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lil saru's Fursona Avatar
Name:lil saru in Killen Offline
Species:child of the multiverse.
Relationship:Single and Looking

Domination and Submission
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chubbies for chasers
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Intergalactic Federation of Furries
gay yiff
Member ID:7034
Last Active:05-18-2018 07:30 AM
Profile Views:5668
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Future Space for Blogs

About Me:
im a male sub,whos into science and a maid. I guess Im a self proclaim scienctist. my hobbys include researching s everything , anime,drawing in manga format and drawing blueprints up for thimgs that base from animes but should work in our world. Also i have a stat notebook as well. Im this world washuu or at least I would like to think so. fravorit animes are tenchi muyo, disgeae,gundam, yyh, and digimon.

likes: foxes,horses,cats,dogs, and dragons.

i dislike:stupid people,bigots ,dbz and country shit .

im a athiest liberal.

Now on to my preference.
Really just looking for a chick with the same like ihave and interinterest. One the dominant but not to dominant and would support my ideas. Need to be a atheist. I have had my share of christians and have grown tired of them. No offense but the ones i have dated have cheated and lied to me. Also needto have someone to help me during my monthy training days.

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