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Slion's Fursona Avatar
Name:Slion in City Offline
Species:Slion (slime lion)
Relationship:Rather Not Say
Member ID:7378
Last Active:09-22-2017 19:44 PM
Profile Views:5903
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests

Future Space for Blogs

Slion: My freshly painted wall!! D: 97.9 days ago
мαℓα: rolls around on his page, scratching and etching Malas name all over 98.5 days ago
мαℓα: rolls around on his page, scratching and etching Malas name all over 98.5 days ago
Roronoa: Haven't exactly seen you on in quite a while, nice to see ya again 98.8 days ago
Sage: -sniffs- U: hi o3o 135.8 days ago
Kusafox: How are you? :3 145.4 days ago
Kusafox: Hiya :O 152.8 days ago
Luna: boop 154.3 days ago
Saber: winks at you 157.6 days ago
Silas Ghost: Hey! Waves my tail at you 164.2 days ago
Kali HoneyLips : waves a paw and murrs softly pleasure to meet you 537 days ago
«ΤhεΘгίgίηΚσσlίσ»: X3 You seen like a very interesting guy I'd like to maybe chat sometime :3 607.3 days ago
zero: Nooo don't spam meh wall 608.9 days ago
«ΤhεΘгίgίηΚσσlίσ»♥: I saw you peep my profile, so I'm spamming your wall :3 610.4 days ago
🐾blaze🐾the🐾sergal🐾 : awww no more cute feral kitty 610.8 days ago
Flu: Sup 612.4 days ago
zero: hello 615.8 days ago
Kix: hehe hi there :) 615.8 days ago
Sunny: bro 906.6 days ago
zero: Thanks. It feels nice to be back3 909.8 days ago
Axel Donau: Hey there. Don't see many male slimes around. Welcome back to Furrtrax. 910.3 days ago

About Me:
Just a slimy lion x3
Looking for new friends (maybe more) feel free to pm me c:

Sona and pictures are my own. Please don't take em ;u;

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