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 Luna's Fursona Avatar
Name: Luna in Briggs Offline
Species:Shapeshifter (3 Forms)
Relationship:Single and Looking

Gamer furs
Fuzzy Love
gay yiff
Member ID:8776
Last Active:10-01-2017 09:37 AM
Profile Views:5041
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests
SecondLife Name:???
PSN Name:Spyroandcynder4life ( I think)
XBOX Gamertag:SCTF

Future Space for Blogs

Roronoa: Nice to see another Illinois fur 345 days ago
Luna: Oooh goodie. Look at all these updates. Keep up the good work Furrtrax. ;3 486.4 days ago
Gate: - waves a paw and murrs softly- pleasure to meet you 708.5 days ago
Luna: Mew! Its been awhile Furrtrax! 839.8 days ago
Luna: Meow 876.5 days ago
Furrypup: :) 876.9 days ago
Kali HoneyLips : murrs out and waves, smiling Hellos there 879 days ago
🐾shyfox🐾: hi 923.4 days ago
Luna: meeeooww!!!! 1139.1 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hai! 1157.5 days ago
Luna: I hope everyone has a great day!!!! 1240.4 days ago
Luna: im not sure. contactask the administrator 1240.4 days ago
jolteon: how do u put a profile image in my account? 1240.4 days ago
Luna: thank you 1240.5 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: I like that you have a shapeshifting 'sona! It's really neat! P 1241.3 days ago

About Me:
Hello there!! Umm....where do I start? I love parkour/freerunning and am a loyal member of it. If you don't know what parkour is then look it up on YouTube. I love videogames. It's my passion. Don't like sports games too much...except some racing games..I also like to be outside and draw although my drawings soon turn into doodles...I can be a loyal friend and will support you when ever I can. I love to make new friends and try to be a great friend in return. I do have some trust issues but that is due to some things that happened not too long ago...if you would like to know why then become friends with me and become a good friend. If you don't care then become my friend anyways. :3 I'm not at all afraid to yiff and RP but I prefer to do so with friends. Anyways I may add stuff on this section later...on to the Fursona Description!!
I am a shapeshifter between 3 furs. I mainly stay in my feline house cat form because that how I act normally around friends. But my forms change according to my emotional state. The further I fall into negative emotions such as anger, betrayal, and rage my forms will change from feline to wolf to a Dragon. So far nothing has pushed me that far but I digress..
Feline Description; Black Fur, lightly muscled (search images for parkour bodies), 5"4', 120 lbs. He has colorful tattoos (furpattern) over his body starting with the arms. running from his wrists to his shoulders and wraps around across his back and chest to connect with each other. the wrist ones go from red to light blue up to the shoulders and chest area. They then go down his back to wrap around his waist like a belt. the back ones go from light blue to a vivid purple that belts his waist. They then move down the outside of his legs to wrap around his ankles. They go from purple to a red agaain. Meow!!! There He is!!!

Will upload description of Wolf later... :P

As for my profile picture I have enlisted the help of a talented artist/ a good friend of mine who will draw it. Sadly though the pic may take a very long time. Hes busy and all that..mmmm..but bear with me!!!

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