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Ravakar Ravage's Fursona Avatar
Name:Ravakar Ravage in City Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

CODZZ: HI 2330 days ago
Ravakar Ravage: Sprays febreze and cleans the musk So messy. 2813.5 days ago
Aurora : Puts my scent all over 2815.1 days ago
Aurora : Puts my paw print on your wall 2815.2 days ago
❄️Frostypaw ❄️: My wall 2834.5 days ago
Ghost: Hi hi! 2855.5 days ago
kittykat : hi 2905 days ago
Spencer Emeritus: I Miss you :( 2960.6 days ago
Spencer Emeritus: leaves Ferret prints everywhere hehe 2974.1 days ago
Spencer Emeritus: Best Friend!!! 2974.2 days ago
Jak Denvor: I've been booped and thank you very much. 3252.1 days ago
Tassie : freaking awesome profile and sona! 3252.1 days ago
Devearux Black: Boop 3252.1 days ago
Aztrale: Merci Thanks ) nice your wolf : 3 3406.4 days ago
Jak Denvor: Hello :) Embraces you. 3435 days ago
kreega nightkill: hehe hello :3 wags tail 3435.4 days ago

About Me:
Hello, Im Jak Denvor. My main point to get across is I am just on here to get fur friends. I love to role play and I am a huge flirt so don't read into me calling you by a pet name. I am very, VERY friendly to everyone, no exploitation at all. I love to talk and meet new people. My characters back ground is his own, just like mine is my own. I project everything I am in real life onto my fursona, because we are one in the same. If you have a question just ask, and I will look forward to answering.

My name is Special Operative Ravakar Denvor AKA Ravakar the Ravage. I work for a group that tracks, hunts down, and eliminate threats to society and all who inhabit it. Forms of power or extraordinary feats are not uncommon anymore, but it is my duty to find the ones who minis the so called weaker people. I myself have special adaptations too, like acute perception, and other abilities as well, but they come at a cost. I have killed 41 people, and "lost" 6. I never want to kill, but I will do what I must if you do not let me help you. I hate conflict, but will fight and win if it is absolutely necessary. I'm not all work though. I love to meet new people and love talking to them. I think peoples minds are just like a jigsaw puzzle that needs to be solved, so I do my best to solve them.


I WILL NOT YIFF SOMEONE I DO NOT KNOW!!! If you want to RP please, I love to RP, but you wouldn't expect me to pounce you, and I expect the same from others!



Body, personality, and feats:

Loyal, fun loving, a HUGE flirt, accepting and understanding of others, respectful, and did I mention a HUGE flirt.

Species: Shark Fox hybrid
Height: 6'3"
Body: Average
Eye Color: blue or yellow
Hair Color: Black

Adaptations- I can run, jump, and evade faster than most people.

Acute Perception- I can study, mark, and know the battle field and plan ahead, before the battle even takes place..

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Detecive part 1: By Jak Denvor02-27-2015 00:54 AM
11-16-2014 13:42 PM
Mr Vixen Gives a Choice02-27-2015 02:13 AM
02-27-2015 02:13 AM

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