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Luna's Fursona Avatar
Name:Luna in Angel city Offline
Species:Moon Wolf
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Last Active:09-25-2017 02:00 AM
Profile Views:13410
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SecondLife Name:Uhhhh 0-0

Future Space for Blogs

chuckles: Mine c: 969.4 days ago
Saber: mine 977.3 days ago
Shadow: hi 1049.9 days ago
Orauk: Long time no see Luna! 1099.9 days ago
Orauk: Long time no see Luna! 1099.9 days ago
Luna: Kik not Kim lol 1301.4 days ago
Luna: Hey guys been awhile since I have been on recently I got an iPod so soon I might have a Kim soon so ready to get up with the technology 1301.4 days ago
dyveira: Any chance you're still around? : 1338.9 days ago
Shadow: Hi there 1347.6 days ago
Kali HoneyLips : waves a paw and murrs softly pleasure to meet you 1391 days ago
Ravn: (boops you) Hai 1416.8 days ago
Luna: thank you zoey 1430.7 days ago
Zoey: Incredible bio! 1472.5 days ago
Robert Silvermyst: Very lovely winged wolfess. 1484.5 days ago
chuckles the fox: :c mama? are you alright? 1490 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: I'm on your wall... XD 1602.2 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Have a great day, Luna! nwn Remember to smile! 1623.4 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Your words on my poetry post is so kind! ;w; (huggles you very tight) 1633 days ago
Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon: i luv u luna , my best bud :) til the end my best ;p 1646 days ago
chuckles the fox: you know ill always be with you mama 1646.9 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: YOU'RE WELCOME LUNA! OwO I'll always be here for you no matter what! 1647.1 days ago
Luna: Thank you everyone for giving me positive Messages you don't know how many times I reread this and just said thanks for all the great people I meet. Thank you for being part of my crazy adventure of life and trusting me 1647.1 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: OuO 1649.6 days ago
Oshu: Thank you. c: 1674 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hai! 1677.5 days ago
chuckles the fox: yip yip mamahe wags his tail as he jumps into your lap and rolls around :D i smell like outside 1693.4 days ago
Jak Denvor: This wolf has an amazing and beautiful personality. It would be a shame if you do not get to know her. She's smart, beautiful, and fun. She truly has the qualities that any man or woman would be interested in. 1701.4 days ago
Lone: poke 1707.1 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Thank you soo much for commenting on my story! I'm glad you like it and I hope the next chapters interest you, too! owo 1719.9 days ago
Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon: luna i love you buddy , my 1st friend on ft yay , been almost a year 1730.8 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hi there! I love your 'sona! D 1730.9 days ago

About Me:
*A dark figures sits in the corner and smiles her white fanged teeth with a crooked smile she stands and leans against the door watching as you have entered her den*
Good evening and welcome I presume you entered my humble home to listen to one of my many tales. Some of these tales i may tell are based on my life and will may help you.... Now listen close I am a moon wolf a white wolf with blue marks running up my body. I have pure ice eyes and three distant personalities:
Justin: My guy part of me I know every women has them

Rose: My personality of lust and happiness

Hera: My demon of madness and crazy

Luna: My "normal" personality
I care for as if he is my pup is lil wolf, I'm happy to say i have my lil kit back *A simple smile as she closes her eyes* Its been tough but I missed him and i love him more than anything in the world. My mate is still cry And I love him with everything i have
My family i would do any thing for taking a bullet or even defending them i love very much and you hurt them i will have a huge problem with you.
*The moon wolf walks back into the corner and watches you*
Now over all i must say is you have barley scrapped the surface of my personality but listen you more curious well pop me a message and then you can really figure me out.

"Let the tears fall slowly let them burn into my skin I deserve everything to what i did and i deserve what I have coming but listen up... I will fight as long as I can keep trying.... But always know I will be sorry... for every wrong and broken promise."

I know I said I would never ever get a kik well.... Things changed so just add me with the above name. Thank you for the understanding. ^3^

Image: In progress, current position: still drawing will have something soon, if I gather inspiration

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TitleLast ModifiedBook IDDate Uploaded
Dark Desires03-30-2015 19:26 PM
03-10-2015 20:04 PM

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