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xSenkai's Fursona Avatar
Name:xSenkai in Near Tahlequah Offline
Species:Finnish Spitz
Relationship:Single and Looking

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Robert Silvermyst: shares some steak and potatoes. 3086.3 days ago
Robert Silvermyst: It is, thank you. I hope things are going good for you as well 3 3089.1 days ago
Kovyn: noses and gives you cookies 3089.3 days ago
Robert Silvermyst: Hello there. It's nice to meet you milady . 3089.4 days ago
Kovyn: noses 3090.2 days ago
♥ Mio ♥: Hehe thanks! 3090.3 days ago
Coops: Hurry up! x3 3090.5 days ago
Nightpaws: Don't mind me and the random things I post XD still learning the site, so ignore my flailing paws as I try to find myself around 3090.6 days ago

About Me:
Lol thought it would be a good idea to keep this simple but now I’m just going to do descriptive XD

[The Fandom]

Hello everyone, you may call me Night, though I also go by Sen. I have been in the furry fandom since I was a small child thanks to my love of animals and because of all the cartoons that had anthro characters. While I’ve done art for several years that had anthro characters, I didn’t fully become active in the community until around summer of last year when I started to look into making fursuits. I love it! It is very fun,except for when you’re having to cut out the patterns and fur is flying everywhere lol. I have three sonas.

My original sona Icy who is a simple Russian blue she-cat. Sen who is a Finnish Spitz and I have a partial of, and lastly Night who is a shifter. Night is my excuse to draw several different animals and species yet still be one character. Gotta love her <3
Why do I have three sonas? Well Icy was my first and she holds a big part of my heart, same with Sen. Though Senkai is actually my current and main sona because she reflects my personallity :) Icy is more of the old me, but since she's still important to me she is now my secondary sona. Night is, as I said before lol.
I am really big into attending cons even though I’ve only just started going to them this summer and have attended one thus far which was Fur the’More ^^ very fun, so many awesome suits and so many hugs ^w^/

[About Me]

Well I’m am a very artsy person.
Anything creative I love, be it art, reading, writing, music, theatre, costume making. Love~ it~ <3 I’ve been told I’m a really good artist but eh I don’t think so XD course we are our own worst critic so XD Was going to college for Veterinary Medicine. I’ve wanted to be a vet since I was 4 ^^ But recently changed it to Marketing and Business ^^ Was born in Florida and lived a few of my younger years there before moving and staying up in Oklahoma. Can’t say I really ‘lived’ in Texas since it was only two months lol. I’ve been to a few states, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Georgia, Iowa, and Alaska off of the top of my head. I’ve also been out of country to Germany, Austria, and Italy. I would love to move up to Alaska one day. It’s like being inside Skyrim with all the beautiful scenery! Alaska or California lol. So in the meantime while I’m working on getting my dream job, I’m saving up to buy some land and stick a house on it. One of the perks of having some Indian in me. I don’t really go much into my bloodline and I usually just refer to myself as a mutt or mix XD but I do know I have black, white, and native in me. Woop woop like a milk Hersey’s I guess you could say XD ‘for different tones leave out in sun’ lol For those who want to know, like this info, or just curious, my Zodiacs are Virgo and Dog ^^ while I don’t treat the zodiac as religious or anything. I find it cool about the traits and whatnot. I’m a nerd, so I love anime and manga. If it’s good I’ll read/watch it ^^

I am a Christian and it’s something that has a warm place in my heart. With that being said, it's more of a strong spiritual thing for me. I do not care much for churches (least the ones around me) because all they do is bash/judge others.. Though I’m not one of those who bashes people for sharing different religions, views, beliefs. To me the whole religion is supposed to be centered on forgiveness, acceptance, and love. But you know people tend to manipulate their religion to their own beliefs so I know there will be those who don’t like what I say or hate me for not having the same views as them. Oh well, sorry you’re butthurt lol. I’m a very open-minded caring person so I respect everyone’s views. My only peeve is that I am respected as well.

With that being said I’m a very affectionate fur to both my friends and family. They mean the world to me and I cherish every single one of them. Same goes with my animal pets <3 They are like my best friends and apart of my family too. At home with my parents I have
two dogs, five fish, and a giant water beetle I found one day while cleaning. O_O; honestly I wasn’t thinking he was going to live and just stuck him in one of my small tanks but you know, Tim’s alive and seems to be happy so ok, I have a pet beetle now XD
But yeah affection. I’m that fur who likes to hug others. I was raised in a very hug-affection home so whenever I’m happy, excited, or find a random person I like, they are hugged. If someone doesn’t like hugs I respect that, though have a tendency to forget sometimes. Most of them become good friends and get use to it (bless them –sobs-) Not fond of smoking, of anything really. Mainly due to me having a bit of asthma and it making breathing troublesome.

I am a funloving, random, goofy fur who has an eye for detail, enjoy helping others, and being that person others can talk to when they have problems or just need to vent. I can be bluntly honest, stubborn, and stress at times. Mainly about my career, life, the generals. But I think everyone stresses over that stuff lol. I listen to most music aside from screamo. I’m sure it’s a skill and talent and I respect the singers, but I feel like they’re yelling at me like I did something wrong XD

A few things I dislike would be spiders, being cold, and sudden loud noises lol.
I love anime, manga, reading, writing, music, conventions, making costumes, doing art, hanging out with friends,animals, soft fluffy things like plushies/blankets/pillows. I'm in a love hate relationship with Netflix. I love it cause of all the shows, but then hate it cause can't stop watching a good series when I get hooked, or they don't release the next season (the pain is real)
Not a big gamer but I enjoy playing Pokemon, Skyrim, and Warframe just to name a few.

[Looking For]
-scratches head- well now, here comes the part I hate the most cause I flail around like a catfish lol. I’m not in any real hurry to get
back into a relationship right now but understand sometimes you’re just hit out of the blue by it. If you like a person you like a person. However it’s not my main priority. I’d like to make lots of friends in the fandom, particularly those who either attend cons, suit, are open to either of those in the future, or are noobs who want to do that but have no one to go with. My first convention was amazing I loved it! But at the same time it could have been better if I hadn’t been on my own. It’s always more fun to go to conventions with a group than solo ya’know? I’m also looking for furs in Oklahoma =w=; who seem to be very good at hiding, or I just fail at finding. I’ve come to the conclusion that I'm Bi, though haven't announced that to my family yet, still claiming to be Demisexual. It's not that I'm ashamed or anything, just wanting to wait till I have enough resources to be independent in case my folks react badly and decide to kick me out lol.

With that said I very rarely if at all go out of my way to seek out a relationship other than friendship at first. So If you get a message from me, just know that I’m mainly wanting to be friends XD if that leads to something then ok, but only time will tell. I’m a go with the flow and not really into rushing relationships. If we click awesome ^^ don’t pressure me though. Got out of a toxic relationship which was getting out of hand so I will say I am enjoying my freedom and being able to be myself again. Well saying that I bet you’re wondering why I’m even on this site. Like I said mainly here for friends but if something builds off of that then awesome ^^ I’m not complaining.

I guess about my appearance since I’ve noticed some doing this
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 195 (though look smaller XD )
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Darkish light brown? If I stay out a lot during the summer I get natural blonde
streaks/highlights. Med length, curly(small tight curls)
Skin: Tan

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