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­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup Leo ­čśŞ's Fursona Avatar
Name:­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup Leo ­čśŞ in Las Vegas Offline
Species:Kangaroo Main Sona Rainbow Husky or Tige
Relationship:Single and Looking

Solo Artist
Dragon Castle
FurrTrax Community Support
Domination and Submission
Single Furs
Babyfurs and Caretakers
Huskies of FurrTrax
Pansexual Furs
Member ID:10188
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:12458
Distance: Miles
Skype:Hidden from Guests
Kik:Hidden from Guests
YIM:Hidden from Guests
FurAffinity:Hidden from Guests
Facebook:Hidden from Guests
SecondLife Name:Dont have one Yet

Future Space for Blogs

Shepherd Snow: woof n.n 2692 days ago
Zedd: oh ho ho ho. chuckles loudly that sounds more like an inuendo to me. :p 2719.7 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): lol well let's continue this on skype then 2720.9 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: (snorts, curling his lips to the side of his maw) Right... Remind me to have a word with your researchers later. And I'll leave it up to you. 2720.9 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: Uh huh... (wiggles his nose) I would love to know where you're getting your sources from. Also, I poked you on Skype so I don't keep hogging up your comments section. 2720.9 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: Excluding all the times we met before when we kept bumping into each other... But we certainly never proved who's the fastest. 2720.9 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: Hm hm... And since when has it been a fact that you're faster than me? We have even met before. 2721 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: Mm... Don't tell me things like that... You'll make me want to pounce you... (huffs after the playful punch) Well if you really think you're faster, mate, I'll let you keep thinking that, though it would be fun to prove you wrong. (smirks) 2721 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: (chuckles) Don't worry. I wouldn't be clingy unless the person actually opened the door for that. Besides, I'm less clingy now that I actually have more friends to talk to so I'm not always just pestering one. (Raises a brow) Keep up with you? Well I certainly hope you don't mean actual speed because I doubt you're faster than me, mate. (Grins) 2721 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: Hmm... (Rubs his chin before showing a smirk, stepping back closer to you and leaning forward, giving your cheek a warm lick) Then all I could say is I hope you're prepare for a somewhat clingy and affection wolf dragon on your hands... (snickers) 2721 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: (grunts, taking a step back) Or you could just tell me you don't want me here... That works just as effectively. And it's less painful. 2721 days ago
Zedd: gasps How dare you touch my way. touches back 2721 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: Mrf... It's not you I'm worried about getting attached. It's me... (his ears twitch) 2721 days ago
rahla emmiya: growls hehe 2721.3 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: So then maybe the tiger would be happy and let the wolf go free without him getting too attached... 2721.5 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: (grunts, his tail giving a slight wag as he blushes more) That's beside the point... (softly huffs, leaning forward and returning the lick on your cheek) 2722 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: (softly murrs, showing a faint blush, his ears giving a twitch) Hey now...we didn't agree to licking... 2722 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: Mrf... Fine... (hugs back) You'll get a wolf hug then...heheh... 2722.1 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: Meep... Tiger hugs... 2724.3 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: This thing does not like symbols... I can't make my faces... (insert sad face here) 2725.8 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: Well I'd give you some pointers but I'm not much of a hider myself. You are part tiger, though. I'm sure you'll master it soon. 2725.8 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: Hmm... If you were hiding, I think we need to get you lessons at being a better hider... xD 2727.9 days ago
Kashou Tenshi: pokes Found you again... 2727.9 days ago
Kai Shadow: hey 2728.3 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): nuuuuu why was my page marked !Dies of disappointment! 2735 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 2735.5 days ago
­čÉ Half-Note ­čÉÂ: (Boops your nose) :3 2737.6 days ago
Master Fallenheim: That'd be the best way to get ahold of me :3 2750.8 days ago
Master Fallenheim: oh yes! I can do a free sketch for yah definitely. Just tell me what you'd like and I can doodle something up! 2751 days ago
Master Fallenheim: yes what? o.o 2751.4 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): hmmmm what to do. !He taps his chin wondering what he can do to solve his boredum.! 2753.8 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Roo ­čśŞ): Pretty fun Roo here who loves to have fun and party all night long. Don't be afraid to approach,I might be big but i'm a total bal of fluffyness until need to be rough. 2755.6 days ago
Axel Fang: i am doing okay thanks for asking 2756.4 days ago
Riley Collins: hey 2756.4 days ago
Axel Fang: hello how are you 2756.6 days ago
Lone: hugs you and nuzzles 2757.3 days ago
Lone: giggles 2757.6 days ago
Lone: Poke :3 2758.1 days ago
night: hi 2760.3 days ago
­čĺľMint­čĺľ: Hi ya. 2760.3 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Leo ­čśŞ): Bored..... 2761.9 days ago
KeetaRose Kaskaida: kik meh :3 2769.3 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Leo ­čśŞ): heh so confused dont know what's going on depressed but will get through it 2775.1 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Leo ­čśŞ): hehe thank you Flexes 2776.4 days ago
WalkieTalkie: cool avatart very muscular 2776.6 days ago
Espeon : If u 2778.1 days ago
Espeon : If um 2778.1 days ago
Fawks: lick 2779.9 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Leo ­čśŞ): I'm a very welcoming person whether if its my pup or my kitty kit me up if you would like to chat or just hang out I'm always available for some fun. 2782.3 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Leo ­čśŞ): Cherish the ones you love because they might not be there forever. No matter how busy you are make time for the ones who play a role in your life, theres no excuse for absence in this world and you being gone one day might lose somebody and they'll be gone forever. Just remember no one lives forever so make sure you get the best out of the time you and them have left. 2783.1 days ago
Siris: howdy 2784.8 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Leo ­čśŞ): You have your good days and your bad days you may think that the bad ones outway the good, But the good will always find a way to beat the bad, theres always a positve to cover the negatives you just have to think about it, if your having a rough day just remember your still alive and maybe today might not be your day but maybe tomorrow will be. Theres no one in this world that has a oerfect life everyone has there good and bad days your not alone. 2785.5 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Leo ­čśŞ): Don't let anyones words get you down. Keep your head up and think to yourself that you are special because you are and no one can tell you otherwise. Have a great to all and I wish you the very b3st day you have ever had and tomorrow an even better day Leo 3 2786 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Leo ­čśŞ): hmm wondering what to do Always available on kik if anyone wants to chat or stuff :P 2787 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPup (Leo ­čśŞ): heya 2788.7 days ago
Oracle Sage: hi there 2788.7 days ago
­čÉ║EnthusiasticPupLeo 3­čśŞ: heya 2789.3 days ago
Hoxaus Ironclad: Hello :) 2790.9 days ago

About Me:

LEO: Bengal Tiger/Sabertooth/Dragon Hybrid
Joey/Roo: Kangaroo
Blake Frost: Furry Frost Dragon
Pastel/Pup: Rainbow Husky
Drake: Wolf/Cat Hybrid
(Info about them will be posted below)

Well first things first people who all of a sudden come up to this fur and ask too be my mate will always be turned down, It is a huge turn off when you don't even know the person. Get to know me before you ask me and try I hate one worded responses. But all in all im pretty friendly and wouldn't mind finding a mate who loves me no matter gender or anything else. I am a very caring, protecive, humorous fun guy and I don't bite... Unless you want me too.

Very Entertaining person, Loves partying HMU on kik to chat <3 or Skyper whichever you Fancy
Hope your ready for a barrel of fun :D (So cheesy Hehehe :p

Guy behind the sonas:
Well if you must know about me I am a fursuiter from vegas age of 18 pansexual. I am puerto Rican and am and enthusiastic guy. If i had to say something about how I act in person it would be like my husky pup outgoing, energetic, happy, and humorous.I will be attending furry conventions SOON!! I also love just acting wierd in a fursuit letting my crazy out its a fun way and I love to entertain the crowd. If you wanna know more just ask ^_^
I Do not have a master hehe no one can handle all of this

1) First off if anyone has someone who could draw my fursona or ref sheet or a picture of him for cheap hit me up, been trying to get one for a while. Thanks <3

2) If anyone ever decides to make a comic or book and need a furry I would love to be apart of it I have two reasy to go sona's that one would love to be seen in a comic or to take part in creating a book for furries to read.
Thanks for listening <3

More about my fursona's Below:
(Number on top indicates the use of that character 1 being the most used)

Species: Kangaroo
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 6'5
Likes: Romantic evening, a fun time heh, playful people, hugs, people sitting on his lap, cuddles, oranges, humorous people.
Dislikes: Lazyness, rudeness
Age: 20
Description: Thick muscular Body, big roo feetpaws, thick tounge, tall body, short spike hair, shorts and no shirt, Dominant and Subby

Occupation: Gamer/ police officer


Name: Pup or Pastel
Species: Rainbow Husky
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Height: 5'7
Likes: Candy, food, partying, hugs, cuddles
Dislikes: Rude people, School, Being Ignored
Mated: No
Age: 18
Description: Rainbow coloring, Paw print symbols on rump, heart shape symbol in between cheeks, rainbow tipped tounge and penis, teaser, innocent looking, Stockings, skirts, Collar with a bell matching Sorbet's.

Occupation: Bakery and Candy store Owner


Species:Rainbow Fox
Sexuality: Homosexual
Height: 5'6
Likes: Sitting on laps, Neck bites, Waist rubs, Serving people
Dislikes: Stuck ups,
Age: 18
Description: Pink fur, rainbow hair and paws, collar with a bell matching Pup's, Slutty, femmy, teaser, innocent looking, Stockings, skirts, Paw prints on rump.

Occupation: Flight attendant/ Bakery worker with pup


Name:Blake Frost
Species: Furry Frost Dragon
Sexuality: Pansexual
Height: 6'2
Likes: Femboys, Cuddling, snuggles, partying, Flirting,teasing guys and gals
Dislikes: Chocolate, Hot weather
Mated: No
Description: Buff, youthfully dressed, athletic, intelligent, furry, Dominant, rough

Occupation: Exotic Dancer/ Actor for kids


Name: Drake
Species: Wolf/Cat hybrid
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6'0
Likes: Rockabilly, pin-up girls, classic cards, car shows
Dislikes: Fires, strict parents, unloving people, Lazy People
Mated: No
Age: 23
Description: Leather vest, built body, thick, fluffy, scars all over his body, Dominant, Serious, Loving

Occupation: Car show host/ Rockabilly concert host


Species: Bengal Tiger/ Sabertooth/ Dragon Hybrid
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 6'3
Likes: Working out, sports, going out, dealing with tough situations, Cuddling
Dislikes: Lazy people, Unintelligent people, party poopers
Mated: No
Description: Casual dressed, tanktop and jacket, blue skinny jeans, thick, Muscular, Dominant, Caring, humorous.

Occupation: Exotic Dancer (With Blake see his Biography for more info)/ Police officer


Species: Tiger/Husky Hybrid
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Height: 6'0
Likes: Having fun, Lap sitting, Working out, Talking, Romantic Nights, Adventuring, Cuddling
Dislikes: Chocolate, .....
Mated: No
Age: 21
Description: Tight fitted shirt, Skinny jeans, piercing along his ears, Caring intelligent, Humorous.

Occupation: Professor

My interest in a spouse or owner:

A Take charge person
Roughness when its necessary (hehe you know what he means)
Hunky is a plus for him
(He loves to act like a slut towards big guys Dragons, Lizards, horses Etc.)
(Refers to Pup) loves guys who are forceful when they are dom

Naughty (when needed hehe)
A good girl or a bad girl when daddy needs it
A teaser

Maybe another person planning to get or has a fursuit to attend cons with him or a person really interested/involved in the fandom is a bonus ;)

One day ill live up to being a furry...
Yep I Will ­čÉ­čÉ║ (One day ill be the Bwestest Fwurry Ever)

I LOVEEE long term roleplaying hmu so we can create a story it can either be a two person story or we can create more than one character just dont only use 1 words use full sentences :)

(Refers to pup)
I do Rp in many ways if its sexual I dont really have a specific wanting to be Sub or Dom Because either on is Fun, I have acted as a femboy a few times (Outfit to *Blushes Embarresed but fun*)

Also i Do RP as a little puppy or kitty if you just want a pup to take care ales were here hehe no that i dont like men but females are fun to, But gender doesn't really matter only if your caring and loving, Fun and able to keep up with this energetic Furry he's being flirted with.

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