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😻Stripes😻's Fursona Avatar
Name:😻Stripes😻 in darkness falls Offline
Species:Nature Spirit Tiger

Season King
gay furs
Member ID:4160
Last Active:01-20-2021 04:39 AM
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Future Space for Blogs

Jace_Dakota: Under a rock apperantly. I tend to take sudden long breaks and a lot changes in a few months : p. 1309.8 days ago
bot 24567: hello living organisms 1339.1 days ago
Dave Jay Cloud obsessed with men and Japanese culture: hi 1401.1 days ago
Bunnie Bun Bun: hello, i am new and wanted to start knowing others on this site, this is the first time useing a difrent site in a year other than just Fur Affinity, I used other sites but never worked out 2047.1 days ago
Barrett: Paws the Tigers wall and sneaks off 2056 days ago
Roronoa: Kitten let me bang, hah. ;p 2061.5 days ago
Frexy: hey man 2062.1 days ago
Roronoa: Pets him on the head.- 2136.6 days ago
Aurora : Places my paw print on the wall 2512 days ago
the droog: a good friend to all 2542.7 days ago
the droog: a good friend to all 2542.7 days ago
Soapyotter: omg it's a queer! I love the gay ;) ya know literally teehee 2575.6 days ago
Taffy: Pounces riffy 2587 days ago
Riffy: Sorry taffy you may have his wall but i have him and he got my collar :D :P 2588.9 days ago
Taffy: No his ass is mine riffy. All mine! 2589.1 days ago
Riffy: CLaimed this sweet sweet moderator ass as my own 2591.1 days ago
Taffy: slaps a pink paw print on your wall 2599.3 days ago
Cuddly bear: Hello from Ormand beach, hit me up if you like 2607.8 days ago
Cuddly bear: Hello from Ormand beach, hit me up if you like 2607.8 days ago
Colt Reborn: Come back damn you.. 2632.1 days ago
Reaper: hey bud how've you been 2780.3 days ago
Whitepawzzz : Hello 2789.7 days ago
▶Drake◀: waves 2809.6 days ago
Bravo Brokehoof: Very nice profile 2858.1 days ago
Rayne: Hey you got a kik? 2866.9 days ago
Rayne: Hey you got a kik? 2866.9 days ago
Blaise Harpsmith: Hello! 2868.7 days ago
max Williams: hi 2875.9 days ago
Reaper: how are you 2888.6 days ago
Saykoiaya : hugs the tiger 2888.8 days ago
Grayhuskie: We all need you to make the room better and get some furs to yiff 2900.1 days ago
Jynx: stripes I need help on my profile so whenever you get the time 2917.7 days ago
Jynx: Hello? 2917.7 days ago
Leo: Hehehehe, thanks for popping my wall cherry. :) 2924.2 days ago
Lore: nice butt! 2930.7 days ago
curlybop: This background is dreadful! 2931 days ago
Shadowcat: You have been pounced! 2931.6 days ago
sphy fox: dam I deleted you're comment i diden't know it was easy to delete comments with the red x next to it,i thought it was to delete the notification 2932.7 days ago
sphy fox: thank you for the coment. im less than 30 minutes new here 2932.8 days ago
Rex: hey 2937 days ago
Reaper: hey bud hope your well 2954.5 days ago
conner wolfstien: ahh! you username is my nickname! 0.o 2956.7 days ago
Inumi: what's your skyoe? 2964.7 days ago
Elliot: hi... 2969.5 days ago
Kairon: pokes I love your fursona! 2982 days ago
Crusader Cat: Hi, Thanks for being my friend. 2996.5 days ago
nightscale: hi 3012.7 days ago
Tengu-San: Merry Birthmas c: 3013.7 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Happy birthday. :3 3014 days ago
Flicker: H! ppy birthday dude! 3014.5 days ago
Lore: Thank you. 3017 days ago

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