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Desu's Fursona Avatar
Name:Desu in Tokyo Offline
Species:Mouse babyfur
Relationship:Single and Looking

Babyfurs and Caretakers
Member ID:7861
Last Active:10-08-2020 14:16 PM
Profile Views:3011
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Future Space for Blogs

obsidian inari: hi 324.5 days ago

About Me:


Power: Teleportation

Age: 6

Height: 100cm

Weight: 20kg

Fur: Baby blue

Eyes: Big and blue

Hair: Short

Characteristics: She is a happy mouse, sweet and playful, yet very intelligent for her age. Onesies are her fave clothing.

Background story:

When Desu was just a little baby mouse, her parents died in a science experiment. She was still too young to be experimented on so the scientists took care of her for 6 years. After 6 years she was yet another victim of the experiment. As they injected the radioactive liquid into her, her white fur turned blue. She got weak and light, closed her eyes and passed out. Scientists, looking at the little mouse that appeared dead, took her by her tail and threw her in trash. She then woke up, scared and messy, feeling an electric spark flowing through her veins. She jumped out of the trash running towards the road. A cat blocked her path. Licking her lips she stared at the little mouse, not bothered by the fur color. She cornered her, Desu had nowhere to go. She put her little paws over her eyes and shook, and right when the cat opened her muzzle to bite her, Desu disappeared. When she moved her paws from her eyes, she was on top of a building, above the cat. She then realized she had a power to teleport. Since then she wanders around alone, meeting good people. By now she would be 19, but as the result of the experiment she's going to stay 6 forever.

IMPORTANT: Don't give her chocolate! It changes her mood.

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