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Name:Nirn in City Offline
Relationship:Single, Not Looking
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Shon: Yasssssss SERGAL! Sergals are so great, praise the butt floof! 2655.5 days ago
Gamma: yep I still can make fur suit. i think awesome to make a sergal suit. 2687.6 days ago
Lupine Furmen: weird, the system keeps telling me that you are editing your profile, but I'm not seeing any changes. 2718.9 days ago
Lupine Furmen: Are you going to be able to make it to the furmeet next Saturday here in Huntsville? 2733.6 days ago
Kryslin: Hi I'm kryslin want to be friends 2751.3 days ago
Lupine Furmen: BTW, if you Just officially joined the fandom, Anthrocon may be a very VERY big culture shock for you. Might be better to start with one of the smaller regional cons like FWA or MFM. AC is a huge monster that I, personaly, have NO desire to ever go to. 2787.8 days ago
Lupine Furmen: Therians believe that they share a spirit with various animals. 2787.8 days ago
Lupine Furmen: Therians are kind of like furries but more spiritual. I've always explained as 'Therian is how I feel inside, Furry is what I show to the world'. 2787.8 days ago
Lotus the Draxxy: Hey. Message me if u want someone to talk to 2788.3 days ago
ThisGuy: What's the therian community? 2788.4 days ago
Lupine Furmen: Since about 2004. Came to the fandom through the Therian Community. 2788.4 days ago
ThisGuy: Yeah not many people have, but there are tons of different species. So how long have you been a furrie? If you don't mind me asking. 2788.4 days ago
Lupine Furmen: hmm, never heard of them. 2788.4 days ago
ThisGuy: Sorry 2788.4 days ago
ThisGuy: Bad 2788.4 days ago
ThisGuy: Bad 2788.4 days ago
ThisGuy: Bad 2788.4 days ago
ThisGuy: Bad 2788.4 days ago
ThisGuy: Bad 2788.4 days ago
ThisGuy: Oh no I wish they, are quite beautiful. They're bio has a bsd history but they are still loved by many 2788.4 days ago
Lupine Furmen: hmm, interesting. Something you created? 2788.4 days ago
ThisGuy: It is a type of species thay borrow anatomy traits from existing earth creatures of a canine, avian, raptor, and shark. 2788.4 days ago
Lupine Furmen: So, what is a Sergal? 2788.4 days ago

About Me:
I just recently joined the furrie fandom. I will be going to Anthrocon 2016 and I am looking for friends to join me on my journey to Pennsylvania. I'm still raising money to go but should get there by the time comes. So yeah I just hope this will be a fun experience. If you want to strike up a conversation go on ahead and message me. Oh and if you want me to draw your fursona I can do a sketch of your animal or animals. Well thanks for taking time to read all of this well bye. Oh and also if you or somebody you know is a fursuit maker please let me know.

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