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Baby K's Fursona Avatar
Name:Baby K in Greenville Offline
Species:Fulfsky: Fox Wolf Husky hybrid
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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

💜 Takumi 💙: Hello! :3 3188.8 days ago
💜 Takumi 💙: Hello! :3 3188.8 days ago

About Me:
My Fursona:Fursona:

Name: Jet

Breed: Fox, Wolf, Husky hybrid

Description: Dark grey stomach, light grey everything else, one blue one green eye, bioluminescent red tipped ears and tail tips, bioluminescent blue front paws, and bioluminescent purple hind paws, two tails, three long scratches/scars on his chest, pierced ears, lime green paw pads, red tribal tattoo that starts on his shoulder and curls around his body near his sheath and takes up half his tails

Likes: Muscle cars, Doryuu, Pewds, Markiplier, Fun things to do, Hanging with friends etc.

Dislikes: Rude annoying/obnoxious people

Misc: Owns a .44 Mag Revolver, and a Damascus red bladed katana, and an SRT Hellcat Challenger

Things I like to do: Yiff . I would love to have friends all over the world to talk to, I love watching movies especially the Fast and the Furious (that's why I got into muscle cars not that I dont like imports any less) Top 3 fav cars: Nissan GTR Skyline, Dodge Charger, Chevy Chevelle

Backstory- He was the son of an infamous gang leader. But hid 'cad's wasn't there for his birth so his mother decided to keep his birth a secret. She went and told him that she had a daughter who died at birth. The 'father's got over it fairly quick, he wanted a son that way if he died his son would take over. If he had a daughter he would shove her on a corner in the street and make her get money.

-5 years later-

One day his mother was picking him up from school and he had tears in his eyes. "What's wrong sweetie" his mother asked. "Kids are still making fun of me" he said. "Why?" "Because I dont have a 'cool' dad like some kids have." They pulled into the driveway to there house and got out. "Well you just tell them that you have a way better mother, " she wiped his eyes and kissed his head " now lets go in and make some of your favorite ice cream." "Yeah" and with that he forgot what had happened that day.

-13 years later-

He had finally done it, he had mustered up the courage to ask his mother. It was a sunny day and had just pulled up in his Charger. As he walked in, his mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner. He walked in and took an apple from the fruit bowl on the counter and took a seat on one of the barstools. "Smells good" he said. "Thank you, but you get less since your eating that apple" she said slyly. He stopped mid-bite and said "Mom I have been wanting to know something" "Yes?" she said without looking up. "I need you to be completely honest with me, okay?" "Alright sweetie just tell me." Who was my father?" At that moment it had never been more quiet in that house then right then. Her ears, tail, and mouth dropped. "What makes you ask that?" "Please dont dodge my question." "Fine I suppose your old enough to know now. Your father was a gang leader I met when I ran away from home at your age." "But you told me he was a trucker who was killed in a horrible accident." "That was to keep you from crying everytime you went to school with those kids who made fun of you." He started to tear up in his eyes "So you lied to me?" "Yes but for your own good." "My own good my ass." And with that he stormed out if the house and got in his car and peeled away. "I shouldn't have told him" she said to herself also tearing up "I will give him a couple of hours to calm down" she sniffled. She turned off the stove and went to bed.

-Meanwhile on the road-

"She shouldn't have lied to me, " he growled "she lied when the truth would have done better." He pulled over to the side git out and walked to the edge of the lake. This was his favorite place to come and think. "I shouldn't have stormed out like that, it was wrong of me " he thought "perhaps I should go back and apologize" He got up and went back to his vehicle and headed home. "I'm sorry" he told his mother when he got there. He hugged her and both have forgotten that ever happened.

Thank you to those of you who stopped by to take time and read my backstory. And if there is anything else you want to know just kik me. I will try to answer back as fast as I can. If I dont answer fast enough dont get mad it just means I'm sleeping.

Have a good day and thanks again.

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