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A Night in the Woods Posted by: 🔥🎶Stripes Omand🎶🔥 at 06-11-2015 00:19 AM, Last Modified 06-11-2015 00:19 AM
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Here I sit,three minutes before midnight,listening to the sounds of the forest from my safe perch in an unnamed tree.I watch bats flit about from place to place gorging themselves upon the insects.I hear the stirs of a predator ,a kindred soul,fighting its way through the thick , heavy, underbrush followed by the squeaks of its prey being claimed for a meal.I smell the savory copper tang wafting through the air a fresh kill.Most wouldn't brave the sleeping in the woods at night,yet for me it is a place of peace ,of glorious untamed freedom.I watch as ants carve their their path through the bark of the branch on which i have chosen to seek as a place of rest.I hear the sweet melody of crickets chirping out their gentle mating calls,the sound of leaves being tossed about by the wind.I can feel it coming ,the rain,its soft sent filling my nose as i set up my simple shelter,tying the tarp into a covering.I pull my blanket closer about me feeling the rough fabric brush against my skin.Then it begins the soft tap tap of the tears that fall from the weeping sky.I feel the water tracing its way in this rivulets down the thick cracked bark of my tree,my place of solace.Even though this would cause most people to run in fear i choose to accept it as the price of a night of freedom,my soul not wavering in the face of this unforeseen obstacle.A price that i am willing to pay.The soft tap tap of the rain lulls me into a dreamless sleep.I arise with the sun,a little damp but no worse for wear .As i stretch out the dampened fabric of my shirt causes me to cringe a bit , i yearn for the sweet freedom of fur to no longer need this fabric covering.I release a soft sigh,knowing that with the rising sun my freedom has already begun to ebb away.I begin my sad,depressed journey home with each step my freedom flowing further and further from my grasp.I feel as though i am leaving my home rather then going home and,returning to a place i will never belong,a place that holds only sorrow for a tortured soul like me.I smell once again the copper tang of a kill this time slightly aged instead of fresh.As the scent grows stronger i catch sight of a corpse ,an opossum.This was the victim of the unseen predator i had heard rustling about the night before.I take a moment to pray that the opossum is reborn into a stronger form,then i continue walking my path to the house where i slave away my life bound by the rules of a society that i will never truly belong.With each step i know my freedom is fading into the past.I hear the sound of squirrels playing lightheartedly through the tops of the trees and i spot the building called "home".I have no choice i must return,return to a place where civilization reigns .My freedom has once again expired.......

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Hopeless: Alas, the price we pay to be human. Society slowly forgets the joyous freedom of nature and replaces it with bitter shackles.Great piece my friend.

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