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Yuki Hikari's Fursona Avatar
Name:Yuki Hikari in Adrian Offline
Species:Tiger Fox
Relationship:Single, Not Looking
Member ID:10623
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:4801
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Future Space for Blogs

Yuki Hikari: Thank you =3 1672.8 days ago
Kifo: awesome character! c: 1696.3 days ago
Francis: Love your avatar 1722.2 days ago
skoll: Rawr 1798.6 days ago

About Me:
Looking to meet some friends. I like to smoke hookah and drink occasionally, i kinda just go with the flow :3 and yes I drew my fur in the picture, and she is still a work in progress =) feel free to check out my Deviant Art http://13rokenangel.deviantart.com/
I love undertale so fucking much! If you can play an awesome UT!sans OR Underfell Sans in rp you will be my new best friend (you have to prooovvvee iiitttt~ hehe cx)
im shy at first until i know ya. love to draw, paint, read, listen to music ect. im nice and can be sweet but dont piss me off ;p Aquarius is my sign,favorite color is purple and favorite animal is a tiger. i love animals, and want to learn all i can about them, im going to go to school to be a pet groomer :) i have two furkids, a black cat named Shadow and an Alaskan Malamute named Mowgli (or Momo for short) <3
Shoot me a message, dont be scared, i dont bite..hard hahaha x3
-My character: Yuki Hikari - Female
-species: Tiger/Kitsune
- Appearance: Human form of choice: pale skin, long silky hair silver/white with black tips. Emerald cat/tiger eyes that change color with her mood. Her tail and ears usually showing but she can choose to hide them.
Animal form: silver/white pelt, black tiger stripes with purple/red fox. She can take the form of any animal (through shape shifting) but primarily uses a tiger/fox hybrid animal form.
-Physical Weapons: Twin blades, Throwing knives
-Powers: Fire and Ice. she gains more powers as shew grows and gains more tails, once she has earned all 9 she will be among the legends.
-Personality: Shy at first but will warm up to those she can trust, protective and can be hot headed sometimes, intelligent, wise, witty and has a sharp tongue. She always keeps her promises and is willing to fight and die for what she believes in and for those she cares about. though her past is dark and plagued with hardships she stays pure and looks to the new day not one to dwell on the past too much but don't cross her because you'll have a tigers wrath and a fox's curse to worry about.
-some background info: She was born into nobility her mother was a descendant of the Tiger god of the west gate, she was a beautiful white tigress with icy blue eyes but despite her appearance she mastered the flame element, which matched her fiery personality. she was stubborn, powerful, loud, hot headed and never backed down from a fight, which usually ended in her winning anyway. Her father was a White Kitsune, though many believe his pelt to have changed color after gaining his 9th tail he was born with snow white fur. Hes quiet and reserved, calm and collective always being able to out wit any foe but can be deadly if need be. He was abandoned by his family and lived on his own for many centuries doing whatever it took to survive.
Her mother was was to be mated with the Azure Dragon God of the North gate to bring a new era of peace between the two clans but she had fallen in love with the white Kitsune and later found that she was to have his child. This infuriated the Dragon lord who promised a terrible fate for the child. The Tiger lord,though disappointed and angered by her selfishness, loved his daughter dearly and couldn't turn her nor his soon to be born grandchild away and vowed to protect the new family.
(background is kinda still a work in progress xD)

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