps pinches 1371.5 days ago
Celer: cuddles 1374.1 days ago
Celer: howdy 1377.1 days ago
Celer: snuggles 1379.4 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Misses my friend..... 1380.9 days ago
Celer: tail strokes 1382.1 days ago
Celer: pokes a little fun at ya :D 1382.5 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Pads through leaving a paw print on the wall 1384.7 days ago
Celer: snuggles up the scally Dageth... cought that did ya :D 1387.5 days ago
Celer: glad to see ya hanging around :) ... duh oh wait thats my job LOL 1388.4 days ago
Celer: just stopping by to say hello 1388.8 days ago
Deored: yup, won a YCH I was just trying to drive up the price on 1394.5 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: great back story, looking forward to learning more. 1404.8 days ago
Donovan: So the two moons are Sacred? Or am I missing something? 1405 days ago
Donovan: Also thank you, muchly, for continuing our email Rp 1405.9 days ago
Donovan: Biology? Interesting 1406.8 days ago
Donovan: Oh boy, Paq has some context and a bit of background now? An alien species!?! Interesting. 1407 days ago
Donovan: So. What can we expect from Paq? 1408 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Welcome Paq 1408.3 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: A new begining... wa 1408.3 days ago
Donovan: I wonder how fuzz feels about it though 1409 days ago
glitchy: hello! 1409.4 days ago
Donovan: Sounds good to me 1409.7 days ago
Donovan: A change in Fursona? Interesting. Cute too. 1409.7 days ago

About Me:
My Fursona is Cynergi or Cyn for short. My fluffy, fuzzy, fun loving, and highly sexual Raccanda. She is a kind of Chimera meaning she has the genetic make up of several animals. Primarily a Chinese Giant Panda and a North American Common Raccoon along with various feline breeds that give her a unique appearance.

Belongs to Fuzzpawsthewolf
Snow is mine. Paws off unless either Fuzz or myself says it is ok.

Pictures are below! XD

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Story's Posted to the BookShelf
TitleLast ModifiedBook IDDate Uploaded
Castle Walls12-06-2020 21:31 PM
12-06-2020 21:31 PM
Another Day Chapter 1 Part 104-02-2023 10:49 AM
04-02-2023 10:49 AM

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