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The Perfect Mistake
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Domination and Submission
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Latex Rubber and Other Kinky Things
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Future Space for Blogs

Riffy: Oh a good time. Then i better make it a bath also :D 2 days ago
Riffy: That makes me so happy. That is good Danger noodle. Rogue noodle out 3.4 days ago
мαℓα: I dont think ive ever been so conent as i am now. I havr such amazing friends, a great group of noodles, and people who love me andexpress it every day ty everyone 4.8 days ago
Riffy: You already know, I will always be there for you Danger noodle. ROgue noodle will always be rogue but for certain ones will help the team. I am here for ya miss mala. 7.9 days ago
мαℓα: Happy birthday my handsome. You mean the world and so much more to me. You are my reason to smile and my reason to keep going on with my art. You are amazing in every way and the only one that accepts every bit of me. The good and the bad. You are such an amazing human being and can't wait to see you Friday 18.1 days ago
Riffy: You are the cutest. -smiles and lurks around- 19 days ago

About Me:

 ◅   { Mala! }



                                                     ◅  --------------- [ Untouchable Canine~ ]                 

                            Forever made to Please. 


“So you’ll get your kicks by exerting your will over me.” 

“It’s about gaining your trust and your respect, so you’ll let me exert my will over you. I will gain a great deal of pleasure, joy, even in your submission. The more you submit, the greater my joy – it’s a very simple equation.” 

“Okay, and what do I get out of this?” 

He shrugs and looks almost apologetic. 

“Me,” he says simply.” 

― E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey 














Her blue fur always caught the eyes of so many. It wasn't just a coincidence that her fur was that way. She was known as the mistake and kept that name proud. Simply a science experiment gone wrong... 

Every step she takes there is history in that past. Mala is completely submissive but will only submit to one. It takes quite a bit to get her to respect your authority. She has been through far to much but it only gives her more and more personality.. But that is something you may figure out for yourself..










He gripped to her collar, dragging her into a cage. Small whimpers escape her lips. She didnt want to return to the cage. Afraid of not being let out for days. The scientist lunged forward and so did she, getting thrown into the cold cage. Smashing against the wall didn't hurt that much, but it did stun her a bit. Collapsing to the floor, her tail slowly tucked under her rump. Whimpering to herself under her breath quietly. He closed the cage and kneeled down next to it. A big smirk on his lips in response to her soft whimpers. "I have so much in store for you tomorrow..." he said, gliding his keys against the side of the cage. With no feral response from the pup, he made his way out. Turning off every light in the lab. "Help!" She barked out. All she wanted was out. But her useless barking wasn't enough to let her escape her hell.. 

The Very Next Day 

Startled from her sleep, he dragged her out of her cage by her collar. Flailing and squirming, she whimpered and cried. The man pulled her up onto a testing lab table. Strapping her down and placing her muzzle on. He walked around her curiously, examining every part of the feral dog. With that, he pressed his hand against her rump softly. Petting the grey fur slowly. Thinking that she was getting some sort of comforting affection, she calmed right before screaming out in a yelp. He stabbed her in the rump with a needle. Instantly, the liquid that the needle contained began its course. Traveling through her veins at the pace of her heart beat. SHe whimpered feeling something different. Her body started to shake. It was painful. It was excruciating. Her paws stretched out, as she cried and whimpered. When will it stop? Quickly, her mind blacked out from the pain. 

Waking from it all, she was... in a dumpster? It must have been days later. She groaned and tried to move to all fours, but something was different. Lifting a paw, she gasped and cried out, seeing her fur a different color. Freaking out, she moved herself to the side of the dumpster, quickly searching for something reflective. Seeing broken glass, she scurried over to it. She fell back and cried out. Her fur changed complete color. Blue with streaks throughout it. At this point they glowed and she did not understand why. Her eyes were two toned now. She saw herself as hideous. Whimpering she crawled back into the trash can. Curling inside and keeping herself away from others... This was not her.. 

Who was he? And why did he choose her? 
♥More about the one under the fur♥
== Results from bdsmtest.org == 

98% Submissive 

94% Rope bunny 

94% Masochist 

87% Degradee 

79% Slave 

69% Experimentalist 

67% Brat 

61% Primal (Prey) 

54% Girl/Boy 

38% Vanilla 

25% Voyeur 

24% Pet 

16% Sadist 

11% Ageplayer 

11% Non-monogamist 

6% Switch 

4% Exhibitionist 

2% Rigger 

2% Daddy/Mommy 

2% Primal (Hunter) 

1% Degrader 

0% Owner 

0% Master/Mistress 

0% Dominant 

0% Brat tamer



I am seriously greatful for my two best friends I can't even express how much I love you two. As well as my amazing mate who supports me in everything I do.


My Handsome Mate <3: I love you to the moon and back. You have been there for me so much since we first got together. I'm so glad I found you and it's already been a month and a half of being official. Please never stop being you. The relaxing, the snuggles, the pillow talk. All make it so worth our weekends. We have soo much in common and just simply allow us to be.. us around each other. I love you babe <3 I will forever be your Ride or Die


Azuko: You've seriously have proven to me that I can love you as a best friend. I never want that to end so I really appreciate you being my punching bag, my shoulder to cry on, and a friend to talk to.












Demonic Mala




You don't realize what goes through my mind. The act of profiling a person by just sitting back and acting silent. In my head, I will figure you out. In the end, the truth will be let known. My demons always haunt me. Always keep that in mind. They whisper in my ear about you. Always keep that in mind. In the end, you betray me, you are only but the dead ant on my shoe. 









Like a squall in December storm 

Your ethereal cries lay sheen upon the snow 

An ichorescent anguish this morn 

That would abrase the flesh of the earth 

In this synthetic night, the day's begun 

And the song of the sky remained unsung 

And each creature mourned of the sun 

Stolen by the lugubrious one 

Her voice stirs me from sleep 

Cascading like a stream over rocks 

Only to freeze in place 

Yet, the canvas still looked the same 

She was the marrow of the woods 

The life in the depths of the dark 

That men too soon would seek to forget 

In their culpable sleep 

But they would never dream 

As the grave ever deepens 

So, too, do their grief 

Though it was my ear, the focal point 

Of the lightning that gathered above 

A shrill permeation of the droning wind 

That scars my awareness 

Each nocturnal reprieve 

My delusion of solitude 

Like a distant scream 

I wish to drink its magnitude 

As my gaze, to currents draw me 

Rupturing the image of the moon 

My shadow stands beside me 

And she paints me of lacuna 

A hollow vein I know is exposed 

Meeting the water, a spirit flow 

With the silence as my grim companion 

As the silence was her tormenting sound 

And a broken wing, it falls to the ground 

My hope that was inured to the name 

Elegy of those who never did expire 

The knell that's enveloped by the mire 

Howls not, the creature of twilight 

This night 

For the clouds were wed to the sky 

And the baying was my own
Written by UbiquitousVoid



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