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About Me:
Kink list still in the making http://tinyurl.com/Ghostkinks ***

Kik name: OmniscientGhost
Profile still WIP - Please bear with me
Write on my wall or send a friend request! Xoxo


Owner to Tuurngait and Zephyr who is on probation

History of Ghost

Little is remembered of her parents, as they seemed to be just normal travelers passing through the small mountain village. Many speculated the heritage of the orphaned girl. Still unknown to them, and her, that it is Kirin and Kitsune.  She was abandoned at the local Inari shrine so that gave them pause as well as when she cried in pain, the wind began to blow with an ominous sensation.  Ghost was very different and everyone, including her, realized this. The orphanage, nor any barren families, offered to house the girl in fright of unlucky superstition, so the shrine keepers raised her as they felt the opposite.
At a young age she realized that she could, in fact, 'ghost', as the community called it, whispering to each other that it must have been a forceful yokai to impregnate a woman, or the woman was into something too dark. By 'ghost' it meant when she was surprised or scared, which happened often as she was bullied by child and adult like, her body began to smolder and then leave only smoke in where her presence was last seen. In fact, it is just a form of travel. A rather showy one at that. This earned her the outcast name "Ghost", a surprisingly dull one yet she loved it, adopting it as her own. Eventually she learned to control her 'ghostly powers' and can 'wisp' away at will.
Coming  into young adulthood Ghost decided to leave the village with the shrine's blessing and left to find out her heritage.


Ghost stands at a mere 5ft even, (her child form is 2.5') with perfect posture it is unnecessary to question it. Though, she is quite curvy at 36-25-39. She has multicoloured fur. Dark teal is her base shade, it is said that when she is excited or the sun hits her just right it shimmers as brilliantly as a jewel. Kirins are thought to be jeweled so this is a trait of her heritage. On her chest she has a thick full mane of silky fur, she also has tufts of silken full on her calves, shoulders and hips. The extra thick, silky fur seems to always be flowing up, same as the strip of fur down her back and tail, which is a trait of her kirin heritage.
Her ears, are quite large, 6.5" and taper into an ear drop shape. There is a noticeable sized notch taken out of both ears at the top, the flesh was used as the base for a spell to protect the small village. The insides of her ears are a bright turquoise. There are a pair of spiraled antlers atop her head, they sprout out just before her ears in terms of placement. They are a dark, deep matte Onyx color, unless wet, then they shine as brilliantly as a black Pearl. The ribbons that are entwined with her spiraling antlers have small bells that chime gently with movement. 
Her hair cut is a shaggy black pixie cut with long side swept bangs.
Ghost has two different colored eyes, the left is normal; colored a bright emerald. The right is another story, it is blind and silver with a hint of grey in color. She has elliptical pupils. Her eyelashes are extremely thick, full and long. Villagers whispered that when she blinked slow for them it looked like a butterfly in flight. Another Kirin trait she inherited.  Ghost has black marks in half tear drop shapes on the top lids of her eyes, like permanent eye-shadow.
The fluffs of fur along her cheeks are black in color with a taper down her cheek bones that end on the jawline. The inside of this ovals like shape her fur is a much darker teal than her base. 
The same dark teal that colored her cheeks is raced up her face, from chin, down her back and all the way to the end of her tail. It does split off on her face towards her antlers, and ends at the base of them, giving her facial markings that of an upside down peace sign. The same dark teal racing stripe of fur that goes down her back also trails down her neck, tops of shoulders trails down the outsides of her arms, from her arm pits down the sides of her torso, hips and legs. With a strip on the back of her foot. On her arms the stripe ends at her wrists.
Down Ghost's back she has a strip of mohawked silken fur that runs down where her skull meets her neck down to the base of her 3' long tail with a full, large tuft at the end. The fur is the same brilliant turquoise as the insides of her ears. Ghost's tail is covered in short furred scales, unless looking closely it just seems shorter.
The movement of her tail is similar to a snake's movement, slithering. It normally sits low to the ground, just barely hovering above the ground, usually wrapped around her in a large circle.
Ghost wears a short, black silk yukata that is loosely tied so that the sleeves are usually falling off her shoulders, or at least one. She does not wear a juban underneath, and usually ties it with a white silk obi. Ghost also wears a pair of wooden gets, though no sounds omit as she walks nor does she disturb the earth as she walks.

For visual reference look in gallery


Despite the treatment of her villagers of her home and initial hesitancy when meeting people she can be quite personable, bubbly and dense.  Whenever she is emotional or excited a part of her became smokey and wispy, an easy indicator as her body does it subconsciously.
Though, be warned, she can have a strike of pure mischief and malice,
the latter being the best choice to be around as her words can be very dry and blunt. Despite her bubbly personality and optimism she has a very black sense of humour.


- Her blind eye can sense, "see", pressure points.

- Ghost usually appears in a child form, adult if comfortable with said person. The cloak around does not grow as she returns to normal size.
With new people she prefers to be small during initial meetings.

- If someone is attacking her with malicious intent then her ghost nature senses and instinctively goes incorporeal with no damage to her. Scratches can be left by accident of course ;)

Traits of a Kirin she inherited

- When excited or aroused she can cause the growth of flowers and ivy where her body touches the ground. Ghost also does not actually disturb the ground around her as she walks.

-  It is said their auspicious voice sounds like the tinkling of bells, chimes, and the wind. As is hers

- Qilin are thought to be a symbol of luck, good omens, protection, prosperity, success, and longevity by the Chinese. She often wins raffles or others do by simply standing near her, etc.

- Kirin are often depicted as somewhat bejeweled, or as brilliant as jewels themselves, which is why I made her coloring as such.

RP Samples and Ideas

- Edo period (or other period) type drama, comedy etc
- Tindr type match up scenario
- College or bar scenes

* If you'd like to start an RP thru Messages or Kik, adult or not, please notice my example. I don't like having to use * for actions. I like to have some depth, not pages but you get the idea~
** Gender doesn't matter long as it's a good, fun RP!

Ghost sighed and rolled over onto her right side, her legs curled slightly up into a very loose fetal position. Her long tail laying limp over her hip to lay in front of her. Atop a significantly sized tatami platform bed, she gave a sigh. She could hear the birds singing outside through her open windows, flickering her ears to attempt to hear them better. Rolling lazily again to her left side, her loosely tied yukata sleeves slipped down her shoulders resting at the elbows as she moved. The musical chiming of the bells along her antlers made her giggle, they only chimed harder in response.
She had laid right in the beam of the sun, her fur shimmering as bright as a jewel, her paw covered her mismatched eyes as she let out a yawn. "I must guess that it is time to get moving..." She let out another lazy yawn. 

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