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Celer: gentle nipps pinches 6.2 days ago
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fuzzpawsthewolf: Misses my friend..... 15.6 days ago
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Celer: just stopping by to say hello 23.5 days ago
Deored: yup, won a YCH I was just trying to drive up the price on 29.3 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: great back story, looking forward to learning more. 39.5 days ago
Donovan: So the two moons are Sacred? Or am I missing something? 39.7 days ago
Donovan: Also thank you, muchly, for continuing our email Rp 40.6 days ago
Donovan: Biology? Interesting 41.5 days ago
Donovan: Oh boy, Paq has some context and a bit of background now? An alien species!?! Interesting. 41.7 days ago
Donovan: So. What can we expect from Paq? 42.7 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Welcome Paq 43 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: A new begining... wa 43 days ago
Donovan: I wonder how fuzz feels about it though 43.7 days ago
glitchy: hello! 44.1 days ago
Donovan: Sounds good to me 44.4 days ago
Donovan: A change in Fursona? Interesting. Cute too. 44.4 days ago

About Me:
Paq is a member of the Dageth. They are a genetically created species hailing from the planet Gindi (Pronounced Jin-Dee) deep in the 3KPC arm of the Milky Way near the Galactic core. The Dageth were created by another, far more ancient, race known only, to the Dageth, as the Progenitors who created the first Dageth, known as the "First Ones", as an experiment with unknown intentions. The Progenitors left the Dageth to grow and evolve on their own leaving behind several trinkets of Progenitor technology to guide them along as their race grew and matured over the centuries. The Dageth hold a strong, almost fanatical, belief that the Progenitors will return and reveal their true intentions for the Dageth's creation. Dageth believe themselves to be a warrior race meant to sew balance and peace amidst the Various species of the galaxy. A highly advanced, space fairing, race the Dageth developed some of the most advanced Starships known to exist. Ships capable of both FTL and space fold technology (One of the "trinkets" the Progenitors left was an early Gravity Drive) that allows them to travel vast distances in a short amount of time, Dageth have been exploring the far reaches of the Galaxy for decades seeking to find other races the Progenitors may have created amongst the stars.

Paq is what the Dageth call a Una'gi or a 'Wandering One" which is a term used to describe those who have chosen to leave home for the opportunity to venture out into deep space to explore and learn. Una'gi are highly trained in survival and in the ancient art of Lu'vendon, a fighting or martial art that focuses on the aspect of constant motion/movement, to allow them to defend themselves as well and the use of various weapons and tools. Una'gi often spend numerous years exploring only returning home to reveal all they have found and learned as well as to....well...find their final rest among their ancestors. Most Una'gi leave home when they become young adults and have spent many years training for their journey into the inky depths of the galaxy. Paq is a dedicated explorer and even left the 3KPC arm to seek out new places to explore. She seeks new worlds the Dageth may one day colonize.

Dageth are a race of reptilian, bi-pedal, humanoids that inhabit a lush and arid world named Gindi. Gindi is, roughly, 4 times bigger than Earth and has 1.5X the gravity. Like earth Gindi is 3/4 water, but possesses only two Massive landmasses that occupy both the eastern and western hemispheres of the planet and connect to both the northern and southern ice caps (poles). Two massive oceans reside between these continents (Named Ejede, eastern, and Atelt, western, respectively) and are know as The Ocean of Ancestors and The Horizon Waters. Both Ejede and Atelt are dotted with large lakes, rivers, and even smaller seas along their coastlines. Gindi is very oxygen rich due to vast forests and jungles all across both continents. Dageth do not believe in disturbing the nature of the planet beyond using only what is needed. Materials used in the construction of their cities is derived, directly, from materials that do not harm the envirioment. Metals are mined from the multitude of exposed pockets and minerals are mined in the most non-invasive ways possible (I.e no strip mining and use of minimal machinery) leaving them to do most of the work via manual labor. Dageth do enjoy lots of activity and work so this suits them all the better. There are two moons that orbit the planet. The first one is named Oreale (meaning "Little brother) and the second is Uyau (meaning "Big brother). Both moons are lifeless masses and have been left untouched as both are viewed as being forbidden. (It is heavily believed the Progenitors have built these moons and that they are guarding the planet from anyoen who dares intend harm to the Dageth)

Name: Paq (pronounced like PawK)
Race Dageth
Sub-Species: Gniboon (Amphibious)
Age: 25 years (Earth)
Sex: Female (Non-breeder. Incapable of having offspring)
Height: 1.63m - 5'5" tall
Weight: 41.4kg - 90lbs 10oz
Skin coloration: Dark Mossy Green with Rose Red. (Eyes match secondary skin color)
Sexual Orientation: Hetro-sexual

Biology (General):

There are several different sub-species of Dageth, but all Dageth share common, biological, traits. First off all Dageth are, despite seeming reptilian, warm blooded. There are no, primarily, aquatic species of Dageth. Those who are amphibious are able to breathe in water and oxygen though the capacity for both is more limited than with normal water or air breathers. This means Paq can breathe underwater, but only to about 200 feet under at that depth her ability becomes neutralized due to increase in water pressure and she cannot breathe in higher altitudes without assistance. Paq is not able able to remain underwater indefinitely due to being warm blooded and has a max time of around an hour before her temp drops to far to remain underwater. While Dageth are oxygen breathers they have Magnesium based blood that turns a bright orange when exposed to open air and remains luminous yellow exposed to a non-oxygen environment. Despite looking reptilian the Dageth actually share very little with typical reptiles. Dageth are omnivorous, warm blooded, can and do possess hair and a form of fur, and reproduce bearing live offspring. Amphibious Dageth do possess a second set of eyelids that close to protect their eye underwater. This trait is only found on the Amphibious species. Dageth have very keen low-light vision thanks to very large pupils and light coloration of the irises, but this means they are somewhat sensitive to bright light. It is very common to see Dageth wearing various forms of eye protection when out in daylight or exposed to bright environments.

(there is waaaay more to this. Just have not had time to work on it)

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