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Air's Fursona Avatar
Name:Air in City Offline
Relationship:Single and Looking

British Furrs
gay yiff
Bisexual Furs
Member ID:1929
Last Active:07-10-2020 01:17 AM
Profile Views:13321
Distance: Miles
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Future Space for Blogs

Riffy: Slobberly licks page. Talk to you later Kass. bug ya on tg 27 days ago
Pyn: Boo 40.8 days ago
Riffy: BAP 43.6 days ago
candy cane: why thank you 51.4 days ago
candy cane: you have a nice profile pic 51.7 days ago
candy cane: -i leave a tiny paw print on your wall- noice :3 51.8 days ago
jackson spring: wassup i le boops your wall 179.9 days ago
Grawlix: DAS BOOP 185.5 days ago
Takola Vashen: Boops your wall In return :p 196 days ago
Moonlightwolfpup: aww so cute pets 254.9 days ago
Akaiya: Spots the little bubble wolf thingy and I kiss its head gently. Hiya! 332.1 days ago
Little Tails: Hiya, wolfie. Cool profile pic 531.6 days ago
Chaktau: Hey there :3 592.8 days ago
✠ϟtorm✠: hello 609.9 days ago
Solara: Hey pokes you :3 612.9 days ago
Wolfsbaneisme: What's up 620.9 days ago
PlasmaMan: Hello from Florida! 649.6 days ago
Tobias Ashfall: Hey hey! 653.2 days ago
Cynergi: hello to you too 655.9 days ago
Guardian: Boops his nose.- Haven't talked to you in months 657.5 days ago
Nicolette: Hallu 660.8 days ago
Naughtyfur: Bop lol 710.4 days ago
Akula RaZull: chomp shark bite!! 721.1 days ago
Minty (peppermint): You have a very cute fursona 721.9 days ago
Sam: Is ok :3 767.7 days ago
Sam: Hi :3 771.5 days ago
Riffy: 38 days later random demon says HELLLOOOO sorry i missed ya 865.1 days ago
AkumaXDemon: Sup 903.4 days ago
Pill : Hello random Wolf! 904.9 days ago
Adam The Chespin: Arf! 927.5 days ago
Archie: Heya :) 983.9 days ago
Archie: Heya :) 983.9 days ago
Archie: Heya :) 983.9 days ago
♥Candie♥: Hellu! :) 985.9 days ago
Ava Eshy: hello random wolf 1004.6 days ago
Dust : Hi there 1074.3 days ago
Phillo: haiiii 1076 days ago
Luna: Hello random wolf _ 1081.9 days ago
TehJackal: Hello random wulf 1082 days ago
snow: just a random wolf saying hello dabs 1082.1 days ago
snow: just a random wolf saying hello dabs 1082.1 days ago
snow: just a random wolf saying hello dabs 1082.1 days ago
snow: just a random wolf saying hello dabs 1082.1 days ago
Vulpes: hi hi . 1082.8 days ago
мαу: Hello hun. 1082.9 days ago
Stormraven: Thank you for the hello, turnabout is only fair play, so a merry hello to you. 1086.6 days ago
Cipher: Thanks for the warm welcome! 1092.8 days ago
Roronoa: I've never seen you before so I'm shooting you a hello 1093.7 days ago
Coda Maray: So cute! I love the profile pic 3 1274.9 days ago
MrTwinky: Hello to you as well 1436.9 days ago
Flicker: Heya ;3 1439.5 days ago
Mitu: Hi 1491.9 days ago
🐆Whitepawzzz 🐆: Hello 1616.5 days ago
Cain: Ok so it's a sexy british wolf I guess. 1644.9 days ago
Cain: Sexy British husky. 1644.9 days ago
Lewis: Nice drawing 1647.6 days ago
Grayhuskie: Hi I'm grayhuskie want to be friends 1731.6 days ago
Artemida: Long time no see :) 1743.6 days ago
Devearux Black: Boop 1781.3 days ago
Airiles: Hello. 1791.1 days ago
Flora Eclair MagicCaster: Your wall it has been poked 1918.8 days ago
🐶 Half-Note 🐶: note 1918.8 days ago
🐶 Half-Note 🐶: Can we roleplay that I'm Jabba the Hutt and that you're Princess Leia aboard my Sail Barge? Horrible Star Wars innuendo just because, pls no block. On a more serious not, hiiiiiiiiiiii. :3 1918.8 days ago
night: hi 1947.6 days ago
Dashin Kazama : hi 1953.1 days ago
Cody the Kitty: sniffs you Hai :3 1979.5 days ago

About Me:
Hey I'm Air, I am a fun loving wolf who is looking for friends fun and more. I am a huge star wars, anime and game nerd. Please feel free to ask me anything don't be shy I don't bite unless you want me to :p.

I do try and be on here as much as I can but I can't always be so hit me up on other messengers if you want to talk

Love you all xox

@Ayrekass is the telegram one

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