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Deadfall's Fursona Avatar
Name:Deadfall in Huber Heights Offline
Relationship:Single, Not Looking

Mr Wolfy
Domination and Submission
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Heavy Artillary
Anime fur
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Member ID:8051
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:12093
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
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Facebook:Hidden from Guests
SecondLife Name:Ask... I might tell you.
XBOX Gamertag:Mr WoIfy

Future Space for Blogs

💕 Aurora 💕: Poke 1575.9 days ago
Blue: are you still doing fine you sexy stud? ;3 1839.4 days ago
Deadfall: Hello back to both hellos, and thankies, tis one of the best drawings of my sona so far. I did not put legwear on your page, no. I cannot be blamed for such. D: 1958.9 days ago
Źõęÿ: I see you stocking my page!! 1964 days ago
Cain: Heh a ohion, nice pic too. 1980.8 days ago
Scarlet: hello 2012.1 days ago
Deadfall: Hallo everybodeh :O 2030.8 days ago
Blaise Harpsmith: Hello! 2031.8 days ago
Kryslin: Hi I'm kryslin want to be friends 2031.9 days ago
Axel Fang: hello 2044.1 days ago
Deadfall: (profile becomes shiny clean) yay v3v; (collapses) 2135.1 days ago
conner wolfstien: (looks at the dirt pile with the sign) well thats put bluntly.. here let me help you clean. (grabs cleaning supplies and helps) 2135.1 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: (plants a 'Dirtiest Profile Ever' sign on a large dirt pile on your wall) There! nwn 2171.7 days ago
Blue: hey sexy, how are you doing? :3 2176.4 days ago
The Lone Wanderer: xD 2176.8 days ago
Deadfall: (chasing and still mopping wildly) O3O 2176.8 days ago
The Lone Wanderer: (muddy paw prints the other way,then a circle,before padding off) 2176.8 days ago
Deadfall: (runs behind, mopping them up) O O this is the dirtiest profile on furrtrax I swear D: 2176.8 days ago
The Lone Wanderer: (tracks muddy paw prints on his wall) 2176.8 days ago
Deadfall: (runs tiny portable vaccuum over comment section) 2212.1 days ago
🐾 Half-Note 🐾: Well... Since there's no stopping you from peeking back, I might as well shed a little on your comment section as well. (sheds and runs off) 2217.1 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hmmm... I'm sorry you feel down... Remember, there is always someone who cares for you... even if you seem to blind to notice right now... (pats arm lightly, smiling) 2281.8 days ago
Deadfall: not much... 2281.8 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Would a hug from your old pal Aria help? 2281.8 days ago
Deadfall: I really hate people right now... . . 2281.8 days ago
Edvin: Saw you peeking at the profile, thought I would peek back at yours :3 2283 days ago
PlushPaw: hi 2286.3 days ago
Moonstuck: Just Peeking in x3 2289.7 days ago
TylerKenneth: I've seen you around, thought I'd drop a hullo! 2305 days ago
Deadfall: x3 the leetle heart got messed up but i heart you guys o3o 2328.2 days ago
Deadfall: thanks you both3 2328.2 days ago
Daionor: hugs 2328.9 days ago
Driana Lé Souris: Feel better 3 2328.9 days ago
Deadfall: I just love relationships... 2329.8 days ago
Deadfall: (gets suddenly dumped by ex and yelled at that it's his fault she did so, tells ex he doesn't want to talk anymore because he doesn't want to see her move on, gets messaged a few days later by his ex to be asked how he is doing, tells ex how he honestly is doing, gets yelled at further and reminded several times that it's all his fault, then told don't message me ever again) 2329.8 days ago
Daionor: OOOOGABOOGABOOGA!!! (bonus points if ou get the reference :P) 2332 days ago
Mack Ivan: Nosebumps Thanks, hope you're staying warm tonight, pup 2332.9 days ago
Deadfall: (shall be generally reachable via Steam or Skype not so much Kik for right now...) 2333.1 days ago

About Me:
(kik is down due to tablet's battery buying the barn, skype me or message here~!)

If you peek at my profile I WILL peek back~! :O

A generic anthro wolf with lots of issues. Nothing very novel here.

Firstly I would like to say I dislike people who have excessively large egos or feel that they have to prove superiority over other people, and fake people who seek to start relationships with no intention of taking them seriously. So if either of these describes you and you know it please don't try to involve yourself with me. (you've been warned)

Everyone else ignore this hate above~ ^~^ I am a sensative Wolfy who gets upset easy, and things were hectic last time I was on this site...

Anywho... I am allergic to bullets and long falls. I hate tomatoes but love ketchup. I prefer indirect light and love rain and cloudy weather. Formal wear is just yuck. You'll only ever catch me in jeans and a t-shirt unless I've been forced to wear otherwise. Snow and cold weather makes me much more active and happy! Love to yiff, and also depending on the person I may pitch to guys but no receiving. This tailhole stays untouched. >~< I do occassionally switch to closed relationships and monopet situations however when needed.

My back story is that I woke up in a field of dead furs with a headwound and no memory of my past or name~ the dog tags on my person said Deadfall and so I have made use of this as my name~! :D

UPDATE: After much annoyance with people I decided to lay down some ground rules, so here yah go. (Please note the original version contained a few thousand more explatives and was created after two people attempted to verbally humiliate me on this site right after my one ex-gf decided she was going to take her new boyfriend who I had just discovered she had dumped me for, and go out to California alone with him though she couldn't even meet me irl, but she could go screw him on the other side of the U.S.) SO... IF we talk in private chat, and I am not breaking a rule or somehow harrassing you, don't take the info to public. If you do you're just stupid and generally a major jerk. Secondly, if you ask me into a relationship and then proceed to mess around with other people without consent and behind my back, YES you WILL be dumped (this one is very specific because it references a lot of first hand experiences, probably because of my choice in women up til now.. What can I say..? Hot women are hot... though probably not the best for a solid lasting bond...). Thirdly, if you somehow think you're better than the rest of us, just don't. Fourthly, again, if I get involved in a relationship with anyone, that person had better put aside their friends and stop making me second place in everything, because I'm not gonna take anymore, "Oh hey, such and such friend got to come over to my place, but you can't because my parents can't know about you. Sorry hun." that's a super outdated way of approaching a significant other as of a few months ago. A relationship which is meant to last for life is bigger than a friendship and should be treated better than such. Lastly, don't lie to me. Ever. I'm done with this "Oh, this is how I feel," and then find out from some other person that it was fake. Life is not a game. Get over yourselves. For those of you these all did not apply to, I would LOVE to talk to you, and sorry for the hostility, but it was required to ensure that anyone who is thinking about talking to me knows beforehand what they are getting into and what not to do in order to keep me from getting.. grumpy... In any case, message me~! :D

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