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Name:Artemida in Rousse Offline

League of Legends
Fuzzy Love
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Last Active:06-23-2022 14:20 PM
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Silas Blackheart: -grabs you and snuggles you- 1928.6 days ago
Wild: rawr 2303.7 days ago
Marcus: Thank you, id have to say yours are very beautiful as well 2433.4 days ago
🔥 🚒 Pierce🔥 🚒: Rawr 2456.3 days ago
Saphira : Hello 2561.8 days ago
Fade: Thats a shame.. Come back then 2565.6 days ago
Silas Ghost: hello from a friendly Scorpio 2572 days ago
Fade: nips your tail, tugging you back into my lap hope youre enjoying your absence! 2604.6 days ago
Aiko Grey: Presses my ass up to the screen, leaving a buttprint Hiya 2626.5 days ago
Emeline Od Raj: (Bites down quickly on her neck then giggles.) Just a bite? Surely more is wanted. 2640 days ago
Colt Od Vraga: I claim this wall as mine. 2666.2 days ago
Colt Od Vraga: Hello beautiful :3 2666.7 days ago
Kage kaos: How ya been? 2732.8 days ago
Robbie: Your English is on point, just by reading your profile. 2750.5 days ago
Wild: Nibbles on your wall 2779 days ago
Taffy: slaps a pink paw print on your wall 2804.5 days ago
Shade Gareth Lionheart: Thanks. Saying hello to you as well. I'll be on more often after this weekend. 2818.7 days ago
Kage kaos: Hello figure I leave something here for you 2829.6 days ago
Wild: o.o 2906.7 days ago
Kieran Frost: Such a fierce glance 2927.5 days ago
Kali HoneyLips : waves a paw and murrs softly pleasure to meet you 2933.3 days ago
Artemida: Thanks Eri 2954.9 days ago
Eriont: Happy birthday! May this year be better than the last! w 2957.5 days ago
Artemida: Happy Bday to me :3 2957.6 days ago
Meko: Night sweetie .. fingers crossed 2994.4 days ago
BLUE: sweet dreams 3000.2 days ago
Cain: (tags the shifter's wall) 3022.5 days ago
BLUE: your very nice and cool...i like that 3025.9 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Thank you hon. nwn God knows I've spent a lot of time on it. xD 3027.8 days ago
Jade Blackpaws: yeah, been playing on and off for just over 10 years . 3032.5 days ago
Eriont: Why thank you, you seem like a cool wolf to hang around with. 3032.7 days ago
Iota and Freyr: Stopping by to return the hello! 3034.3 days ago
Alan Cynderfoot: Thanks! :D I really enjoy the amount of detail on yours. :3 3035.8 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: G'nini! nwn 3081.6 days ago

About Me:

Hello and welcome to my profile! I am from a little country called Bulgaria and I am at university studying physiotherapy.

I have a lot of interests: starting from sports(I have a nice dirt jump bike and I can also ice skate), stopping by literature (I love to read) and finishing at music :) I have learned English(12 years) , Russian (5 years) and Spanish (for a really short period - 2 years ) at school.

I am a talkative person and I am always ready to give a shoulder to someone. So come and have a chat! I don't bite (much) :D

My fursona was called Dianna and now it's Artemida. She is a shape shifter that morphs to a black anthro-wolf with white belly fur. She is not tall at all (163 cm) and a bit chubby. Her eyes change color depending on mood-normally they are blue with a black rim and slight spikes of green, when she is happy/in love they are more greenish, and when she is sad they turn grey with a thicker black rim. Don't get her pissed off - her eyes become white and she is quite destructive when enraged. Also she can morph only parts of her body- for example staying human but with wolf claws on her hands

Currently mated to Air.
Likes: cuddling, apples and strawberries, nice people,drawing, books, nice bikes, my bass guitar and soft blankets.
Dislikes: rude people, being left without any explanation, too much noise

Here is a link if someone needs to know what's the time in my country(usually i'm around from 9pm till midnight):
P.P. : Sorry if my English is bad. I am still not really good but honestly I want to improve :) And the avatar is not mine i just found it on the internet



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