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kurito's Fursona Avatar
Name:kurito in spokane Offline
Species:nephilim vampire wolf
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

Gamer furs
Heavy Artillary
Emo Furrs
The dark emo furrs
Anime fur
gay furs
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Member ID:18036
Last Active:05-13-2018 18:12 PM
Profile Views:2058
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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SecondLife Name:none
PSN Name:none
XBOX Gamertag:GAM3K1NG42

Future Space for Blogs

kurito: The relationship didn't last long 268.8 days ago
Roronoa: Woo, good job 278.8 days ago
kurito san: I have a boyfriend now and his name is austin hes so cute 281.5 days ago
kurito san: Its fine 281.5 days ago
Bonnie: oh sorry thought u were someone else sorry 312.7 days ago
Bonnie: np 312.7 days ago
kurito san: Thanks 312.7 days ago
Frexy: oh happy late b-day 318.4 days ago
kurito san: Its been a while now just waiting to turn 18 its boring in the bar with noone else 329.4 days ago
kurito san: i am now known as KURITO SAN 382.4 days ago
kurito : i also need to clean the bunnies off my wall. its not my thing 385.7 days ago
kurito : heh heh yep thats me the random wolf 385.7 days ago
Roronoa: Kuri, I find you to be so random sometimes 386.7 days ago
kurito : GOOD BOY BUCKY! GOOD BOY! 397.7 days ago
Bucky: wags 398.7 days ago
kurito : nevermind the name is too long 399.6 days ago
kurito neiral revengehowl: i am kurito neiral revenghowl 401.7 days ago
kurito neiral revengehowl: my new name as preferred by the wolf name generator 401.7 days ago
kurito neiral revengehowl: hi everyone 401.7 days ago
🍬Candie🍬: Hellu Kurito 401.7 days ago
Garmy: hi there Kurito,thanks for compliment 403.8 days ago
kurito: hi cloudburst 404.9 days ago
CloudBurstTheHusky: Hello :) 405.1 days ago
🌺Birdy🌺: Thank you, glad to be back friend. . 405.7 days ago
💖Mint💖: Paints the wall with bunnies. You're wall has been bunnied! XD 406.8 days ago
Air: Just a random wolf saying hello :3 410.4 days ago

About Me:
I finnaly found my mate, his name is austin and hes cute. Furry,18 and gay. Gamer.







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