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Name:Kieran Frost in City Offline
Species:Moon Wolf
Relationship:Rather Not Say

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Latex Rubber and Other Kinky Things
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Maddox: Interesting profile. 1919.5 days ago

About Me:
Hello! Thanks for stopping by! here have a seat and stay awhile. The name's Kieran, and this is my humble home. I have been a furry for over...say....hmm 4 years now. I am getting a degree in English; thus I will be on and off quite a bit. I am a female; I did try to do the herm character, but I couldn't develop anything. I am 28 and going strong! I'm chill and down to earth; I don't do much in my free time except sleep. Hey, heads up I'm looking for rp's, friends, and other..."fun" activities.

With the yiff RP there are some no no's: no scat, vore, rape, anyone really under 18, and blood.

My character or fursona is a moon wolf. A creature with devastating power depending on the cycles of the moon. At the full moon, her eye glow blue, her white/grey fur seems to become more vibrant, and, and her thirst of blood shed is awoken. Of course, when the moon is blackened out or there's a new moon, Kieran's power is cut nearly to a quarter of its full potential. Kieran tries to live a normally as she can as she attend a local college, but eventually there come a time when the world comes apart.

Other stuff that you might want to know: I like femboys, confident males and females (a little more dominate with females). I love Halo and reading. I can't do baby furs...sorry guys...not really. Favorite animal is a wolf; my favorite color is dark green!

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