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Grimm's Fursona Avatar
Name:Grimm in Cedar Park Offline
Species:Fennec fox
Relationship:Single and Looking

Texan fuzzems
Member ID:7720
Last Active:01-24-2022 21:03 PM
Profile Views:8591
Distance: Miles
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PSN Name:Message me

Future Space for Blogs

Grimm: Lord knows I needed it :) 2361.4 days ago
Corgoo: poof your comments have been blessed with positive mental attitude 2371.7 days ago
Grimm: Oh snap hullo :v 2580.2 days ago
Silas Ghost: -sneaks behind you and hugs you- 2646.7 days ago
Kidd Nova: waves paw back pleasure to meet you too :3 3086.7 days ago
Kali HoneyLips : waves a paw and murrs softly pleasure to meet you 3089.5 days ago
Kidd Nova: Whut o.o 3102.6 days ago
Kidd Nova: Just a heads up anyone who tries to message me in private chat or on my profile, i am going though some really harsh RL stuff but i will try to get back to you as soon as i can... x3 3409.9 days ago
Kidd Nova: Excuse me Zaphael? sorry comment was late lost my password x3 3409.9 days ago
Zaphael: So yea, under a half mile? O.o 3450.2 days ago
Zaphael: wow this thing doesnt like symbols lmao 3450.2 days ago
Zaphael: 12 Mi 3450.2 days ago
Zaphael: Mi O.o 3450.2 days ago
Kidd Nova: Hey der :3 3452.5 days ago
Jaice: hey :D 3454.1 days ago
Ty Omand: Hello there 3455.4 days ago
Marxy Fox: Hihi 3457.6 days ago
🐾🐺🌙Lyca🌙🐺🐾: hi sergal :3 3460.7 days ago

About Me:
i am very fond of paintball, airsoft, drawing, skating, playing game and other things, im a really shy in person untill you get to know me then im a retard (in a good way) but other then that idk what else to put here so if you have questions about anything or just wanna say hi leave a message i dont bite hard. Lowkey actually trying to find someone in my area to spend some time with because im rather lonely \:

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