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Name:Keeta in Madelia Offline

Dragon Castle
Minnesota furries
Pokemon Fans
PSN furries
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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PSN Name:ducky51013

Future Space for Blogs

Uks Silvercast: Nyah how are you 1820.6 days ago
Greenotter: Hello. Im new here and you seem active. Would you like to chat. Im still nee so I may suck at roleplaying vut Id like to make new friends. 1898.6 days ago
Keeta: http:Dollarnize.com?share20639 1898.8 days ago
Abaddon: More local now 2081.4 days ago
Keeta: its always cold :p 2117.4 days ago
Husker: Minnesota is still cold :p 2119.8 days ago
DJX: HI 2122.6 days ago
Keeta: what is? 2185.8 days ago
Bad_Jack: Amazing 2195.9 days ago
Tuurngait: Hi :) 2198.7 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Oh dear.. Well, just remember that you aren't alone. I'm here if you ever need me. 2287.8 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Are you doing alright hon? You seemed rather down recently... 2288.8 days ago
Cyril ZERO: just chillin, what's up with you? 2290.9 days ago
Cyril ZERO: hi there 2291 days ago
Cyril ZERO: hi there 2291 days ago
Kali Eridorkin: yay . 2291.5 days ago
Frostbite: You are now my friend ) 2292.2 days ago
Kali Eridorkin: btw i made a group on kik for dragons (but anyone can join) its dragonturf 2300.5 days ago
Kali: goodnight furrtrax... 2303.3 days ago
Raven Dusk: yes it is you wall 2319.6 days ago
Damon Runyon: ( sprawls out ) my wall 2321.4 days ago
Raven Dusk: thanks 2327.4 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Cool! 2327.8 days ago
Raven Dusk: new image is my newest addition Katarah 2329.5 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hai again! owo 2329.5 days ago
Raven Dusk: ohhhhh yush owo 2330.5 days ago
Raven Dusk: what o.o 2330.5 days ago
KitaDaggertail: True that out. 2331.1 days ago
Raven Dusk: hm? 2331.5 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: oO 2331.5 days ago
Raven Dusk: hello Neon 2331.6 days ago
Mike Furry: feral critter? 2331.6 days ago
Ӂ̴ Neox the Fallen: Hello Dusk. 2331.9 days ago
Raven Dusk: howldy 2335.9 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hai 2337.6 days ago
Raven Dusk: my pic is of Keeta but my main sona is now Dusk 2349.4 days ago
KeetaRose Kaskaida: if anyfur wants to get ahold of me ill be on kik being as i wont be on here much anymore 2356.5 days ago
KeetaRose Kaskaida: o.o 2356.5 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 2357.6 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Pretty! owo 2382.2 days ago
KeetaRose Kaskaida: finally got a pic uploaded!!!!!!!! btw its of Rose 2383.9 days ago
KeetaRose Kaskaida: i have and it still wont let me :( 2388.7 days ago
Flicker: you have to do it on the site haha 2392.4 days ago
KeetaRose: it wont let me post a pic.. 2396.9 days ago

About Me:
Message me if ya wanna talk or rp. I don't bite..hard XD

Keeta has two pups. Her youngest is Ryka, a dark brown (with red tints) pup with green eyes. She is less than a year old. And her older brother Channing, who is a light blonde pup with bright blue eyes. He is two years old.

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