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Name:Taylynn in not gonna tell Offline
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Źõęÿ: O.O 2121.5 days ago
MarinaLaQuila: kik me?? 2295.6 days ago
Mischievous : woof 2297.4 days ago
Siris: I've been poked o.o 2322.8 days ago
LycraWolf82: Hey there pokey :3 2333.7 days ago
Wolfie: And you've been poked 2333.7 days ago
Wolfie: And you've been poked 2333.7 days ago
Lone: Congratulations 2333.8 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Mew! owo 2333.9 days ago
Blue: pokes you back :3 2334 days ago
Green BunBun: Returns le tackle to le panda 2334.7 days ago

About Me:
I am a quite person. I normally keep to myself. I read and write. I do a little sewing and knitting. When I am provoked its a different story.

Mated: No one

If you need a ref just pm me and i will be happy to find one for you. just give me the info and it is done... i will try to find a ref close to the one you want. :P

I love to adopt children so if you want a mother feel free to pm me.

I do accept pets too. I am more flexible than most. If you are mated still and are to be mated later on I will not disown you or throw you out. I am here to give you a home and care and I accept who you are and what you are.

Zara is a dragon with the powers of healing, fire, ice and crystallization people have tried to capture her for her power. She makes she she is never caught at all and she is hoping to someday have hatchlings someday.

Astrid is a kitsune. She was born in the Arctic and was born from a little of three. She left her family as soon as she could fend for herself. She has been on the travel alone and she is independents and stubborn sometimes.

Laywin and Keeley are wolfs. She was born like everyone. She had a mom and a dad and both met up on a ship. Her mother was drink and so was her father. Her mother and father a few months later had her and her twin brother. Her mother died giving birth and her father died by trying to win back their land from the pack leader. She a few years later with her brother escaped the pack and had been traveling together. Her brother went on his way four months after they escaped.

Calla is a feline shifter, She was part of an experiment long ago, She can shift from a normal house cat to any wild animal that has to do with a feline. Many cats had been tested on and most didn't survive. Only three out of three dozen had survived. She was one of them to be able to live.

Aziza is a jackal from the ancient Egyptian times... She is wise and has gone through many years of dynasty and family. See was the person the king would turn to when he was making a choice or had an idea of some sort. She had become the kings favorite and she ended up marrying the king but the king died a few years after their marriage... she inherited the family jewels and heirlooms. She has hidden them in a place no one will ever find them.

Bodyguard - Xemas, Demotog, Magnar Dark

Pet - Zekegard, Felixlee, Blue

Mother to FoxiousKit, nicholsG1, Rileybob, Drago, Captain Livingston Kirk, Medic, Matches, Black Wolf 13, Rafe ,Ragity,Aria

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