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FurrTrax System Status
FurrTrax is created, owned, and operated by DarkXander, a furry from Phoenix, Arizona
CPU Temp:+37.0 C
Total Users:20877
Active in Last 6 Months:642
Active in Last 3 Months:392
Active in Last 1 Month:204
Active in Last 24 Hours:32
Total Messages:1498610
Total Events:1700
Total Friendships:305988
Total Homo-Sexual Membership:4224
Total Hetero-Sexual Membership:5786
Total Bi-Sexual Membership:7705
Total Mated Membership:1391
Total Singles Membership:3435
694 (Not Looking)
Total Male Membership:16051
Total Female Membership:2576
Total Trans Membership:431
Total Bans:150
Total Windows Phone Members:14
Total IPhone/IPad Members:1209
Total Android Members:7033
Total SecondLife Users:688
Total Facebook Users:1133
Total FurAffinity Users:2082
Total Steam Users:952
Total Skype Users:2640
Total KIK Users:3343
Total Yahoo IM Users:598
Total Playstation Users:810
Total xBox Users:915
Admin Team: DarkXander
Moderators: Tailz
Issidore L Ducasse
Captain Livingston Kirk
Birdy Blu
Gustav Cigarcat

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