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Name:Ektus in Offline
Species:Plasma Rabbit

The Small Protector
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Future Space for Blogs

Dexter: Thank you. And yes. Very much so 2144.6 days ago
Dexter: I probably will soon. I remember i used to have telegram a long time ago. But either way its really nice to see you again. I dont got a lot of people on here that i can call a true friend. But you have always been one. And i really appreciate you 2145.5 days ago
Dexter: Me neither actually. 2146.6 days ago
Dexter: Long time no see 2146.9 days ago
Ektus: So lost... 2147.3 days ago

About Me:

“The reason for my insanity was because of multiple. This insanity is who I am.”

Ektus is owned and collared. Please simply back off and keep your nose out of my business.

Ektus wasn’t always this way. The fear he casts in others eyes was like a stab to his soul. He didn’t want to be like this but he was…

Ektus once was just a mere lab rabbit. Being poked and prodded with different toxins and diseases to see what he could survive. His long ears shivered and trembled when he got sick. It was always Ektus’ first sign to “hold on” for his life. He was so strong though, even the scientists, who performed the experiments, eyes. Only simply curling up and not letting out a peep as he waited for whatever toxin or disease they gave him. It was simple life and he was use to it.
The toxins the scientist worked on weren’t any normal toxins. They were ones that were used to kill rats…. Sewer rats… A hydro traveling toxin that would leak into the sewer system to kill any rats that either lived around or drank from the sewer water. The area Ektus was in, was infested by a growing rat population.
The microorganisms used in the experiment to prepare the rabbit where the things truly taking a toll on Ektus’ body. They were dormant until the right time, taking in every plasma based injection and toxins that the scientists were feeding into his system. The only reason why he hurt was the shock of the organisms growing while remaining dormant..
Until it was time….
1:03am struck as the small rabbits body jolted. The pain was nothing this small rabbit has ever endured and it hit him like a freight train. Gripping and clawing to the shredding they laid in his cage for bedding, the rabbit cried and yipped in pain. What is happening… he thought to himself while he ran to go intake as much water as he could. His body rose and rose quickly in temperature as if his body was on fire. Instantly dehydrated, the rabbit's tongue lapped against the water spicket they left in his cage. Licking against the ball of the bottle as if his life depended on it. It was no use.
Screaming, the rabbit shriveled onto the ground. His body so hot it began to melt. His black fur sticking to his skin before slowly searing and dripping onto floor of the cage. Quickly, he moved what was left of his paws, to his face. The rabbits eyes were next in this eternal flame he felt, melting into his own palms. That was as much as he could manage. The organisms made their way. Deteriorating some bones but melting every bit of skin on his body. Within what seemed like hours but only being 20 minutes, the rabbit was nothing more than ribs and a skull resting on a pile of gooey black and green toxins and plasma.

The next morning, the scientists gasped and were appalled at the smell of the room. Finding the melted rabbit in the cage. Quickly, a couple of the scientists left to let one hazardous material certified scientist stay behind to clean the mess. He shook his head and turned away to prepare to clean this mess. Little did he know what was going on behind him.
The black goo started to take life. Taking the leftover bones and molding together in their own fashion. It raised from the ground and took the form of an anthro rabbit. It didn’t move, only stood with eyeless sockets. His head slumped as it just stood there.
The scientist turned around after completely prepping himself and gasped. Falling back onto the table that stood behind him. “What the…” he exclaimed before moving slowly towards the lifeless figure. He thought of it as his opportunity to take a sample, of course. Reaching and scrambling for a needle, he slowly moved to prick the open heart of the rabbit. That was the trigger.
Quickly, the heart began to beat. The lifeless sockets ignited as a small flame showed in their place as eyes. The toxic rabbit gripped onto the scientists wrist. His head slowly turning while the male tried his hardest to escape the grap. “W….W….” the rabbit tried to speak…. “What….. DID YOU DO TO ME!!!!!!” He screamed as his paw dripped corroding acid onto the scientists wrist. Melting it under the rabbits grasp.
The male screamed for his life, his hand and wrist dripped onto the floor while the rabbit made his escape. Hearing the screams within the room, the other scientists quickly ran into the room. Seeing the man in a coma and nothing left of the rabbit. Only dripping trails of goo leading to a melted wall that lead to outside… Ektus… was not the same.

Seriously love life at this point. Yes, I have my struggles but so many people to help me out for artwork in return.

I still do have my danger noodle family! I love you guys even if we do not talk much anymore like we use to. You are still my family.

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