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Blue's Fursona Avatar
Name:Blue in Wiesbaden Offline
Species:Wolf Dog hybrid
Relationship:Single and Looking

Domination and Submission
gay yiff
German Furs
Member ID:12182
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:12683
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Sam: Poke! 1695 days ago
Rex: Ayy, you're a real cute! 1962.5 days ago
Paymon: Mm, thanks for the compliment, darling. 1984 days ago
㆚єρɦyя Łυรтɓσяи: Cutie. 1984.9 days ago
Syrus Vice: Hi 2345.1 days ago
Wolfszahn: hi du fluffel melde dich mal ;) 2502.4 days ago
Devearux Black: lol i saw your post on somones prof and loled 2543.6 days ago
Forrest Fox: sorry for the late reply, I were not verry active here lately 2544.9 days ago
Forrest Fox: hi, are you on EF In Berlin too? 2544.9 days ago
Malachi: Fang, thank you for making sure my slave was respected. 2587.8 days ago
Malachi: Deadfall, I would like to know who you are claiming to own. 2587.8 days ago
Deadfall: The cute little cocksock seen on right is my pet bitch for the time being 2593.4 days ago
Kuga: uh blue pushing its too strenuous better i slam my tail in your face ;3 2597.4 days ago
Blue: everything is okay! I really like that degrading stuff x3 2599.7 days ago
Fang The Wolf: Hmm, Well even so, I came on here and seen it. Unlike a lot of people I actually care and respect people EVEN if they are strangers. So, I commented what I thought. 2599.8 days ago
🐾 MoonDoggie 💖: Fang I am quite sure the two of them are under agreement that its okay that Malachi can say things like that 2601.7 days ago
Fang The Wolf: Well that's not very nice Malachi. 2603.6 days ago
Malachi: This dumb bitch is now my property. 2609 days ago
Shikun: greetings 2616.2 days ago
Shikun: Ich lasse mal Gre da 2616.2 days ago
AkumaXDemon: heh thanks 2628.1 days ago
Taylynn: poke 2628.4 days ago
Zuu: youre not my blue! 2628.4 days ago
Kuga: thanks for the flowers blue iam push your Body Not so hard this is Not the G quest ;) 2632.3 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Welcome to FT! 2638.4 days ago

About Me:

I'm a blue wolf, looking for some dirty yiff ;3


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