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Siris's Fursona Avatar
Name:Siris in Raleigh Offline
State:North Carolina
Relationship:Single and Looking

Resident Mad Man
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Member ID:3013
Last Active:12-17-2022 03:36 AM
Profile Views:47630
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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SecondLife Name:Siris Vulpecula (Tank Kwaszes)

Future Space for Blogs

Tkun Icestep: Hello 72.1 days ago
Celer: happy new year Siris 391.6 days ago
LZ: Leaves a technological paw print on your door. 425.1 days ago
LZ: It's ok, it happens. 442.7 days ago
LZ: Hi, how are u? 452.2 days ago
scott: hi ther your picture is so cute 809.1 days ago
Guardian: Oh no, as long as you're focusing on your life things are all good. This place is more or less a second option even for an admin. 1560.5 days ago
Guardian: S'all good, glad to see you around again though 1567 days ago
Guardian: Evening, Siri 1575 days ago
Guardian: Pets him on the head.- 1579.8 days ago
Cheru: decorates wall with glitter 1698.6 days ago
Cheru: boops 1819.1 days ago
Taffy: slaps a pink paw print on your wall 2362.6 days ago
Kali HoneyLips : waves a paw and murrs softly pleasure to meet you 2546.3 days ago
Grayhuskie: Hi I'm grayhuskie want to be friends 2697.4 days ago
Airiles: Hello 2722.8 days ago
Leon wolfy: herro waves all goofy like 2741.7 days ago
Brickwolf: Welcome its good your doing alright he smiles 2747.9 days ago
Brickwolf: how are you 2748 days ago
Brickwolf: Hi 2749.4 days ago
Cheru: gnaws on your plane 2772.4 days ago
Zenvis: which, what's your Skype? 2774.2 days ago
Zenvis: hey, do you want to do a stuffingvore RP. I think that would be fun. 2774.2 days ago
The Ripr: poke :3 2777.7 days ago
Taylynn: poke 2800.4 days ago
Raigon: pretty fursona :3 hugs 2811.2 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 2851.6 days ago
lillith: hi cutie 2856.2 days ago
darkbunnygirl89: hi 2857.4 days ago
Edvin: Hey, I happened to notice you checking out my profile. How are you doing? :3 2858.4 days ago
night: hi 2875.3 days ago
PlushPaw: hello 2879.5 days ago
Anthro: hey 2883.3 days ago
Cheru: boop 2883.5 days ago
Anthro: hi 2886.5 days ago
Fang The Wolf: Hey there, I seen you checking out my profile. What's up? :p 2896.9 days ago
🐺EnthusiasticPup (Leo 😸): hey there 2900 days ago
Night_the_Snowmew: Hey Siris 2911.2 days ago

About Me:

Reading profiles proves more than your literacy.

OK OK so enough people bugged me to make a KIK so I did.

Feel free to drop me a message I like to chat, but actually be interested in holding a conversation if you're going to start one. Nobody likes a dead end.

Hard to say really....I'm...well...me I guess. Never been much good with describing myself with words.

I am an engine of chaos. It is my meaning, my purpose, my prerogative. The internet has made the butter fly effect not only plausible, but feasible on a sociological level. Who I touch and how I touch them, with the that I say and that I omit, with the truths I tell and the lies I spin, has influence and action. Every ebb and every flow marked and guided by me, ripples of a tide on a grander scale than any one alone. My sphere of influence knows no bounds, carried on the words, thoughts, and actions of others, a rolling wave of influence. And thus through chaos there is an order inherent. I am an engine of order.

What you don't know can be more powerful than what I let you know. The decisions you make, the path you walk, what more can you do if you know not the better. Knowledge is the ultimate wealth and power. Seek it always and always you walk freely. Like the sun all other lesser lights will only thrive in the dark.

To be honest I can be difficult sometimes, I tend to get excited and run my mouth faster than my mind. I can be suborn and pigheaded. I'm ADD and there fore naturally disorganized, but I try my best. I can come across as argumentative and off putting when I don't mean to.

Sailing and flying have been long time obsessions for me. I recently ended my professional sailing career but I still take the time to do some cruising around the coast. I've been raised as a foodie and I love cooking. I do drink on occasion, but always socially and usually over or with a meal. I don't judge ever, because I am certainly in no position to sit in judgment on anyone beyond myself. I'm perfectly happy to sit and chat (though admittedly I can talk too much).

I am a man of morals and I strongly support my beliefs of what is wrong and what is right. I strive to live by my own code at all times and will always stand by my beliefs.

1. I am honest sometimes brutally so

2. I am third

God is first

Others are second

And I am third

I am the least important person everyone else comes before me

3. Do good.........Disappear

Do the right thing, do good in life, expect no reward and do not wait for praise as these should not be your motives for doing so. Do your good then disappear to do other good.

4. I care about everyone I meet especially my friends. If you come to harm me or others expect me to get defensive of them.

5. I am respectful no matter what. I value my honor through respect.

To clarify the job aspect I currently work several: I'm working as a waiter, and studying for my pilot's license to pursue an aviation career. I also work part time in the summers teaching sailing.

Things I like to do: Sailing, flying, cooking, chatting, gaming

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