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Blue Wolf's Fursona Avatar
Name:Blue Wolf in Chula Vista Offline
Species:Grey Wolf / Anthro

Hypno Furs
Bisexual Furs
Member ID:12303
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:9060
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ryouichikiriyami: oh i see how it is :P 2953.1 days ago
hypnoticfur1: howdy 3205.5 days ago
Alice Rose: Hewwo!!! 3218.6 days ago
Blue Wolf: im doing great hru? 3250.8 days ago
conner wolfstien: woof! 3251.3 days ago
MarinaLaQuila: hey 3256.5 days ago
conner wolfstien: hi! how are you? 3263.6 days ago
snowangelwolf: rawr 3268.2 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Woof. o3o 3269.7 days ago
Blue Wolf: hello 3269.9 days ago
conner wolfstien: hello my fellow wolf!! 3270.2 days ago
Leon wolfy: waves 3281.5 days ago
Alice Rose: kik me!!! 3290.1 days ago
Alice Rose: hey kik me darling!! 3300.1 days ago
Ruddscut: Hello 3302.6 days ago
Blue Wolf: hey 3319 days ago
Emile: Hello! Thanks! 3325.4 days ago
mizuka: hi 3330.9 days ago
Jade💙: Sorry to disappoint ya fluffie, my wall virginity was already taken lol. I just delete the comments after so long xD 3331.6 days ago
✪ashton✪: i claim dis wall's virginity 3333.4 days ago
Shikaku Spark The Half Dragon: another chula vista fur , wooot , 3miles awsy cool 1st chula fur i seen and i been here a lomg time , 3334 days ago
Violet: hello sweety w 3335.6 days ago
Blue Wolf: hello 3339.3 days ago
Soupy: Hello there :) 3339.3 days ago
Blue Wolf: ok, thanks 3339.5 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Welcome! owo Let me know if you need anything! nwn 3339.5 days ago

About Me:
Hello, my name is Wolf. I enjoy reading, playing games with my friends, making costumes/ plush, role playing, listening to music, playing my violin, karaoke & dancing. l also love helping others, if you happen to have any problems, I'll be here to help. ^_^ Also, I don't mind getting messages.

I'm interested in women more than I am men ( 60-40 ) & I am looking for a mate, someone thats nice, funny, shy, a gamer, ( preferably another wolf, fox, cat or bunny ) kinda girly or someone who know how to have fun \^o^/
I hope to see you soon.

About me:

Name: Wolf ( Blue )
Species: Grey wolf / anthro
Age: 24
Color: Blue w/ white fur on chest
Eye color: Yellow
Element: Fire ( blue )
Description: An anthropomorphic blue wolf with magical fire properties, the protector of his land & descendant of Amaterasu. Wears black boots, black pants, with a red belt & a black long sleeve shirt with a long red hooded cloak. (a cloak similar to Little Red Riding Hood's) Travels the land & helps those in need & will burn his enemies to ashes with a fire sword & scythe. Is proud, courageous, gentle, kind hearted & brave but can be very quick tempered when provoked & will not back down easily. With the mystical pendant around his neck, he is able to change his physical form from Wolf to Humanoid.
Loves the company of others around him, but is mostly seen all alone.

Thank you for taking your time getting to know me, feel free to add or message me whenever.

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