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Name:Hayden Star in City Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Florida Furs
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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obsidian inari: hi nice pic 334.4 days ago
Kix: Hi fluffy fluff! I wanna chat with you!! Do you have any messengers outside of here? 2002.8 days ago
Grayhuskie: Hi I'm grayhuskie want to be friends 2076.2 days ago
Ruddscut: Hi 2147.4 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 2229.6 days ago
Stein: Hai! 2238.3 days ago
austin Fox: hai 2238.5 days ago
austin Fox: Thai 2238.5 days ago
Fang The Wolf: Hello and welcome to furrtrax! :3 2242.9 days ago
Xemnas: awww the face didn't go through XD... Book 2243.4 days ago
Xemnas: . 2243.4 days ago
sasuke: why did you block me 2246.2 days ago
Vashel: You are so Fraking adorable! 2248.2 days ago
Acheron: Fox.. Bunny.. Kitten... Fobuttin! 2255.4 days ago
Vasuki : rawr heya .. 2257.4 days ago
lovable dovah: cute picture I do give it 5 stars 2258.5 days ago
Shikun: you offer cookies? i take one 2262.4 days ago

About Me:
Hi I'm Hayden :)
I stand at 4ft 11 in tall. My most noticeable trait is my eyes, with one a deep crimson like the fire of a thousand suns and the other an bright ocean blue. This is my mutation.
You see, I came into this world a mutation and I love it. My mother was captured when I was still a fetal being. She was taken to a lab for research. There my entire world changed. My mother being pure Red Fox was a perfect specimen seeing as she was carrying me only made them more excited. They altered my DNA to hold both bunny and cat DNA. Once born I was instantly separated from my mother. I was raised exclusively by canines. As I grew older my fun lost it's roughness and felt incredibly soft to the touch. I was an avid learner as a child, I would read books in a matter of hours. I yearned to learn more. At school I was the loner, sticking to my studies and often finding myself depressed and sad from being so alone. Upon leaving school, I got certified in deep water diving, and also attained a sailing license. Early on in life I went mostly deaf and learned sign language. I love making friends but find because of the hearing loss it can be hard. I'm as cuddly and friendly as they come but have been hurt so much it makes that hard...

IRL, Hayden is much like me. Growing up being a "nerd" is never easy. We (Hayden and I) love to write, draw, sing, play in the water, dive, sail, bake, and of course cuddle! I too am almost entirely deaf and know sign. A punk by nature I get very stereotyped. I have short colored hair, and have many tattoos. This is just ME.

Orientation- Its complicated.

I'm really open so anything just ask :) I'm super friendly and love to talk, you can usually reach me on here through messaging :)

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