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๐Ÿ’™Marxy the fenboi ๐Ÿ’™'s Fursona Avatar
Name:๐Ÿ’™Marxy the fenboi ๐Ÿ’™ in Carlton Offline
Species:Fennec Fox
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

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Member ID:8660
Last Active:05-14-2018 14:51 PM
Profile Views:11671
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Bunnie Bun Bun: hello, i am new and wanted to start knowing others on this site, this is the first time useing a difrent site in a year other than just Fur Affinity, I used other sites but never worked out 96.2 days ago
Raine: Hi marxy 312.8 days ago
Raine: Hi marxy 312.8 days ago
Raine: Hi marxy 312.8 days ago
Raine: Hi marxy 312.8 days ago
Raine: Hi marxy 312.8 days ago
Stormii: Hi hi cutie 317.8 days ago
wumbl3: don't you mean femboi? 321 days ago
Rawrt: Pokeee 348.8 days ago
Rawrt: Hello 349.8 days ago
Mikki: Ilu 480.1 days ago
๐Ÿ’™~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’™: The only people who look regularly at me are the bots lol 618 days ago
YappiePanRockinaPa: after noticing F4L came back to life , I know know other sites like this one aren't all that bad, so i wanted to start saying hello. 790.1 days ago
Dabz: poke 846.5 days ago
Cain: Hot Fenny boy. 867.7 days ago
๐Ÿ’™~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’™: Happy new year 870.6 days ago
๐Ÿ’™~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’™: New features 875.7 days ago
๐Ÿ’™~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’™: Woot I'm 18 877.6 days ago
๐Ÿ’™~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’™: Looking for someone to draw my fursona, kik please 880.2 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: Well that's terrible to hear. My best condolences man... 881.5 days ago
Red Aki: Hope your friend recovers... 881.7 days ago
๐Ÿ’™~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’™: And turns out he didn't kill himself, tried but couldn't so yeah 881.7 days ago
๐Ÿ’™~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’™: ;; 882.6 days ago
๐Ÿ’™~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’™: Rest in peace ryley, my exes bf and my best friend we will miss you, I wish i could have prevented you from going 882.6 days ago
Alana Rose: group foxes is getting a new look 917.4 days ago
Kryslin: Hi I'm grayhuskie want to be friends 937.8 days ago
Guardian : Cute femboi 955 days ago
Pale Fenra: Add me on sl XD I sent a request 956.4 days ago
๐Ÿ’™~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’™: 70 more days 956.8 days ago
Pale Fenra: Aww poor thing :( 962.8 days ago
๐Ÿ’™~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’™: I am the heartbroken fen.... 981.7 days ago
๐Ÿ’™~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’™: 114 days till i'm 18 991 days ago
Airiles: Hello. 1002.6 days ago
Yanio: I need you to check your email for my Sl password lol 1018.7 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: Also good for you! I have not handed in my V card yet. 1025.7 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: You seem like a very interesting fox Marxy. Hope life goes well for you! (scurries off) 1025.8 days ago
๐Ÿ’œ~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’œ: virgin no more 1035.1 days ago
๐Ÿ’œ~Marxy the fenboi ~๐Ÿ’œ: New phone!! 1036.2 days ago
Shon: Just uploaded your small gift into the gallery. ;) 1046 days ago
Jackle Animosus: Hello master X3 1069.6 days ago
Marxy Fox: boooooooored 1089.2 days ago
๐Ÿพ Half-Note ๐Ÿพ: (gives you a hug and such) If you ever want to talk about it, Kik me. 1090.3 days ago
Marxy Fox: Single and sad.... 1090.3 days ago
Marxy Fox: http:www.dumblaws.com XD 1097.1 days ago
Aria Auroralรฏs: Myeeep! 1111 days ago
Aria Auroralรฏs: Hai Marxy! owo 1129.2 days ago
Marxy Fox: http:imgur.combHVenFf 1130.7 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 1136.2 days ago
Shikun: damn xD greetings by a little fox 1180 days ago
Shikun: nice pic maybe we dee 1180 days ago
Zuu: 010 1190.2 days ago
Cras: Yeah I know :c 1195.2 days ago
TylerKenneth: Found you :3 1199 days ago
DarkXander: you can post links, lookup the html code for links 1202.2 days ago
Marxy Fox: Derp 1202.3 days ago

About Me:

Read Completely before talking.

Kind, calm, people call me sweet, I rarely swear.

My fursona is a white cubi fennec. Look at DMFA or project future to see what cubi are. :p

My fursona is a femboi but irl me isn't femmy at all X3

I spend most of my time on second life if you wish find me look there :p

Also send me a message here before you Skype or kik me or add me on second life,I don't accept people I haven't talked to and don't know :3

I like classical music and mainly into guys,I wear nearly nothing but polo shirts and khaki pants .

don't be afraid to send me a message ^_^

Also my profile pic is my second life avatar, I'm a fenboi femboi. ^w^


I may be yiffy but have enough tact and composure to talk to me a bit and not just leap into yiffing :l

I'm anti drugs, i dont care if you do it just don't talk about or mention them. AT ALL!! This includes pot weed marijuna whatever you want to call it.

Also I'd be quite appreciative if you'd be willing to draw my fursona for me bare in mind i have no money to pay you with, New Body https://imgur.com/a/f0wDL various pictures to help you, email it to [email protected] and talk to me on kik if you decide to do so :3 also could someone make me a reference sheet for me to give people instead of all these pics, would also be greatly appreaciated x3

also link incase you cant find me :p http://www.furaffinity.net/user/marxy-fox/

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๐Ÿ’™Marxy the fenboi ๐Ÿ’™'s Forum Signature

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