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Member Ranks
SupporterThis Group is for those who have taken time to help spread the word about this app/website, and told others of how awesome we are. There are two ways to become a Supporter, First you can post a good review to another website describing your experience with it, and linking back to FurrTrax.com. The Second way is to Add a FurrTrax link to your forum signature on another website showing you are a member of it, and linking back to either FurrTrax.com, or to your FurrTrax profile directly.

In either case, you must submit proof to a FurrTrax Admin or Moderator in the form of a link, to your review, or to one of your forum posts showing the link in your forum signature to be granted.

Supporters gain the ability to have Custom Name Colors, Profile Backgrounds, and 3 Additional Profile Pictures.
Founding SupporterThis Group is for the first 1500 FurrTrax Members who registered, and then became supporters.
Founding Supporters gain the priviledges of Founders and Supporters.
Founding MemberThis Group is for the first 1500 FurrTrax Members who registered.
All Founders gain the ability to have a custom background on their profiles.
ModeratorThis Group is for FurrTrax Moderators Only.
AdministratorThis Group is for FurrTrax Admins Only.

Member Rules
AvatarsExplicitly Pornographic Avatars are not allowed, however avatars that contain partial, mild, or subtle nudity may be allowed, at the discression of admins and moderators.
HarrassmentInstant Ban!
YiffingPlease keep all yiffing and kinkiness in the Yiffing or Private Chatrooms, Yiffing in other rooms will result in a warning, Refusal to obey the warning will result in a Temporary Ban!
HackingAny attempt to exploit, circumvent, alter, or otherwise compromise the App or Sites Security will be reported to Authorities.

Staff Policies
1. All Moderators and Support Staff are bound by the same Rules as other users of FurrTrax. Minor infractions may be overlooked if either a situation called for or justified the need to violate a particular rule. This judgement of whether the violation of a rule was justified or understandable is the sole discression of DarkXander.
2. Upon joining FurrTrax in any permanent Staff Position a Staff member must provide Identification to DarkXander in the form of Drivers License, State ID, Military ID, or other Jurisdictionally recognized Identification for liability purposes. This ID will not be stored online, and will not be seen or shared with anyone beyond DarkXander.
3. Staff Member agrees to be held liable for any illegal activity, exploitation, or mis-use of FurrTrax resources, tools, and functions.
4. Staff Member agrees to report any suspicious behavior of Members, other Staff Members, and the system itself immediatly.
5. Staff Member will do their best to remain calm, and objective, even when facing aggressive, upset, or abusive users or situations.
6. Staff Members may challenge the ruling of another staff member, but not over-rule it themselves! The Challenge must be brought up to DarkXander to judge.
7. The Rulings of DarkXander may be challenged if there are new details or evidence that came to light.

GPS Distancing Help
For some users, their phones dont properly send GPS coordinates to FurrTrax, Also, some users on PCs may not know how to set their GPS manually as well, This article is to help with both problems!

To Manually Enter your GPS Coordinates:
1. Go to Google Maps(maps.google.com) and zoom in as far as possible on your location, or a place close to it.
2. Right Click on the spot on the map where you are, or want distances to show from, and click Whats Here, GPS coordinates should appear in the above search box!
3. On the FurrTrax App or Website Login page, fill in your username, password, and both of the coordinate numbers exactly as seen, and click login!
Thats it!

User Agreement
This App is not for use by anyone under the age of 18 or the legal age of adulthood in your jurisdiction. Any use by persons under the age of adulthood or 18 in the US is prohibited.

Posting of pornographic, derogatory, or otherwise obscene imagery is prohibited, if you are not sure if an image meets the rules you are welcome to message an admin and ask BEFORE posting it. Additionally members are encouraged to report such images to admins or moderators upon discovery.

Posting of ANY Racist, Sexist, or other prejudiced imagery, text, message, or commentary is grounds for an immediate and permanent BAN from FurrTrax, as well as any such activities in violation of the law being reported to the appropriate authorities as needed.

Committing any form of Harrassment against any user will result in an immediate BAN and recording of all recent messages and chat logs for use by law enforcement if the need arises.

Failure to follow any direction or request by an admin is prohibited.

It is the right, and role of the Member to bring any questionable action or judgement by an admin or moderator to the attention of the Head Admin: DarkXander([email protected])

Any abuse of this system for any reason including but not limited to Hacking, SQL injections, DoS Attacks, Code Exploits, Posting of dis-allowed materials, or account theft is prohibited, and will result in an immediate BAN, and notification of Law Enforcement including the providing of logs and all pertinent evidence. Just dont do it....

Any talk of suicide is grounds for FurrTrax Staff to immediatly contact the authorities in the users local Jurisdiction and report it along with all information stored in the users account for the purpose of locating them and ensuring their safety. This information includes but is not limited to GPS Data, E-Mail Addresses, IP Addresses, IP Back Traces, and Device Identification Codes. Safety is our number one concern. By registering to this site/system, you agree to permit these disclosures.

This agreement is subject to change at any time....

By proceeding beyond this agreement you are agreeing to the rules and regulations above which may change as needed.

You also affirm you are equal to or above the legal age allowed to use this application.

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