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Saphira Rose Lennox 's Fursona Avatar
Name:Saphira Rose Lennox in Smyrna Offline
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About Me:
I have an IMVU if anyone wants to add meh pm meh and i'll give you my username. Angel:Enjoys being and alpha female of her pack is full of beauty and royality is in combat training still :) i'm an angel wolf but that doesn't mean my bite is worst than my bark js lmao. Ruff. She is very playful, loves to dance and sing, loves nature, enjoys exploring new places. She is kind unless you irratite her then look out she'll attack.

~Shape shifter~
Angel<3 = Angelic blue and white wolf dark blues eyes long wavey hair
❤Saphira❤ =dragoness purple body with a rainbow tummy, long flowing rainbow hair, light green eyes, her wings are rainbow inside purple outside

❀Sonia❀ =purple and black pink eyes wavey hair

✲Arrietty✲ =Leopard rainbow spots with horns and white blue eyes has short wavey hair

✧Maria✧ =Bunneh lime green and light purple dark pink eyes short straight hair

ღMarabellaღ =Fox black and light blue light green eyes long straight hair

☮Beauty☮ =pokemon ninenails pink body with purple long hair and purple tail. she is very elegant and proper but wears cute clothes.

❄SnowFlake❄ =Polar bear white with light blue snow flake patterns in her fur sky blue eyes short hair wavey

♪Mandy♪ =Panda bear red and black light blue eyes short hair (herm)

☆Keira☆ =pink and black purple eyes and short straight hair Cheetah

✦Zathara✦ =Fox dragon hybrid purple and light blue with green eyes and long hair wavey(herm)

✿Rosa✿ =Husky grey pink and blue purple eyes shoulder length hair

~Raven~ =Demonic wolf :) black white and red she has red eyes and long straight hair

*FireStorm: Horse/Brony she is a black horse with red eyes flaming tail and hair and wears white framed glasses

Gloria= Penguin purple with a red and yellow tummy and red and yellow hair(short)

Kora= Sergal long black hair with neon green highlights and ish all black with neon green stripes her eyes are neon green

Bloodlust= a vampire demon wolf bat hybrid. she has a black body red tummy red mohawk, pierced ears, black out side her wings red inside, her eyes are yellow with red slits.

Abby= mega Absol she ish pink and red and wears black framed glasses she has red eyes and should length hair. (loves bows)

Nozika=dragon twin main body color is a glittery silver and our tails have three deep pink rings around it and the inside of our wings the same deep pink (long curly hair and wears glasses)

Beatrice the goobear= yellow and pink with purple glasses and long hair.

Mechanica the rhino= has a mechanical right arm and left leg and is yellow and grey has shoulder length hair.

Cottoncandy the alicorn= she is white,light blue, mint green, and light pink and has a cotton candy tattoo on her right leg.

Jewel forest glow deer=all different shades of green and glows she has swirl patterns on her.

Veronica gardevoir= green and pink with a red chest piece short hair and loves flowers.

Mystic= sharkie black with neon pink stripes light pink hair with black highlights busty hour glass shaped body and is a professional monster hunter.

Sylvia= sylveon blue pink and mint green shoulder length hair loves collecting flowers.

☮Belle☮ =Kitsune light orange and tan deep blue eyes and shoulder length hair

◊Kiki◊ =Kitten black pink and purple punk has a mohawk and angel bite piercings lots of spiky jewelry loves black and red clothing she loves her punk boots and her skirts with fishnet stocking and her haulter tops has alot of earing piercings and has a belly ring that ish a skull.

*mate doesn't have a Furrtrax yet *
*inubunny is her pet*
*urlander is her father*

Angel Lennox's Fursona: She is an angelic wolf who recently became an alpha female of a pack called the Howling Fangs. She is very gentle with everything she hates swords and guns. she only does paw to paw combat she is still in training. She is respected by all of her pack she has a pup and her father is still alive but left to go on a trip. She is always aware of her surroundings she has angelic magic which she has mastered well. Her mate is a wolf leopard mix. Oh and her and her mate have a pet bunneh and both her and her mate are bisexual.

Saphira(dragon): She was one of the most special dragons. She has all sorts of elemental powers dark powers and light powers. She can beh very dangerous when you make her mad. so just be careful or your in for a rude awakening.

Sonisona(tiger): she was strong all her life. her mom died when she was young to pouchers. she was raised by her father who was a ruthless hunter. He taught her everything he knew. she can hunt in any weather. Her father died trying to protect her.

Keira the cheetah: She is the fastest there is also she is fast at learning anything. She is a very good hunter. She isn't strong but she never let that keep her from hunting.

Marabella the fox: She is a rebel at heart and very devilish. She ran away from home at 3 months. She has been living with her friends who keep her alive.she can be very protective of her friends and she loves to swim in her rebel bikini.

Kiki the kat: She was an orphan kitten. She was raised by a mother dog who treated her like she was one of her own. Kiki fell sick at one point and when she healed she was blessed with beauty. she is also playful.

Vulpix the kitsune: She can be very cute and cuddlely. She can be very playful. She loves to cause all sorta of mischief. she is more like a kid than an adult. She loves to swim and dance. She loves sneaking up on people so be careful. She can also be a bit hyperactive at times but very fun to be around.

Arrietty the leopard: She is a female leopard who is very tempermentle ahe will completely explode if you annoy her. She is very dangerous when she is pissed off. She is very beautiful and sweet when she isn't annoyed or pissed off she spends time with her mate most of the time.

Snowflake the Polar bear: She is very propper. She enjoys playing in the snow with her arctic friends. She is very playful when she wants to be and she loves to make stuff. She also has frost powers.

members in her wolf pack:33*

Packs name: Howling Fangs

Regulations: must beh wolf or mixed with wolf or a type of dog we are family so no being mean or you'll beh removed from the pack you must obey the alphas what ever they command or ask must beh done dragons, cats ,dogs, sabers, foxes can all beh normal hunters.the hunters must let the alphas and body guards eat first.


Alpha female: Angel

Alpha male:

Right hand girl:

Right hand guy:

Strongest guy(s):

Strongest girl(s):

Best hunter(s): ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ

Best fighter(s): omar*lonewolf*

Body guards: Vash, Drake the hunter, Kris Husky, ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ

Drake the hunter's mate: no one atm

Right hand girl's Body guards:

Normal hunters: Alpha Nova

Alpha' Servants:

My Pets: Inubunny, Diamond, Xero

Trainer of the alpha female and her body guards: Sethos Blood-Fang


Father in her pack: no one

Sister(s): Keeley

Brother(s):Akuma, Kris Husky.

Her pups:

Auntie to:

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