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Name:shadow in jüterbog Offline
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Future Space for Blogs

fuzzpawsthewolf: Welcome there lots of wolves, but I'm one of the few feral here... open to talk if you ever want 45.2 days ago

About Me:
well... where should I start with my bio.... *thinking intensivies*


well... I'm a friendly wolf thingy... let me explain. My name is Shadow. My character is mostly a wolf, he was found by Nano, a traveller, who was searching for stuff. I'm 19 years old and from germany. I have a ton of hobbies and life on the land side. Unlinke others, I dont really game much. The only games that I ever played was and are ori and the blind forest, ori and the will of the wisp, okami, minecraft, undertale and other stuff...

some of my hobbies would be: Crafting with wood and metal, teaching myself new stuff like instruments and so on, 3d design and printing, building instruments, cycling, photography, art, playing music, pondering about science and so on ^^.

I'm searching again for someone i can call my partner. Sadly I'm terrified and paranoid of relationships cause all the ones i have ended the same way at the same time span and cause of the reason. That's why I feel like as soon as I get to know someone, the time bomb is ticking... But my heart is to lonely to stay alone even though I feel like it's the best thing cause i guess my personality is not made that well for relationships. I'm trying my best all the time to be the best mate and partner there is...

I'm also not into peeps that just wanna be lewd.

Also pls know that loneliness more or less took over me so if I seem very edgy, emotional and or depressed it's most likely because of that
Me lonely...

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