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Name:FurryBronyAnon in 29 palms Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

Southern California Furs
Steam furs
Party Animals
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Future Space for Blogs

Stormii: Hi hi 2525.5 days ago
Swamp Tiger: Howldy! How's it going? 2598.7 days ago
Dart: Furry Brony and Anon in Virginia? Are you my twin?! Oo 2634.1 days ago
FurryBronyAnon: New to Richmond and looking for furs to hang out with 2888.3 days ago
FurryBronyAnon: Where are all the Virginia Furs? : 3097.5 days ago
FurryBronyAnon: Any Vegas Furs want to hang out? Message me. :) 3282.5 days ago
Fesothe: Happy Birthday. 3385.4 days ago
Gatobro: Hey welcome to Furrtrax! Its a pretty great site. Enjoy your stay and thanks for signing on. 3385.9 days ago

About Me:
Hey everyone!

*note: The avatar is not mine, but it's close to what I see myself as, so it's a placeholder for now, if anybody wants extra cash, I would happily pay for a commission*

Sorta new to the whole Furry community. I saw one of Strype's pieces and it was what made me interested in furry art.

Fursona: I haven't really settled on a fursona yet. I see myself somewhere in a Fox/wolf/horse mix.
-A fox because I see them as witty and playful
-A wolf because they are vicious, but only when threatened
-A horse because I see them as calm, collected, and powerful.

Anyone willing to do something like that as a commission, I would be interested.

I'm here because I want to get more immersed in the furry community. They remind me a lot of the PLUR principles.

Feel free to send me a message!

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