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Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon's Fursona Avatar
Name:Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon in san diego Offline
Species:Pegasus Dragon
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Luna Darkheart: Hey, Message me sometime 2495 days ago
Saber WhitePaw: Pretty great bio, man 3038.1 days ago

About Me:

Welcome to my profile


Fursona description and details

height: 6"5
Weight: 180 pounds
Species:Equine, Dragon
Sexuality: Hetero-Sexual
Dom or Sub:100% dom
Hair:Medium length , black with red tips
Horns: about 7-9 inches in lenght
Ears:pointy and standing
Body Build: Athletic toned/solid muscle
Wings:about 10ft wing spam (extended)
Legs/Thighs: Solid and stong little tone
Regular dragon feet
Cock type :Equine or dragon )depending witch form he takes
Cock length/thickness (Equine): Lenght:18" full erect Thickness: 2 1/2" thick
Cock length/Thickness and detail (Dragon): lenght 9 1/2" Thickness: 3"thick . Soft cartilage barbs that run down from the tip to the base of the cock at full erect,arousal, near climax , the bars expose and rise for full pleasure of his partner indicating he is near climax
Tail:large tail nice silky tail for equine same as his hair colors
Dragbon tail: Large scaly tail about 4 feet in legth , base very thick slimming till the tip of the tail (spikes / sharpened horn material on it usually only for combat)

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Likes:gaming (cant get enough XD), anime (only the best thing to watch ), listening to any kind of music really ,just very i do not agree on . i like friendly and nice people , not much more to say here if any questions ask away



Shikaku spark is a nice equine that enjoys the positives about life he was born in a small village but when he was a couple months old his family dropped him off on the edge of a small village that was ran by Dragons , he was raised and showed the ways of a dragon . magic , survival, history, and protecting.Spark was thought the ways of a dragon since they dint know what to feed or raise him they treated him as a dragon but all the other kids treated him horrible at school no one wanted him near , he would go home everyday worried that someday some dragons or dragonesses would kill him , when he turned 12 he decided to go off to the mountains for a couple days and test his ability to survive on his way he found a cavern that he had never seen a Elder dragon that was 217years of age . he saw spark and used his magic to communicate with him to get him into the cave . spark had no food . weapons or anything he started from scratch . after heading into the cavern he noticed the elder dragon had books and books of magic that only dragons had in their village . dragonic magic. the elder told the young equine that if he was interested in learning he would teach him the ways of advanced combat and magic. spark that day began training for 7 years . after those 7 years the old alder was murdered by a pack of huskies and wolfs. spark was angered he did not know what to do but to think of revenge , he took the elders body and pick it up over his shoulder, wandering into the village his foster mother and father spotted spark but spark did not know he brought the body into a fountain the village had he grabbed some very strong magic strings that the elder gave him a few years back and told him that the day he passed to use his body to make a dragon life stone that would increase his magic abilities so he would not be wearing and killing his body . spark kneeld and put the string around the elders body inside the water . quickly everyone rushed to see what was going on once the head of the ton looked at the fountain he realized it was his elder brother he teared and asked spark. "spark What happened to him? my brother Ronik"

spark replied and said getting on one knee bowing slightly for respects "my fellow head your brother was assasinated by a pack of huskies and wolves" he shok his head and walked away spark comenced his ritual . he pulled a dagger the elder owned and cuthis finger so he could write in blood -Uurako-shekora-inoio-yakue- hisak-. this meant Raise the soul and blood of my fallen brother and turn it into a living stone of memory- spark kept and waited the body disappeared and turned into a crimson red dragon eye with blood inside hard stone only breakable by the same magic. ever since spark has been protecting the what was a small village now is a growing city spark became leader of a secret squad and became a specialist in combat.

Gaming i love gaming so much its my life , also anime . cant live with out it

PC:League Of Legends user:dead1yhero

World Of Warcraft battletag:dead1y#1878







Xbox one:



Advaced warfare

Call Of Duty:ghosts, mw2 ,mw3, boI, boII

Forza Horizon

Soulcalibur V


(i dont own these pictures)

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