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Another Day Chapter 1 Part 1 Posted by: Cyn at 04-02-2023 10:49 AM, Last Modified 04-02-2023 10:49 AM
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Another Day
Story by: Cynergi

Erica and Cody Lebeck. A pair of young Siberian Husky Siblings and the only two known survivors of the Mars 4 tragedy face off against an ancient threat in the depths of space. They have only each other with love as their only hope. A fight for their own survival becomes a battle to protect Earth from a NanoVirus that turns all it touches into raving mad beasts.

Another day....    Another evening spent alone.....    With only Myself to keep me company....
It is a brisk, warm Mid-Summer’s night. Almost like the one you hear about in Shakespeare’s writings. It was a long and rough day for me. Typical in my life. Being 18 years young can be such a pain sometimes though I have no desire to grow old just yet. That will come in due time. Still there are moments where I can kick back and enjoy life much like I am right now. The house is dead quiet on this warm Saturday night. For once I can bask in the silence with nothing more than a vivid imagination to keep me occupied. Imagination is better than reality sometimes...heck almost all the time. And tonight I am imagining something of a fantasy of mine. One that stays with me a lot in my young years. The warm night has already stripped me of my clothes. My thick fur is enough to fend off any chill in the night’s breeze through the open window of my room. My bed is soft and warm. Here I feel at total ease and peace. A little lamp at the side of my full sized bed dimly lights the room in a dull amber glow. I start out on my stomach with my arms tucked under my pillow. My soft blue eyes closed as my imagination takes flight. This is my release from the stress of everyday life. Here we go.............

I imagine a male stepping quietly into my room. He is tall and strapping. A well built and strong form cast in the dim glow of the lamp. Chiseled chest and powerful arms. He is quiet. Not saying a single word as he enters. A quiet little yip escapes my lips as my stimulation begins. I like to start out nice and slow. Taking my time. I raise my haunches a little. Not a lot. Just enough to get my right hand back there. I start off rolling my pointer and middle fingers softly over my petals. My tail curls back tight to my right side. In my imagination he is slowly stripping now. I can almost feel him watching me. Enjoying the show before him. A few moments pass and he is stripped down now. Fully naked standing at the foot of my bed. I look back over my left shoulder at him with a needful, hungry look in my eyes. He climbs onto the bed just behind me and I get oh so excited imagining him getting closer. My fingers leave the warmth of my petal and lightly drift to my swelling clit. My sensitive bud already starting to ache with anticipation. Fingers merely touching it send shivers of pure pleasure racing up my spine. I rub real slow still taking my sweet time. I imagine him leaning in to sniff me now. His warm exhales drift slowly over my pink petal causing them to gasp a little. I rub just a tiny bit faster now getting more excited as I imagine him drawing closer yet. I feel that long tongue of his suddenly roll over my wet pussy. He makes it painfully slow. So slow I can almost feel each taste bud on that tongue pass over the tip of my clit. My first pant escapes past my lips as my ears pin to my head good and tight. My heat starts to rise now. Each moment gets me hotter and hotter. I part my knees wide now. So wide I lower my haunches closer to the mattress with my knees are out wider than my shoulders. My curled tail Curls even more until it comes almost full circle. In my mind he laps at me a few time for good measure. Making sure I am good and wet. I imagine I can smell his musk now. It is strong and nearly intoxicating. My clit burns as I slow my rubbing a little. I can’t rush. I must relish every possible second I can. I sigh nervously. Tension in my lower regions grows as my sexual need rises. He is right behind me. Oh god, I can feel him getting over top of me to mount! My body aches I shove my ass up as high as I can get it. My right middle finger presses light to my wet entrance. In my mind his throbbing cock presses to my opening. His powerful form over top of me. He has me now. I cannot escape him. Strong hands grip the top of my hips as he rubs his cock up and down my petals slowly. I don’t get to push back. He pulls me back. My body instantly tenses and then, after a moment, just as suddenly relaxes again under his firm grip. My fingers slide in slowly. He mounts slowly. Pushing in slowly taking the time to enjoy my needy cunt. The first finger is joined by another. The girth of his cock now in me. My body trembles submissively under him. I can almost hear him laugh a little as he slams home. Three of my fingers slide inside now. My tender walls stretch causing my muscles to close slowly around my digits. My fingers become damp as the fur on them soaks up my dampness. My breathing turns erratic. My scent fills the room making it all the more real for me as my imagination now takes me away from reality. He holds it in for a few seconds. Letting me know he is in charge here. I moan in approval. My need for my imaginary lover now greater than my awareness of the real world around my real body. My fingers begin with a slow pace. I keep them bent slightly to brush the lower rim of my swollen clit. Adding the needed extra stimulation. I imagine his thick, throbbing cock pumping slowly back and forth with the motion of his hips sliding in and out of my tender cunt. My knees begin to weaken. He knows this and grips a little tighter around the tops of both hips telling me to stay in place. My thighs want to give out now. I fight to remain in position. Suddenly, after a few moments more, I roll onto my right side. In my mind he yanks me over to spooning. One strong hand grips and hoists my left ankle high into the air above us. Now he presses against my back and leans me against his massive chest. My fingers change angle a little, pause for a moment, and then I resume pumping them in and out. He pulls my ankle back and down. My left leg now over my left side spreading me good and wide. My fingers start to plunge. Now I can freely pick up the pace as I imagine my lover doing the same. I tremble uncontrollably now. My excitement builds as my fingers slam in and out of my needy cunt harder and with a slowly increasing pace. I can here him starting to grunt almost in time with my heavy panting. He tries to keep his breathing timed to mine. Drawing us even closer together than would normally be possible. My nipples hit the cooler air and ache as they harden instantly. I am so into it now I am almost lost to the real world. I feel him panting as hard as myself. My body feels like fluid now. All I can feel is him against and in me. Nothing else seems to register now. Ears barely roll forward now while my three fingers pound my sopping pussy relentlessly. My teeth grit tight as I feel him fucking me like a dirty little mutt. Then it happens. Just as I get settled into his rhythm he changes positions again. He yanks my leg back and sudden rolls me onto my back as he moves to kneel between my legs. He does this without pulling out. I feel his hard cock twist inside me! OH GOD! I nearly cream myself on the spot! No...I fight it back. I wanna hold out just a bit longer now. He takes the backs of my knees one in each hand and pins against my soft breasts. I have my left arm around the backs on my knees while my fingers pump my wet pussy even harder and faster. I reach in a little deeper and find it. My sweet spot. I always know right where to hit and how to hit it. My back arches at the slightest little touch there. My jaws hang open with my tongue hanging out one side of my mouth moving to my panting. Fingers are just soaked now and my wetness is starting to run down the crack of my ass. The warm feeling of my spunk running over my tight pucker is wild and erotic! He lets go of my legs and leans over me resting on his hands and knees. I plant my feet on the bed and shove my pelvis and pussy into the air. I am shaking so bad you can see it plainly even in the dimly lit room. I Go knuckles deep now. My fingers straining to reach in as deep as possible. I let my finger tips drift back along the top of my pussy to make sure I get my G-spot on the way out. Oh...god. I can’t hold on any longer. My free hand pinches and plays with my aching nipples in the final few moments. Right at the peak he suddenly pulls out of me. My orgasm is so explosive my finger are actually forced from my pussy. What a treat! I can imagine him shooting his semen all over my pussy and pelvis as I cum all over his cock and balls! Spunk flies all over the bed under me! My legs finally give out and my ass thumps back down to the bed. My hand coated with my own spunk as I lay on my back trying to catch my breath. My Imaginary lover has already vanished into the shadows of the room as I lay quietly among the rumpled sheets of the bed. My eyes flutter a bit as I slowly nod off riding out the last few moments of afterglow.

(Two solid hours later)

I am forced awake by the approach of a motorcycle. Eye snap open as I sit upright almost automatically. Brother is home! A hint of a smile across my lips as I roll quickly off the bed and to my feet. Fuck the underwear! I hop into a pair of pajama bottoms and a heavy t-shirt. Elated to finally see him get home. Oh......A little background. Cody is my brother and he is 5 years older than I am. I am 18 years today. Cody is the only family I have in this world. Mom, Dad....pretty much our entire family was nearly wiped out near 4 years ago in the Mars 4 disaster. Not going into that right now. Too many bitter memories and shed tears. Cody and I were the only survivors from the northern sector right before the whole colony imploded. To this day the disaster’s cause remains a mystery. My bare feet thump loud enough to wake the dead from their sleep as I hit the stairs and race to meet him at the door. I have learned to really appreciate Cody. For the last 4 years he has been there for me through everything. He come in the door just in time to feel me tackle him with a hug. 5 years older and a lot stronger than I am he barely moves off his feet before he lifts me off the floor in a bear hug. 5 years ago this would not have been the scene. I would have been sleeping in my room or tossed on the couch watching tv. My only greeting to him would have been a glance and maybe a wave. There would have been nary a word between the two of us at all. Things have changed since our return to Earth 3 years ago. I made diner hours ago, but he was called to stay late tonight so I have some for him fresh in the fridge. Ever gentle he sets me down with his usual pat on my head, knowing full well I love that, Before he set his bag down next to the door and walks away to the kitchen. Tonight’s special was my homemade meatloaf, his favorite so far, with a side of lumpy mashed potatoes. Hey they aren’t any good any other way other than lumpy, dammit. Doesn’t take more than a minute to hear the Hot air oven kick in as he warms his dinner. Leaving him to his meal I go to the living room and flick on the TV to catch the news. As usual it is nothing more than the weather report, sports, and politics. A few reports of accidents that are nowhere near where we live and other people’s problems. Still I like to watch to catch up on Global and System, Solar System, events. This is how our evenings usually go. Nice and quiet. We live in a small housing development just outside New York city. Thoughts of moving inside the city limits did not sit well with either of us. Having spent most of our lives in the quiet of the Mars 4 colony has turned the both of us off to the ideas of clustered city life. Cody is a fighter pilot at the new Earth Defense Alliance base, Emerson Air Field. Did I say Earth Defense Alliance? Yep, yep. You bet your sweet ass I did. The United States, Canada, Russia, and England decided to pull their collective military might to form a global military run collectively by the representative country’s defense leaders and a specialized committee with members from each of the represented countries who join or are already members. Needless to say it is one cluster fuck trying to fuck another with all enlisted and commissioned personnel crammed in between and no lube to be found. Still it is a functional effort that Cody chose to be part of and he seems happy enough. That is all I care about. When he is happy so am I.. Yeah...I am happy. For the first time in years I can honestly smile and laugh. There is a slight tingle between my legs. Still a little tender and still a tad horny from earlier. Luckily I am not in heat just yet. Few more weeks and I may have to lock myself in my room with the air freshener. It will be my worst and, from what the Sex Ed counselor told me, when I will be most receptive to a male’s advances. Shaking it off I return to my TV viewing. My mind was not on my situation right now, but on the trip we had planned for weekend. Cody was under a lot of stress and pressure lately and he took leave for a four day weekend. We had planned on going out camping. I was looking forward to it. time away from friends and the rigors of everyday life to retreat the quiet of the woods was like a dream come true. I loved spending time with Cody. I deeply regret ever taking him for granted. I had most of the stuff out in the garage. I would have packed the van myself had I not.....well.....gotten distracted earlier and feel asleep. That was ok though cause he said he wanted to pack it himself anyway. he had a deep need to make sure of everything on his own and I didn't want to deny him. "Hey, Cody?!?" I did not wait for his answer. "I forgot to pack the van!" I called back half craning my head sideways over the back of the couch. I heard the sound of a fork or spoon scraping over a dish. " No worries. I will get to it before we leave tomorrow." His tone sounded more amused than anything. " I am sorry. I was just feeling lazy." I was genuinely apologizing. " I know." he replied. sounded like he had food in his mouth that time. " Huh? How could you kn......" I caught my own scent in the air. Damn! he must have smelled it the second he walked in and didn't say a thing. He was a real sweety. "What was that, sis?" He asked hearing me cut myself off. "uhm....Nothing." I swear I was so read in the face my cheeks almost caught fire.

It was no more then a few moments later when he came striding out to the living room and hopped over the back of the couch plopping his ass right next to me. 7 pm. This was time to unwind and watch some tube. Tube being a slang for TV which had passed well beyond the old projection TV they had back in the day. And if you are thinking Plasma screen? Heh yeah right. Maybe about 50 years ago. These days everything is High Definition Holographic. New age shit, baby. " So? How is school going? " He asked all nonchalant. he was always asking how school was. I only snort lightly. " It is the same as the last time you asked, bro. Dull, boring, and educational. And yes that Doberman is still eye balling me every time I bend over. You know, Hank Walsh? The one I wanted you to kick the living shit out of?" I heard Cody chuckle. " Will you get over that, Sis. I am not gonna 'Kick the living shit' out of anyone......Not unless they try to touch you...well that is...what I meant to say is....." Good grief i had to shut him up so I did it the only way I knew how too. I gently grab his muzzle with my right hand and clamp his mouth shut. " I think I got the idea, Bro." with a smile on my lips. I let go of him and he only smiles. It was almost unreal just how close we had become. This time about 5 years ago we would have been arguing and taking pot shots at one another. it is amazing how far we came in such a short time, but all we had now? Was each other. And in the coming days ahead? That was exactly what we would need............

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