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Death's Redemption Posted by: Artik Silverfang at 02-10-2014 21:57 PM, Last Modified 02-10-2014 21:58 PM
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"All that I am: anger, cruelty, vengeance - I bestow upon you, my chosen knight. I have granted you immortality so that you may herald in a new, dark age for the Scourge." These were the first things he heard when he awoke, the stench of death was heavy in the air as his eyes ajusted. The things he saw, nightmarish creations and montrousties around him. Stumbling to his feet, he grunted grabbing his head, trying to remember what happened. 'So very unclear', he thought to himself. He looked down to see his hand and realized a great horror in itself, he was transformed into his beast form. "You got to be kidding me..." he blurted out. "Gaze now upon the lands below us. The Scarlet Crusade scurries to undo my work, while Light's Hope stands defiantly against us - a blemish upon these Plaguelands. They must all be shown the price of their defiance." The voice boomed, echoing around the area and inside his skull. Looking around a giant of a man walked up to him, "Why hello, fresh meat! It's time to see if the master's new 'pet' is worthy of all the hype" The giant turned and grabbed a sword from a rack that was nearby a hellish skull spewing blue unatural energy from it, to which he placed the sword inside. After a moment or two, the sword was removed and a batch of runes, cascaded across the blade glowing with the same unatural energy. "Take this, Meat. I still don't understand why the master would want a worgen or whatever the hell you are apart of the Scourge in the first place." the giant rambled. 'Worgen....I remember being bitten by one but I'm not a worgen. I remember I became more feral than one of those beasts....' the beast thought trying helplessly to remember who he was.

"Where is my new secret weapon at, Razuvious?" A massive commanding voice cried out. The giant quickly turned around when the command hit him. "My lord, I was getting the beast ready for the slaughter. I have a runeblade waiting for it and...." Razuvious started to explain. A hand grabbed Razuvious by the throat and held him up in the air as if he was lighter than a loaf of bread. "I didn't ask for a life story now did I? Besides, I have special runeblades for him." The nightmarish knight turned towards the beast and stared as if staring through his soul, "Rise champion, rise and serve your king. You are to be my greatest creation, a more feral worgen than any other in this world. I know you too...Artik. Your swordsmanship is but one reason for you to be my champion of the Scourge." The Lich King proclaimed. Artik looked up at him, with a bit of hatrad and betrayal behind his icy blue eyes. He remembered how things once were with the Lich King or Arthas as he was once known as. Though the memories were foggy, he remembered sparing with him in the courtyards of the castle in Lordaeron. Clearly, his sudden resurrection wasn't just a random case.

Following the Lich King towards a group of knights clad in black armor with skulls embroaded across them, he smelled only death and blood. "Ah, my chosen champion. I have high hopes that you will be the perfect weapon for my army. After I arm you, I will send you to eradicate the Scarlet Crusade from these Plaguelands for good." explained the Lich King. When they finally arrived at the armory, the Lich King stood near the door watching his new solider as he walked inside to grab weapons for his unholy crusade. Artik saw hundreds of swords, axes and other intruments of death inside. Grabbing a runeblade that glowed with an icy touch and was black as the night, he chuckled. Before leaving the room, he grabbed a chain with a scythe attached to one end. "I'm ready....master...." muttered Artik, glaring at his 'King'. The feral looking worgen walked towards a portal that lead to the ground so the slaughter can begin, claded in black and blue armor. Upon stepping his paw on the battlefield, he saw the armies of the Scarlet Crusade await the upcoming assualt by the Scourge. Gripping his runeblade in hand, dubbing it Ebonfrost under his breath he ran towards his foes, wishing that he could remember how he came to become a death knight.

What seemed like days were merly hours, as the last Scarlet Crusader was slowly crawling away trying to escape. Artik took his runeblade and drove it through his neck, decapitating the defenseless man. Sighing before looking up to see his grim work, he stood alone in the wreckage and slaughter of what was the Scarlet Crusade's army. Bodies stacked all around, heads on pikes, ghouls eating unwanted corpses as necromancers examine each body to determine if they are indeed worthy of joining the seemable unstoppable Scourge. A Val'kyr flew down towards the death knight, her dark wings flapped but there was no sound to each flap. "The Lich King has more targets for your blade, Worgen. He wants you to report to Darion Morgraine outside Browman Mill. The time has come to take Light's Hope Chapel, so steel yourself, Beast. I expect to see plenty of bodies from your blade." The ghostly Val'kyr ordered. Artik snorted and glared at her. As he walked by, he muttered "Thank you, Morgana."

Chapter 2 is a work in progress......

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