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Artik Odinson Silverfang 's Fursona Avatar
Name:Artik Odinson Silverfang in Vancouver Offline
Species:Frostblue Pandawolf
Public Relations Team
Silverfang Alpha
Gamer furs
Destiny Furrs
Colorado Furs
League of Legends
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Last Active:06-02-2019 13:14 PM
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SecondLife Name:Artik87
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XBOX Gamertag:Artik87

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🍬Candie🍬: Places more of her paw prints on her wolfies page. Curling up onto it. Being a guard bunny. 860.2 days ago
snow the wolf: hello fellow wolf 861.5 days ago
Spots: Welcome back 872.4 days ago
🍬Candie🍬: places Paw Prints all over 872.5 days ago
мαℓα: Mala owns this wall. K? K. 1043.3 days ago
мαℓα: Attaches herself to your wall. 1050.3 days ago

About Me:
~•~•~~• Silverfang Alpha~•~•~~•

LoL Name: Daerock add me if you like

I consider myself a good RPer. No lazy RP's please cause it's not fun at all. I mean, put effort in your RP's for god sakes. I will only rp if you challenge me but I'm open to most rps so feel free to message me on here or kik me

Artik Fenrir Silverfang is a proud, egotistical alpha frostwolf who often lets his ego get the better of him but still has a good heart. He is proud descendant of a very strong shamanistic family from Ireland. Though he's not a shaman himself he does have a connect of shorts to the world around him. He stands at 5'8", rather short from most alphas but what he lacks in size he makes up with strength, speed and intellengence. Growing up around technology all his life, he makes a hobby in dabbling with computers and other devices. Being a goofball all his life, he always got into trouble. He's known to be a major smartass and his wisecracks are enough to drive a sober man to drink. His middle name was given to him since his grandmother, a very wise and old shaman, thinks he's connected to a ancient prophecy involving global destruction. Though he loves deconstruction more than construction, he fights his urge to destroy everything though he sometimes thinks that it was planted inside his head for years he is the bringer of the end. Being a alpha to a pack, there of course are wolves at his beck at call, most famous of his pack is the mexican wolfess Lady who happens to be the mother of his pups. Lady and Artik have two young female pups that are very loved and under their papawolf's protection at all times. His pack also has a few oddballs that are not even wolves. A mouse is one of them who happens to be Artik's oldest friend, Driana. He befriended a severly tamed husky named Hiero, and has a few dragons, felines and foxes in his pack. Being the quick witted one, Artik also has enlisted a gay grizzly bear name Uith.

In short, Artik is a very interesting wolf who has many traits and fails about him. Though he denouces the fact he is a possible ender of the world, he does have some powers to go with him. First off, he can never be cold and that's due to the fact he is a purebred frostwolf. He can also harness the power of winter in his claws thanks also to him being a purebred frostwolf but not as well as some think, remember he is a knucklehead sometimes. The true gifts he has is the ability to read minds if he is in contact with someone. Along with that, he can go into a bloodlust like state where it's the destoryer inside of him.

Artik stands at 5'8" and weighes about 175 pounds. Tone body, with silverish whitish fur and eyes that are icy as the coldest winter. He sports a well groomed goatee as well, which he is very proud of. He also has a birthmark of fur that is ice blue on his back. Some are reminded of a silverback gorilla when they see it though it's a bit larger than a silverbacks marking. He has runic markings that are on his arms and parts of his back as if they were tattoo'd on him before he could remember. Only tattoo he has is a Warcraft tattoo of the logo of the horde on his upper light arm. Fully nude, he has a sheath with a blue caine penis with a above average knot that does swell during intercourse. His favorite feature about himself is his testacles which are much twice the size of a average wolf's. He often brags about them saying he has bigger balls than anyone...that was until he saw a dragon's balls and was quickly silenced.

This next part is for rp studies. Artik's sexual prefence is females though he has a herm fox friend who calls him packmaster and wishes to be his sex doll. Though Artik is against this, it didn't stop him from having his way with the fox. He is no stranger to bending a herm over. He will not however raise his tail to anyone unless his wife/mate either convinces him or wins a bet against him for her to peg him with a strapon. His style of sex is not even close to love making but of that of a wild beast trying to dominate his partner during sex. He hates condoms since he claims theres none that can stay on with a knot. He enjoys checking out female's asses. Oral sex is a 35-65 being he rather give than recieve though he's not going to say no to getting a blowjob. His orgasms are quite a show since he is a alpha, he cums a bit more than most but his ability to recover for a possible round two or three or however much his partner is willing to do speaks volumes of the alpha in him.


== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
100% Rigger
100% Primal (Hunter)
89% Dominant
75% Voyeur
74% Owner
59% Switch
57% Degrader
54% Masochist
50% Master/Mistress
50% Experimentalist
47% Ageplayer
43% Daddy/Mommy
37% Sadist
37% Exhibitionist
34% Degradee
28% Boy/Girl
23% Vanilla
20% Rope bunny
19% Submissive
13% Pet
10% Slave
7% Non-monogamist
6% Primal (Prey)
3% Brat

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Death's Redemption02-10-2014 21:58 PM
02-10-2014 21:57 PM

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