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❀Electro✿'s Fursona Avatar
Name:❀Electro✿ in Hull Offline
Species:Russia blue mix sphynx cat
Member ID:17587
Last Active:07-16-2018 23:16 PM
Profile Views:4664
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Gold.: hello there 45.1 days ago
❀Electro✿: Hi there 47.9 days ago
Death man or kolton: hello 90.8 days ago
Queen moon: sup 110.5 days ago
❀Wolf Witch Electro✿: Eeps and giggles hugging back 225.9 days ago
Roronoa: Tackles her only to then hug her 227.3 days ago
❀Wolf Witch Electro✿: Hello there 237.4 days ago
kurito : hello my fellow wolf 237.9 days ago
🐾☢ blue eyes ☣🐾: Hellos 276.7 days ago
Electro: Hello 278.5 days ago
Jackson: Salutations darling. 279.8 days ago
Phillo: nice to meet you 281.9 days ago

About Me:
I'm Electro. I'm a british witch kitty~ you can find me on here most of the time along with my cute little pet (and lover) Spots~ i'm very easy going and love to make new friends ^w^ i'm not really a mean witch just a little trickster who likes to play ;3

I'm mostly a submissive little pup but when i get down to it i can be a powerful little mistress hehe *cracks whip*

I'm just here to have fun with my friends and maybe some naughty things. Some guys just can't resist huhuhuh owo so if you want to cause drama like some people dont bother because you will be a waste of space~ ^w^

If you want to have some private sessions send me a message on kik ;3 as long as my pet agrees all should be good. I have a few temporary masters though so i may be busy otherwise ;3 ♡~

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