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Ӂ̴ Neox 's Fursona Avatar
Name:Ӂ̴ Neox in City Offline
Species:Shapeshifter Wolf Incubus

Friendly cubi
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Last Active:01-25-2018 09:34 AM
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XBOX Gamertag:Neoweaponx

Future Space for Blogs

мαу: Like a single star in the never ending night sky, I found you. My one true light to get me through everything. Thank you so much. 568.1 days ago
мαу: Perfection at its finest. 587.4 days ago
мαу: Hello Handsome . Just wanted to drop by and say how lucky I am to have you in my life. hearts hearts hearts 590.3 days ago
kurito : hello fellow wolfboops the wolfs nosehi 591.2 days ago
Elli: Hi 596.2 days ago
мαу: True happiness started with you. 597.3 days ago
мαу: Mine. 607.3 days ago
мαу: You are my treasure. 609.3 days ago
💖Mint💖: Hello :3 617.3 days ago
мαу: Thank you for being an amazing friend. 642.6 days ago
Riley Collins: hi 1532.7 days ago
🐶 Half-Note 🐶: Nice to meet you too, and thanks. :p 1539.6 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 1539.6 days ago
🐶 Half-Note 🐶: HAAAAAAAROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (supposed to be a hello combined with a wolf howl, excuse me for trying to be creative :( ) 1539.7 days ago
Hina: Hi 1540.6 days ago
Kix: hi hi 1543.2 days ago

About Me:
I have been a furry for as long as i can remember, but have always been afraid to let other people know, until i found this amazing community that is. Here im not afraid to let my inner furry out to enjoy some overdue freedom

IRL. I like to read manga and listen to all kinds of music except for rap and country. I like to play video games and hanging out with friends. I also love to write and draw. (Currently working on an anthro novel and a web manga) send me a friend request or a message if you want to get to know me better or simply to talk. I love making new friends, specially from the furry community.

My fursona is an incubus shapeshifter (mainly because of my mixed heritage) but spend most of my time as my wolf form. My fur is silvery white with a solid white chest and under belly. There is a blue stripe running down from my head along my back and into my tail covering most of my back fur. Both my stripe as well as my pads change colors according to my moods. (Blue-neutral) (red - angry) (purple-sad) etc. As a cubi, I can sprout black angelical wings and both my claws as well as my teeth grow and sharpen. In my enraged cubi form, I turn into a lycan being and gain massive strength, but my judgement is clouded due to rage and I can't sprout my wings while in this form. (Allies and foes beware) You can always find me at parties and raves, but despite my social life, I never seem to get attached to other people and end up alone as the party dies down. When I do get attached to someone, I will be the most loyal furry you will ever find; That is the cubi's code. Unlike other incubi, I refuse to follow my aggressive instinct as an incubus, which has left me as an outcast in the cubi community. I was beaten and left for dead, abandoned in the outskirts of the city that is now my home.

Neo was born to the black dragon clan... A very powerful but dying warrior clan of special full blood cubi. The cubi from the black dragon clan are faster, stronger, and have augmented abilities that other cubi dont possess. This clan was in charger of protecting the comunity, but sadly Neo and his parents were the last of what remained of the clan after the demon-cubi war. In that war, countless of demons and cubi were slaughter in control for territory and resources. since then, both demons and cubi have been in a mortal feud, killing each other at the very first chance that they get. When a cubi comes of age (15) he is involved in a ritual that pledges him as a cubi adult and binds him to the cubi community. Neo however believed that the methods a cubi uses to feed of the innocent and the violent nature of the cubi weren't something that he wanted to partake in... He revolted against the cubi community and was sentenced to prison until his execution. Meanwhile, Neo's parents had been assassinated by demons who held a grudge against the black dragon clan. The day of his execution came But seeing as how he was the last descendent of his clan, no one wanted tone held responsible for wiping out the last member of the black dragon clan, so he was beaten half to dead and left abandoned on the outskirts of his current residing town. He has spent the last 6 years here in the town hiding the fact that he is a cubi.... Letting the world believe that the last son of the black dragons died on the night of his exhile.

My big brother is kittora, and though we are only sworn brothers, he looks after me like family. Thank you Kitt

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