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Name:Roronoa in Offline

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Last Active:09-16-2021 23:14 PM
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XBOX Gamertag:Alpha Roro

Future Space for Blogs

😻Stripes😻: -erases the paw print writes in glowing letters-he is mine now and forever 1274.9 days ago
articumbreon: -leaves a glowing yellow paw print on your wall then shyly walks off into a cave yellow rings on tail and ears glowing as well as eyes glowing also black fur blending into the darkness of the cave- 1286.9 days ago
😻Stripes😻: I love my Roro 1386.6 days ago
snow the wolf: slaps my paw print on your wall and runs away 1467.6 days ago
Jace_Dakota: It's the happy 3 face. It wont let me post what I want 1527.4 days ago
Jace_Dakota: Shit. I meant 3 1527.4 days ago
Jace_Dakota: I'm happeh for ya roro! Good luck in your endevors in life3 1527.4 days ago
Anya Underworld: He said, She said. Lets grow up. 1527.8 days ago
Kendra: ... Uh, the only one I see here trying to cause drama is you. No offense but... No one here gives a damn. 1527.8 days ago
jacob: your only 67.7 miles away from me 1545.7 days ago
Hope51369 Tiara: HeyA I'm uh likeaUh scared right now haHAHaLOL 1547.8 days ago
snow the wolf: i miss ya roro 1551.5 days ago
😻Stripes😻: Mine hehe 1634 days ago
Shine: hug away then 1820.9 days ago
TehJackal: yips 1853.8 days ago
Quiet Storm: -paps face back- o3o 1854.8 days ago
Yuri Jaxis Wolfen: Feel free to send me a pm anytime, i'm very friendly 1871 days ago
Mike Furry: doughboy sounds Yep bellies are better for poking.. come with their own buttons too. 1876.7 days ago
Mike Furry: i am very pokeable.. but my nose has been konw to explode. 1877.3 days ago
Yuri Jaxis Wolfen: Hello and thanks for welcoming me u 1888.6 days ago
Yuri Jaxis Wolfen: Hello and thanks for welcoming me u 1888.6 days ago
Yuri Jaxis Wolfen: Hello and thanks for welcoming me u 1888.6 days ago
Toxic: That is an amazing song XD 1889.6 days ago
Play: If you're on my profile, I suggest either leaving or listening to the song, but.. it's interesting. -snickers- 1892.7 days ago
Celeste: boops 1901.6 days ago
Air: Hello from a random wolf. 1909 days ago
Little Tails: smiles and puts one on Lyo's head too Aww, you can have one too! All the cookies! :D 1909.6 days ago
Play: Nibbles on the cookie.- You three are adorable 1909.7 days ago
Lyo Burnside: Mine 1909.7 days ago
Little Tails: Thanks for the welcome! puts the cookie on your head and giggles 1909.9 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: is a good look! 1910.4 days ago
Celeste: Is That such a bad thing ? U.U 1910.8 days ago
fuzzpawsthewolf: Awesome Fursona!!! 1911 days ago
Neirall: Sorry, me 1911.6 days ago
Neirall: Yo roro guess who's back it's never kurito or neiral now 1911.6 days ago
Celeste: pets them back heh 1915.4 days ago
Abbadon: pets his face back 1916.4 days ago
Roronoa: The looking is for more friendly faces, not a lover. xD 1916.7 days ago
Silas Blackheart: Hey, you changed back 1942.8 days ago
Ruby: Thank you Mr. Guardian 1962.4 days ago
Chaktau: Thanks -scritches ears- 1969.9 days ago
VixenRedTail: thank you :) i try my best to be my own thing. it's nice to meet you 1981.4 days ago
snow the wolf: places a bright pink paw print on the wall 1990.5 days ago
Solara: pokes your nose :p 1993.7 days ago
TehJackal: pokes 1998.9 days ago
Syrus Vice: Pets softly as you lick 2001.8 days ago
Syrus Vice: Don't poke my eyes D: that makes them less shiny. 2002.6 days ago
Siris: yeah i'm kind of simi back, life is a bit busy at the momment 2006.2 days ago
Siris: good evening, been away for a bit 2012.5 days ago
Silas Blackheart: -grabs you and snuggles you- 2012.9 days ago
TehJackal: Mrfs 2019.3 days ago
Siris: howdy o.o 2021.2 days ago
Silas Blackheart: I love my alpha 2030.1 days ago
Silas Blackheart: oh, ok 2031.5 days ago
Guardian: It's my second character, it's not really a change 2032.9 days ago
Silas Blackheart: When did you change your character Rorona? 2034 days ago
Air: Your wall has been booped. 2034.7 days ago
Garmy: ava looks nice Guard 2043 days ago
Guardian: For those that ask, this is one of my legitimate characters alongside two others, one is fairly known yet the other is unknown such as this one. 2046.1 days ago

About Me:
Since some people have been trying to cause drama, I'm fucking taken. Alexander and Azuko, stop being petty bitches.

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