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Dezzarea's Fursona Avatar
Name:Dezzarea in Offline
Relationship:Rather Not Say

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Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
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Future Space for Blogs

Hikari tsuya: sits quietly and watches 2861.8 days ago
Sam: Hi 2894.2 days ago
YappiePanRockinaPa: after noticing F4L came back to life , I know know other sites like this one aren't all that bad, so i wanted to start saying hello. 2899.8 days ago
Saber: Dez i hope you are ok, love ya. 2908.8 days ago
Dezzarea: sorry 2925.7 days ago
Źõęÿ: I see you stalking me 2925.7 days ago
Dodge Drogan: boops ur nose 2932.8 days ago
octibit: hello 2938.5 days ago
Lotus the Draxxy: love you my dear mate 3 3051.7 days ago
Saykoiaya : dezz? u ok? 3072.2 days ago
DEZZÅRÆ: Not sure how about you rezz 3087.9 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: How have you been as of late? 3093.1 days ago
DEZZÅRÆ: Really depressed :( hbu? 3100.1 days ago
Airiles: okay. 3106.1 days ago
conner wolfstien: pokes and runs 3106.1 days ago
DEZZÅRÆ: its complicated but you can pm me if you want to know 3106.2 days ago
Airiles: Who you mated to friend? 3106.3 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: Hey Dezz congrats! 3107.9 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Mated? nwn Nice! Who's the lucky man or woman? 3109.6 days ago
DEZZÅRÆ: lol how fun :3 3122.8 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: Can't complain. Start my next semester soon. 3122.8 days ago
DEZZÅRÆ: Not bad just bored an u 3122.8 days ago
Rezziel Zioto: How have you been lately Dezz? 3122.9 days ago
DEZZÅRÆ: what do you mean? 3127.2 days ago
Snow and Hope: hi 3150.6 days ago
Taboo: hey 3154.7 days ago
Cyril ZERO: hello there 3180.9 days ago
Lucifire: v very much love the fursona 3226.4 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Mega poke 3250.6 days ago
ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ: le pokes back 3250.7 days ago
ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ: hi :) 3290.9 days ago
nightstorm: Hey 3293.9 days ago
ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ: lol i can see 3293.9 days ago
ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ: lol i can see 3293.9 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: I'm on your comment wall! :P 3294.3 days ago
ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ: hello :3 3294.3 days ago
ĐĘŻŻĄŘÆ: hello :3 3294.3 days ago
Aria Auroralïs: Hi! 3295.4 days ago
🐾🐺🌙Lyca🌙🐺🐾: hiya 3314.3 days ago

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