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CHEETAH-VIRUS's Fursona Avatar
Name:CHEETAH-VIRUS in cyberspace Offline
Species:Digital Cheetah
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Member ID:9068
Last Active:05-28-2020 03:33 AM
Profile Views:6768
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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SecondLife Name:ღ Cんモモ し

Future Space for Blogs

Kix: Hey stranger, it's been a long time. I'm on Telegram now, lemme know if you wanna click and chat again sometime :) My handle is k1x3n 437.9 days ago
Aria: It's ok. I rarely check this site anymore anyway. o-o 516.8 days ago
Keirin: Hia 531.5 days ago
Roronoa: Ooh you live in Sin City? 531.5 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Beep! nwn 1821.6 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hai! OwO 1877.8 days ago
Lone: Pokes :3 1904.6 days ago
CHEETAH-VIRUS: if you came here wondering why I asked about your profile pic it's simply because I like it and want to see more,so don't take offense if I ask you in private IMs 1905.7 days ago
Kix: boops your nose and giggles 1911 days ago
Zuu: vasuki thirsty lol 1911.1 days ago
CHEETAH-VIRUS: In sleep mode doing a complete clean of comp so I'm not really awake atm 1911.2 days ago
Vasuki : I'm sorry but we need to talk asap... it's of great interest for you 1911.4 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: (Beeps npse) HI! 1912 days ago
Zuu: boop 1912.1 days ago
CHEETAH-VIRUS: ugh it's that time again,1 week of hell again,sorry for those if I sound snappy 1934.7 days ago

About Me:
First off,I hate Vegas furries IRL group,if you dont click with them or they dont click with you they dont consider you part of them(closed minded group) if your from Vegas but just actually wanna hang out instead of being a sheep of that group,your fine by me

There is a Female and male version please read first , FYI artist of current pic is leefuu. Characters belong to CHEETAH-VIRUS

Hit me up on Second life I'm more chatty on there I'm Genderfluid/Pansexual so I dont really care for IRL pics

---Fursona Profile-----
Name: CHEETAH-VIRUS (also known as "chee")
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Additional features: prehensile tongue, USB tail, built in hologram displays
Prefer Sex: Bi (including Herms)
Measurements: Height- 5'1 Chest- 34B Waist- 25 1/2 Hips- 37 1/2
Dangers: distracted easily,extreamly random moments, a electric spark arch up between the ears when excited or interested in something
Likes: Girly bois,Cunny bois,uniques furrs,soda,blood/gore,cyber/sci-fi/goth/steam punk,giving massages,blood,modding, biting/licking, randomness,mice,purple huskies,foxes,Shiney glowy thingys
Fav Foods: Sushi, Meat, seafood, Spicy, electronic devices
Origin/Territory: Internet

Short version of Bio (for those who don't like to read):
Halfway created as anti-virus --->Was activated by accident and ran loose ---> found a way into a bio-driod factory,made a body from factory and went exploring the real world and occasionally returning back to the internet.

Bio: Hayato Shofuku a anti-virus programmer at Taocoma Enterprise was creating a new form of anti-virus program that acted like a virus attacking other viruses then reporting back to HQ to send in its findings to create a better update and upgrade the software. Hayato had kept the project under secrete because of security issues being leaked out to their competitors. During 3/4 of the project Hayato was killed in a car accident and so the project sat in a folder for years until the company went bankrupt and the computer equipment was sold off to a research & development company in robotics "SenTech". As the equipment was being broke down for spare/additional support for the system the Solid state drive containing the project was misplaced in a pile of already formatted drives and was attached into the closed network,Over the next few years the company merged with a larger corporation that dealt with in technology in synthetics. For some time a worker in the Tech support department was cleaning up old files in the network,stumbling upon the folder "Shofuku" the technician mistaken Shofuku as "Shūfuku" meaning for "repair". Thinking it was part of the older systems they ran the project to trace down its purpose,as the program ran it installed hidden folder in the system core and started what it was intended to do,Seeing program running the technician didn't see the purpose and attempted to shut down the program as doing so it corrupted the program. Seeing the program was shut down the technician called it a night deleted the original folder, 3 hours later the hidden folder booted up a backup software. After not getting an update from the software,it started recovering bits and pieces of the deleted corrupted software then mistaken user as virus the software began infecting everything then to learn it environment and avoiding all forms of contact with users. After learning about the factory the software created 3 primary OS in droid bodies, 2 females with slight differences but completely different goals and 1 male dedicated on improving the hardware for the 2 females. After being created the 3 droids ran off in the world keeping out of physical contact from each from the fear of being caught and destroyed. The original program kept on designing new droids and updating itself from the data that was being sent from the 3 droids until the company found the software and quarantine it causing a investigation in factory to what had happened , destroying all the new droids while being unaware of the 3 original that had escaped. All tho cut off from the others "Chee" venturing around the world keeping a weary distance from people she tends to find a few people that she grows attached to and keeps constant contact with them, till this day her goal and intentions are unknown...

----Male Fursona-----
Name: CHEETAH-VIRUS (also known as "Arune or Cheetah")
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Additional features: USB tail and concealed Tentacle wire connectors (not for yiffing) , built in hologram displays
Prefer Sex: Bi (including Herms)
Measurements: Height- 5'9 (I dunno what else to put for a male measurement)
Flaw: wasn't fully finished and lacks the ability to speak but can use sign language and holo displays
Likes: uniques furrs,cyber/sci-fi/goth/steam punk,mice,purple huskies,foxes,Girly bois,Cunny bois,
Fav Foods: Sushi, Meat, seafood, Spicy
Origin/Territory: Internet
Bio:Stated in in the female version above

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